IvyCap, We Founder Circle back mental health startup Lissun

We Founder Circle back mental health startup LissunCredit: PixabayMindeye Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It secured pre-seed funding of $1 million (around Rs 7.9 crore) led by IvyCap Ventures. The startup has a presence in 17 cities.
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Buy an adequate OPD cover to take care of mental health treatment

Poor among employees costs employers around $14 billion (Rs 1.1 trillion) a year. The pandemic exacerbated the problem by restricting social interactions and creating financial challenges (loss of job, business, etc).
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Regular exercise routine is essential for mental health, fitness coach Mitushi Ajmera shares tips

The u.s., china, and india are on the list of the top three depressed countries. A person needs to be mentally fit, according to the world health organization report.
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Nearly half of healthcare practitioners in global survey agree that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their mental health has affected their ability to provide a high standard of care. 59 percent of the healthcare professionals surveyed from the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India and Brazil agreed that their mental illness has suffered due to working throughout the outbreak. The survey was conducted by the world innovation summit for health (WISH).
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National Press Club and Project Healthy Minds Partner to Host First-of-its-Kind Event to Highlight Mental Health in Journalism & Across Corporate America, Sept

The national press club and Project Healthy Minds are convening one of the first ever discussions about mental health and wellbeing in journalism. The first discussion will explore the mental health journeys of journalists in today's world. This panel will feature a candid discussion with reporters who have witnessed traumatic events with their own eyes while covering the news.
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Wysa brings mental health support to small, mid-sized employers through new partnership - MedCity News

PlanSource, based in Orlando, Florida, allows employers to outsource their benefits program to the company. It is a referral-based partnership, meaning when companies go to PlanSource for mental health benefits, Wysa can be presented as a choice.
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Oregon youth tell their own stories of mental health struggles - OPB

The project is called the ‘Ism Youth Files’ and will feature a resource toolkit, podcasts, and short films featuring youth stories.
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How Mental Health Can Impact How Quickly You Age

Researchers at deep longevity, Stanford and the Chinese university of Hong Kong built an “ageing clock” based on data collected from 4,846 adults in 2015. The study included 16 blood biomarkers, including cholesterol and glucose levels, participants’ sex and information such as their blood pressure and BMI.
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Speakers to offer insight on prioritizing mental health, embracing change and more

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Being mental health advocate is Michael Phelps’s biggest achievement

The 37-year-old's depression first emerged in 2004, the year of his first Olympics in Athens. He won eight medals including six in goldMichael PhelpsA self-confessed "shark" in the water. But he disclosed that none of his 60 plus gold medals weigh more than his current career as a mental health advocate.
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Mental health: Do you think a windfall will buy you peace of mind? Lottery winner Kerala autorickshaw driver begs to differ, tips to manage stress well

An autorickshaw driver from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala won Rs 25 crore in this year’s Onam lottery. He was declared the winner a week back and after tax deductions, he will receive an amount of 15 crores. However, people have started to follow him everywhere asking him to help them with the prize money.
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“A lot of people just get up on top of a podium and they don’t try to do the work, they just have an opinion” - NBA analyst clarifies why he reached out to Ben Simmons, believes knowing the truth was important

The Brooklyn Nets are set to return to a talented team that will feature fellow stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The nets will have a roster to make a serious run for the NBA title.
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Guest Column by Dharmesh Dave: A curse so dark and lonely

Suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst millennials and Gen-Z in the world. But most of us don’t want to acknowledge this threat, leave alone address it. India is yet to recognise the importance of mental health.
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Mental health is important: Meesho announces 11-day break for employees; how a work-life balance lets you give your best at work, personal life

It is very important in today's times to maintain a healthy balance. The side effects are wide-reaching and come at a high cost to mental health. It is the first-ever taken by any Indian company in the past.
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Meesho announces 11-day companywide break for its employees, know why

Representational ImageMeesho announced its annual 11-day companywide break from October 22 to November 1. Employees will be able to completely disconnect from work and prioritise their mental health. Meesho said in a statement that the break is a reflection of the business' ongoing dedication to creating a people-centric workplace.
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What is burn-out, which Meesho plans to fight with 11-day break for employees?

Meesho will have an 11-day break from October 22 to November 1. The company has come up with such an effort for the second year in a row.
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Meesho Announces 11-Day Break for Employees from October to Prioritise Mental Health; Know More

Meesho has announced an 11-day companywide break from October 22 to November 1 this year. It will allow employees to "completely unplug from work and prioritise their mental well-being" this is the second year in a row that the company has announced the move.
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Wipro fires employees found moonlighting for rivals; know how pressures of job insecurities cause stress

Experts believe that after COVID-19 when many people lost their jobs, moonlighting has given rise to the necessity for people to take up extra work for dual employment. The reality is that there are people today working for Wipro and working directly for one of our competitors and we have discovered 300 people who are doing exactly that.
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People with dementia fail to get post-diagnosis care- The New Indian Express

Up to 85 per cent of over 55 million people living with dementia may not receive post-diagnosis care, states the World Alzheimer’s Report 2022: Life after diagnosis: Navigating treatment, Care and Support. ADI is the international federation of 105 Alzheimer and dementia associations around the world. In india, the prevalence of dementia is also seeing a steep curve.
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Meesho announces 11-day reset-and-recharge break for staff mental wellness

SoftBank-backed internet commerce firm has come up with an 11-day companywide break from October 22 to November 1. The move is a reflection of Meesho’s continued commitment to building a people-centric workplace.
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