Statista releases list of countries dumping debris in outer space, India takes sixth position

Outer space is one such arena where humans have been vying for dominance. But not all the time they leave a positive mark. Space by countries has left behind debris that poses a challenge to current and future space programmes.
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2 hours ago

NASA spacecraft to collide with asteroid for first time: What will happen?

The double-asteroid redirection test (DART) mission is set to clash with an asteroid on Monday, 26 September. The spacecraft will crash into the moon head-on. It will accelerate to 13,421 miles per hour (21,600 kilometers per hour)
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2 days ago

After NASA asteroid collision, Hera will probe 'crime scene'

Asteroid moonlet Dimorphos is 11 million kilometres (6.8 million miles) away and poses no threat to Earth. The mission is a test run in case the world might need to deflect an asteroid from heading our way. Scientists are excited to see a new world, but also to explore an object.
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3 days ago

On September 26, NASA's DART Mission to collide with an asteroid

The double asteroid redirection test (DART) mission is nearing the end of its life. It will travel at a speed of 24,000 kilometres per hour as it collides with the Didymos binary asteroid system. The spacecraft has travelled along a celestial path under Jupiter’s supervision.
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3 days ago

Moon to Mars! NASA reveals plans for human presence in space

The 'Moon to Mars' plan aims to send astronauts on the moon in 2024. The agency will use the learnings from the moon mission to prepare for humanity's next giant leap.
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3 days ago

NASA's DART Crash: How to Watch Live as Spacecraft Collides With Asteroid - CNET

The double asteroid redirection test probe has its sights firmly locked on the asteroid. It will careen into Dimorphos at about 14,000 miles per hour. The mission is designed to prove that a deep space collision can alter the orbit of a space rock.
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4 days ago

Water found in asteroid dust may offer clues to origins of life on Earth

The discovery offers new support for the theory that life on Earth may have been seeded from outer space. The findings are in the latest research to be published from analysis of 5.4 grammes of stones and dust that the Hayabusa-2 probe gathered from asteroid Ryugu.
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4 days ago

Russia Set to Launch Next ISS Crew With NASA Astronaut On Board

Astronauts Sergey Prokopyev and dmitri Petelin are launching on board a soyuz crew ship. They will spend six months on the orbiting space station. The event will be streamed live by NASA.
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5 days ago

India's Maiden Human Space Flight Mission 'Gaganyaan' To Launch In 2024

The first test-flight will be followed by sending a female-looking spacefaring humanoid robot in outer space likely next year. The potential crew had undergone basic training in Russia.
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1 weeks ago

'Mysterious' Diamonds Found in Space May Be Tougher Than Earth Gems - CNET

The diamonds have an unusual hexagonal atomic structure. They were found in a meteorite that may have originated from a dwarf planet. Lonsdaleite could make it harder than most diamonds originating from earth.
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1 weeks ago

NASA high-tech spacesuits from Axiom Space for Artemis mission for walking on Moon

The research organisation has selected Axiom Space for the first artemis moonwalking spacesuits. The award is for a task order to develop a next generation artemis spacesuit and supporting systems. A future task order will be competed for recurring spacesuit services.
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2 weeks ago

After big setbacks, NASA fixing moon rocket leaks, eyeing another launch

A series of hydrogen fuel leaks and other problems halted back-to-back launch attempts last week. The space agency wants to send the capsule into lunar orbit on a trial run, before putting astronauts on the next flight, in 2024.
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2 weeks ago

NASA: Humanity's envoys: After Voyager 2, its faster twin Voyager 1 completes 45 years in space

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 on a Titan IIIE-Centaur rocket. The probes are powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) they generate electricity using the heat produced by the decay of plutonium. It is expected to cross the Oort cloud in the next few hundred years.
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2 weeks ago

Hackers exploit NASA's famous deep space image to attack computers

Newly-discovered hacking campaign is exploiting an image from the James Webb Telescope to infect targets with malware. In July, the image produced the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe to date, known as the 'First Deep Field'
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3 weeks ago

NASA fixes glitch on Voyager 1, the farthest space probe in the cosmos

Voyager 1 is on a truly cosmic mission. It passed by Saturn in 1980, meaning it exited the bubble of particles ejected from the sun. In 40,000 years, the spacecraft will pass some 1.6 light-years from another star.
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3 weeks ago

NASA Says It’s a ‘Go’ for Launch of Artemis Moon Rocket on Sept

NASA is proceeding with its schedule to launch the Artemis I moon rocket on Sept. 3 at 2:17 p.m. Florida time. The weather is expected to be favorable, with a 60% chance that conditions will permit the launch. The Artemis I mission will be the first major flight in NASA's ambitious plan to return to the moon.
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3 weeks ago

NASA Artemis I Moon rocket launch Live Updates: NASA Artemis 1 relaunch on September 3, timings, livestream

NASA is set to make its second attempt to launch Artemis I rocket on September 3, 2022 at 2:17pm Florida time. The launch will be the second attempt at the mission, after the initial launch attempt on August 29 had to be called off due to technical issues including a problem with one of the rocket’s four main engines. Weather is expected to be favourable, with a 60 per cent chance that conditions with permit the launch to go through.
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3 weeks ago

NASA says it’s a ‘Go’ for launch of Artemis moon rocket on September 3

NASA is proceeding with its schedule to launch the artemis I moon rocket on September 3 at 2:17 pm Florida time. The mission will be the first major flight in NASA’s ambitious plan to return to the moon, including sending the first woman and the first person of color to the lunar surface as early as 2025.
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3 weeks ago

NASA orders five more astronaut missions from Elon Musk’s SpaceX in $1.4 billion deal

SpaceX awarded each company six crew missions, but ordered three more in early 2022. This takes the company's total contracted missions for its Crew Dragon astronaut capsule to 14. The award allows NASA to maintain an uninterrupted U.S. Capability for human access to the space station until 2030.
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3 weeks ago

Awesome! NASA fixes glitch in the iconic Voyager 1 spacecraft flying 14,623,292,784 miles away

Voyager 1 is a 45-year-old space explorer investigating the cosmos outside our solar system. Engineers have fixed the “data glitch” detected on the craft. The team will do a full memory readout of the AACS and look at everything it's been doing.
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