Baby elephant competes with the caretaker to lay on his mattress

A video of a baby elephant competing with its caretaker has gone viral on social media. In the video, a young elephant calf nudges a man who is lying down on what appears to be an inflatable mattress. The video was shared by Indian Forest Services officer Samrat Gowda.
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2 hours ago

Dog howls whenever it hears a train passing by

The video was posted by the Instagram account bully.bAloo six days ago and it has received more than 1.2 million views. In the video, the dog starts howling in sync with the sound of the engine whenever it hears a train passing by. The video has got more than 23,000 likes and several comments with users praising the cute dog.
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Dog rescued from abusive owners deployed in counterterrorism operations

2-year-old Belgian shepherd is undergoing intensive training as an explosives detection dog for the Hungarian Defense Forces. Logan is being trained to recognize the smell of 25 different explosive substances. The dog was rescued from abusive owners at a rural residence in northeastern Hungary in 2021. He is also learning how to search motor vehicles and ships.
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Four carpet pythons spotted in Australian family’s house

A family in Australia’s Buderim had to deal with four carpet pythons in their house over a period of two to three days. Rescuer Stuart McKenzie is heard saying in the video, “It looks like one is a male and another is a female. They are on top of the deck and it looks like they are about to mate.” Another snake is seen slithering through the chairs and manages to capture it.
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Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Officially Tied The Knot In Dreamy Outfits

Celebrities Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker officially got married in Santa Barbara, California. Couple made it official on social media as they shared beautiful pictures from their wedding ceremony. The couple has been spotted at many events and when they turn up to it, they always make sure to make an appealing fashion statement.
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4 hours ago

Dog rides skateboard alone since it was two months old

The video was posted by the Instagram account oscarnkarma, which is a dog account. The video begins with the golden retriever dog when it was just a two months old puppy on a skateboard. The dog rides the skateboard alone by using its hind leg. It has got more than 1.2 million views already.
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Randeep Hooda hails Chirag Khandal as he becomes youngest to qualify for Asian Games

Chirag Khandal has become the youngest ever to qualify for Asian Games 2022. The equestrian is currently at the No 1 position on the Indian team for eventing. Randeep Hooda took to his social media space and dedicated a post to the youngster. The actor said it was a 'proud moment for all of us'
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US: Cops tactfully capture alligator outside South Carolina school; Watch

An alligator was spotted inside an elementary school in South Carolina in the US recently. The big creature was found strolling around the campus last week. A viral clip showing police officers courageously capturing the reptile was shared by the City of Charleston Police Department. The officers were hailed by netizens on the internet.
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8 hours ago

Two pet cats have a play fight, Reddit reacts

This cat video was shared on Reddit with an explanatory caption that reads, “My cats slapping each other.” This hilarious video that has been making many Reddit users laugh out loud has been shared on the suRreddit named r/AnimalsBeingJerks. As of now, the video has received more than 4,300 upvotes.
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Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker confirm marriage with monochrome photos...

Celebrity couple Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The couple did the official paperwork on Sunday and will soon conduct an official ceremony for their friends and family in Italy. The two posted a series of monochrome photos from their wedding ceremony on Instagram.
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Katrina Kaif shares pics from Vicky Kaushal's birthday celebrations in New York

Vicky Kaushal celebrated his 34th birthday with wife Katrina Kaif in New York. The two are currently on a vacation in the city. Katrina shared several pictures from his birthday celebrations. She also shared proof of how she didn't take a break from her workout regime even during the trip.
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Human pretends to eat dog’s treat

A video captures the reactions of a dog to his human pretending to eat its teats. Posted on Instagram, the hilarious video may leave you laughing out loud too. The video is posted on the Instagram page dedicated to the dog featured in the video. The dog is named Haruki and he is an Alaskan Malamute.
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13 hours ago

‘Black Mirror’ 6: New season of dystopian anthology series in the works at Netflix

The much-loved dystopian anthology series Black Mirror consists of five seasons, and its last one was released three years ago. The publication reported on Monday that Black Mirror 6 is in the works and the casting for the new season of the hit show is currently underway. The plot and title of each episode are still not known, but the publication reports that it is set to have more episodes than the last season.
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WATCH: Rescued Penguins Wade Back to Sea off Argentine Coast in Heartwarming Video

A group of 18 penguins have been reintroduced to the sea off the Argentina coast. The penguins were rescued from several cities on the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires between February and April of this year. They have been rescued from their natural habitat with symptoms of malnutrition, dehydration, hypothermia and high degrees of parasitism.
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Tight security, Sec 144 for Bada Mangal celebrations in Lucknow today

Bada Mangal celebrations will resume after two years’ break forced by Covid-19 surge. Local administration has announced fresh restrictions to ensure maintenance of law and order and adherence to Covid protocols. District administration officials said tight security arrangements have been made in areas, especially ones with mixed population.
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22 hours ago

K9 dog retires after more than 8 years of service

The video was uploaded by the page Dog two days ago and it has got more than 8.03 lakh views so far. The video shows a police officer making an announcement thanking the dog named Rio for its more than eight years of distinguished service. The announcement thanks the dog for ensuring his handler’s safety each and every time.
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'Our Lord Ram is incomplete without Nepal,' says PM Modi in Lumbini

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Lumbini on Monday to strengthen India-Nepal ties. The Prime Minister was visiting Nepal on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti. In Nepal, Janakpur is considered to be the birthplace of the Hindu goddess Sita, Lord Ram's wife. PM Modi laid the foundation stone for a technologically-advanced India International Centre for Buddhist Culture and Heritage.
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Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker reportedly married, to have larger...

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker reportedly got legally married over the weekend. Couple exchanged vows in Santa Barbara, California in an intimate ceremony. Kardashian, 43, and Barker, 46, are planning to have a larger wedding ceremony in Italy. The couple announced their engagement last October after eight months of dating.
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Karnataka man began knitting as hobby to overcome anxiety

Sohail Nargund is an engineer by profession and works in Bangalore. He picked up knitting as a hobby last year to overcome anxiety and depression. After watching tutorials on YouTube, he picked up the habit of knitting and quickly became quite good at it. His Instagram account is called the_rough_hand_knitter and he has got more than 13,000 followers.
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Narada Jayanti 2022: Date, significance, celebration of the festival

Narada Muni is known as the messenger of God who travels to all three lokas - Akash, Prithvi and Patal. The sage got cursed by Prajapati Daksha to not have a family and a fixed place to stay. Narada Jayanti is celebrated in northern India but some parts of Southern India celebrate it too.
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