Off-White Is 'on the Cusp of Something New' for Spring 2023 - Fashionista

The italian luxury label tapped Ib Kamara as off-white's new art and image director. A large crowd of fans waited outside of the venue hoping to catch glimpses of the show's upcoming collection and its guests.
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New 'Planet of the Apes' Title, Cast Revealed - CNET

20th Century Studios announced Thursday the next title in the franchise will be Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. The franchise, based off the 1963 novel La Planète des singes by Pierre Boulle, has generated more than $1.7 billion worldwide since the release of the first film in 1968.
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Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes First Look Revealed

20th Century Studios has released the first look at Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. The film stars Owen Teague (It), Freya Allen (The Witcher) and Peter Macon (The Orville). Production will begin next month under the direction of Wes Ball (The Maz Runner trilogy).
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The National Gallery’s Lucian Freud show is strangely subdued – review

Sigmund Freud's art is grindingly repetitive, with human flesh, clothes, furniture and – always dingy – rooms reduced over decades to the same set of clammy, clay-like textures and brown-dominated colours. There’s a weird deference in this view, as though being charismatic and posh somehow entitled him to greatness.
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Odisha Citizens Award (OCA) 2022: Vote online for nominees in art and culture

The 10th edition of the illustrious Odisha Citizens Award is back this year to honour personalities to recognise their contributions to society. The selection committee of OCA-2022 has short-listed four nominees each in nine different categories.
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How 'dead' Wolverine will return in Deadpool 3? Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman explain

'Logan' takes place in the year 2029. The third part of Deadpool 3 will hit the theatres in 2024.
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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman explain how Wolverine is alive in Deadpool 3 despite being killed in Logan, watch hilarious video

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman teased an update on Deadpool 3. The actors proceeded to explain how the upcoming installment would progress. It is believed that Wolverine will be recast going forward.
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Lucian Freud’s etching of Wolseley restaurant creator to be sold

A portrait by Lucian Freud of the restaurateur behind the Wolseley is to be sold next month. He ate at the classic art deco restaurant on Piccadilly five or six times a week in the last eight years of his life.
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Workers Crash Carnegie International Opening, Demanding Fair Wages

Workers were stationed at the Carnegie Museum of Art, one of the four museums of Pittsburgh. They voted to join the United Steelworkers, a vast union representing workers in industries ranging from forestry to public service. Over 60% of the more than 500 CMP union members, however, make less than $15 an hour, according to a United Steel Workers organizer.
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Spiders as artists: Using co-existence to facilitate a shift in perspective

Artist Tomas Saraceno is advocating for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum will place on the same pedestal as human artists the creative endeavours of creepy crawlies. No spider webs have been cleaned up by custodial staff.
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Henry Cavill as an X-Men OG Wins the Approval of MCU Supporters

The X-Men is one of the most anticipated groups in the MCU’s history. Fans are hoping to defect from the DC Extended Universe in exchange for a role in one of most anticipated group in the. World.
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On the Edge of Delhi, a Dynamic Cultural Scene Takes Shape - The New York Times

Delhi has doubled its number of high-net-worth individuals in five years. It has built a metro system rivaling New York City’s in size. The only culture in Delhi is agriculture.
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4 days ago

Cleaners at Amsterdam gallery ordered to let insects run wild in name of art

The national museum of the Netherlands has been allowing its crevices and corners to go wild for the last three months. Argentian artist tomás Saraceno, whose work is appearing in the show, encouraged them to treasure the accumulation of spider webs wherever they may emerge.
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90 Photos From The Past That Can Only Be Labeled As "Cool"

We’ve gathered some of our favorite photos from the Cool Old School and Cool Past Pics Twitter accounts. Keep reading to find interviews with Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, and Mark Bilash, the man behind Vintage and Vogue Photography.
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Has Brad Pitt no limits? Seems not, as he takes a bow at art debut

The upsideHas Brad Pitt no limits? Seems not, as he takes a bow at art debut. He put on an art show in Finland with celebrity mates.
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Aga Khan Award: $1 million prize recognizes world's best new community architecture - CNN Style

The award focuses on the difference architecture makes in the lives of people and local communities. A renovation project in Tripoli, Lebanon, was recognized for bringing an abandoned building by famed brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer back into use. The award was established in 1977 by a senior Imam of the Shia Islam branch.
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Tom Hardy reveals how important jiu-jitsu has been in his life

Jiu-jitsu won all his matches to claim gold at the tournament in brazil. The 45-year-old actor has been a long-time student of the sport. His appearance at the weekend mirrors his role in the 2011 movie Warrior.
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1 weeks ago

Heart Evangelista drops cryptic quote on creating 'one's own world'

Actress made the cryptic remark while showing a painting that features portraits of several women in various moods and poses. This is not the first time Evangelista showed off the painting as she earlier posted it on her art Instagram account last Aug. 21.
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All Marilyn Monroe movies are exploitative

The film is adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’s fictionalised 2000 novel. It adds nuance to the idea of Marilyn Monroe as can be gleaned from a gynaecological exam. In Blonde, sycophants and bigwigs hoping to get a piece of the starlet instead find a more timid, desperate woman.
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Videos: Actor Tom Hardy quietly joins back-to-back BJJ events, submits all opponents again - Bloody Elbow

The actor won gold in a jiujitsu competition last august. He joined the blue belt Masters 3 division at 82.3 kg. The 45-year-old is currently a four stripe blue belt.
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