U.S., Japan scientists win prize for sleep disorder research

One of the $3 million prizes in life sciences went to Emmanuel Mignot of the Stanford University School of Medicine and Masashi Yanagisawa of the University of Tsukuba for their separate research programs that have contributed to the creation of sleep-inducing drugs.
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3 days ago

A laughing robot and the possibilities of AI

Comic Potential foresees TV soaps acted by AI robots. But in the studio where it is being recorded, the action spirals into chaos. It appears that this robot has developed at least one human trait.
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3 days ago

Tesla: Share price recovery depends on revenue, not robots

FT and Financial Times are trademarks of the Financial Times Limited. Tesla is expected to unveil this month is an expert bit of stagecraft. Futuristic robots are not what investors in the electric carmaker care about.
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4 days ago

Matrix, Elevation, others invest in Murf AI

Murf AI has secured $10 million (around Rs 79 crore) as part of a series A funding round led by Matrix Partners India. The round also saw participation from angel investors including Ajay Arora, ankit Bhati, Ashwini Asokan and Pushkar Mukewar.
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5 days ago

Nvidia puts AI at center of latest GeForce graphics card upgrade

The new architecture underpins the company’s GeForce RTX 40 series of graphics cards. The chip will cost $1,599 and go on sale Oct. 12.
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6 days ago

Halle Bailey Incorporated Herself Into Her 'Little Mermaid' Role

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming film, which features Halle Bailey as Ariel, singing a portion of the iconic musical number “Part Of Your World” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bailey discussed the process of incorporating parts of herself into Ariel.
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6 days ago

The Challenges Automakers, And Now Tesla, Face With Humanoid Robots

ReutersMini Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is set to unveil its prototype humanoid robots at an event on September 30 hoping to expand beyond self-driving cars that have not yet become reality. Optimus will be initially used in manufacturing and logistics for boring and repetitive work, thus addressing a labour shortage.
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6 days ago

Researchers are trying to teach a robot how to laugh to improve human-robot conversations

Researchers at the university of Kyoto are trying to teach a robot how to laugh. They developed an approach to building a “sense of humour” for the Japanese android Erica. Robots cannot detect laughter or even laugh at a joke.
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6 days ago

Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey says bringing her locs to Ariel's hair was really special

Bailey says it was a beautiful experience getting to bring the essence of me to the character of Ariel in Disney's live-action, CG-animated The Little Mermaid. That included her hair locs. 'i see you and I want to bring you into the character,' she says.
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1 weeks ago

Trevor Noah Reacts To Racist Online Reception Of Halle Bailey's 'Little Mermaid' Casting

The choice of a black actor to portray the character Ariel spurred rampant criticism on social media. One twitter user even turned Bailey’s skin white in a modified clip of Disney’s teaser trailer.
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1 weeks ago

PyTorch gets lit under The Linux Foundation • The Register

PyTorch has become one of the leading AI platforms. The framework has more than 150,000 projects on GitHub built on the framework. It will be under the oversight of The Linux Foundation.
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2 weeks ago

PyTorch has a new home: Meta announces independent foundation

PyTorch is moving to an independent foundation. It will be part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation, a technology consortium with a core mission of collaborative development of open-source software. Metabeat 2022 will bring together thought leaders to give guidance.
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2 weeks ago

Meet Tang Yu, the world's first humanoid robot CEO - News

Virtual humanoid robot named 'Ms. Tang Yu' will oversee operations worth nearly $10 billion. Move to pioneer the use of AI to transform corporate management and leapfrog operational efficiency.
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2 weeks ago

Reliance-backed AI platform Netradyne secures $65 mn from Silicon Valley Bank

Netradyne raised $65 million in a combination of senior and junior mezzanine financing from US-based Silicon Valley Bank. It will expand its international growth to Mexico, and four european countries including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain by early 2023. In 2016, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries invested $16 million in Netradynes’ Series A round of funding.
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2 weeks ago

An architect asked AI to design cities of the future

New Delhi-based architect Manas Bhatia imagined futuristic skyscrapers covered in trees, plants and algae as air purification towers. He turned to an artificial intelligence imaging tool, Midjourney, that generates elaborate pictures based on written prompts. The architect said he refined his descriptions almost 100 times per project, editing and adding to the text until he achieved desired results.
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2 weeks ago

Nvidia's China Ban: How Big a Hit Is It?

China ban imposed on Nvidia (NVDA -2.08%) by the u.s. Government. It could lose $400 million in sales to China due to new export requirements on its data center chips.
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3 weeks ago

AI-backed mobile app can detect Covid-19 in people using voice, claim scientists

A smartphone app may accurately detect Covid-19 infection in people through their voices by using artificial intelligence (AI) The researchers have claimed that the AI model used in the research is more accurate than the rapid antigen tests. They also claim that the new AI model is cheap, quick and easy to use in low-income countries. The research finding was presented before the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
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3 weeks ago

How an AI-generated artwork won the top prize in a US art competition

The winner is president of tabletop gaming company Incarnate Games. He won in the digital art category with a work called “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” or ‘Space Opera Theater’.
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3 weeks ago

US asks tech giant to stop export of AI chip to China, Beijing opposes move

The u.s. Has asked technology giants to stop exporting artificial intelligence chips to china. The move is seen as part of Washington DC's technological crackdown on Beijing amid the tensions in Taiwan.
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3 weeks ago

New US curbs on sales of Nvidia AI chips to China spark selloff

Shares of Nvidia fell 11% to $133.46 on Thursday, wiping out more than $40 billion in market value. U.S. Move to restrict exports of two of Nvidia's top computing chips for artificial intelligence - the H100 and A100 - could hurt the company's business in the key market.
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3 weeks ago