Cop27 climate summit’s sponsorship by Coca-Cola condemned as ‘greenwash’

Coca-Cola is the world’s biggest plastic polluter in all global Break Free From Plastic brand audits. Campaigners described the partnership as baffling. A petition started by a delegate at Cop26 in Glasgow has called for an end to sponsorship of the Cop talks.
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5 hours ago

Asked about climate summit, UK's Truss: I won't divulge discussions with King Charles

Queen Charles's travel plans are a matter for him, and she would not discuss the content of their meetings. A report in the Sunday Times said Truss told him not to attend a world leaders' climate change summit in Egypt next month.
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12 hours ago

Australia to set aside at least 30% of its land mass to protect endangered species

The number of species added to the list of threatened species grew on average by 8% from the previous report in 2016. It's unclear how it will help our other 'non priority' threatened species, says wwf-Australia's chief conservation officer.
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15 hours ago

Over 6000 trees felled for tiger safari in Corbett: FSI

More than 6000 trees were felled illegally to start a tiger safari in the Kalagarh forest division of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The FSI in its report said only 163 trees will be chopped off in the process.
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Fracking in Lake Eyre the ‘height of folly’, report suggests

Fracking in the Lake Eyre basin would be the “absolute height of folly”. The basin is home to one of the world’s last major free-flowing desert river systems. It sprawls over nearly one sixth of the continent, covering parts of the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.
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Bhopal: Officials become choosy about making Cheetah Mitra around Kuno National Park

Officials at Kuno National Park were earlier keen to enroll villagers as Cheetah Mitra. But not many were fit for the job as they should be enlightened people who could act as a bridge between KNP and masses in spreading awareness.
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2 days ago

What Is The Huge Ocean Near Earth’s Core Discovered By Scientists? Here’s What Experts Say

The huge ocean is three times the volume of all the oceans on the planet's surface. This massive reservoir of water is located between the transition zone of the upper and lower mantle of the earth. If larger quantities of water were present there or not, it was unclear.
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3 days ago

Scientists have just discovered a 6th ocean and it's not on earth's surface

70% of the entire earth's surface is overlaid with water, most of which present in the five oceans. An international study has now found water deep inside the interiors of the blue planet. The transition zone between the Earth’s upper and lower mantle contains considerable quantities of water.
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3 days ago

Bill Gates On Long-Term Approach To Climate Change Says You Can Can Call Putin In 10 Years 'And Tell Him You Don't Need Him' - Benzinga

The billionaire lobbied for the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which was signed into law by president Joe Biden on Aug. 16. He said innovation isn’t a “check-writing process”.
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3 days ago

‘Brexit freedoms bill’ could abolish all pesticide protections, campaigners say

The government could retain or amend some regulations, but has not set out plans to do so. Campaigners are worried there is insufficient time to put new regulations in place. Environmental charities have been in revolt over the plan to slash nature protections.
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5 days ago

Britain's Truss says fracking must have community consent

Fracking will only be allowed to take place where a community has consented. She said the government was working on the detailed issues about how support would be gauged. This month, Truss's government lifted a moratorium that had been in place since 2019.
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5 days ago

Russia says Nord Stream leaks occurred in zone controlled by US

Four leaks have been detected on the nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines. It happened in the trade and economic zones of Denmark and Sweden. The pipelines cross the floor of the Baltic sea between Russia and germany.
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5 days ago

'Extremely dangerous' eyewall of Hurricane Ian moving onshore: US NHC

The Category 4 hurricane is expected to make landfall on the west coast of hours later. It will cause catastrophic storm surge, winds, and flooding in the Peninsula soon, the advisory says. The storm is incredibly dangerous, to state the obvious.
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5 days ago

Democrats push through Manchin's energy bill to fight climate change - The Washington Post

Congress is on track to pass a stopgap spending bill that would keep the lights on past Friday, and it includes some $12 billion in badly needed Ukraine aid. But another critical provision failed to make it into the package: legislation that critics have unfairly characterized as a sop to Big Oil but that is, in fact, indispensable in the fight against climate change.
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5 days ago

Hurricane Ian: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile Offer Free Wireless Service for Impacted Customers - CNET

AT&T is waiving talk, text and data overage changes for prepaid and billed customers. The program covers customers in more than 800 Florida ZIP codes through Oct. 28. Customers may still receive alerts, but accounts will reflect the credits and waived fees.
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6 days ago

Australian state unveils $40 bln clean energy plan to slash reliance on coal, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

The 10-year plan was the biggest commitment to renewable energy in Australia's history. It includes a new supergrid connecting solar, wind, battery and hydrogen generators across the state unlocking 22 GW of new renewable capacity, eight times current levels.
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6 days ago

Nature is not an impediment to UK economic growth: it’s vital to it

A series of expert reviews revealing the scale of the social and economic risks that accompany the continued degradation of nature. Some interpret these findings as a reason to oppose economic growth. The key question is, however, about growth per se, but the style and quality of growth that we pursue.
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6 days ago

‘Even bankers need clean air’: Natural England chief warns Truss over threat to green rules

The head of natural England has issued a veiled warning over new government policies. He says bankers need to eat, drink and inhale clean air. Charities across the country revolt over government plans to slash nature protections.
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6 days ago

Australian state unveils $40 bln clean energy plan to slash reliance on coal

The 10-year plan was the biggest commitment to renewable energy in Australia's history. It includes a new supergrid connecting solar, wind, battery and hydrogen generators across the state. The total planned investment out to 2035 would be shared between the public and private sectors.
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6 days ago

The Guardian’s climate crisis reporting goes where others fear – or refuse – to tread

Most of the media obsess over issues of mind-numbing triviality. The Guardian seeks to put environmental issues at the front and centre of people's minds.
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6 days ago