Good news! Interest rates on some small savings schemes increased by this much - check details

The government raised rates on some small savings schemes by up to 30 basis points. A three-year time deposit with post offices would earn 5.8 per cent from the existing 5.8%. The government has revised both tenure and interest rates.
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11 hours ago

Lic Mf To Launch 'Multicap Fund' — Nfo To Open For Subscription On Oct 6

The scheme would reopen for ongoing subscription from Wednesday, November 2, 2022. LIC Mutual Fund announced the launch of LICMF Multicap Fund. It would invest a minimum of 25 percent each in large, Mid and small cap stocks.
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12 hours ago

American Finances Updates: How to get Hurricane Ian Relief, Inflation Support, Early SSI Benefits

We'll have regular updates on a wide variety of topics, explaining how you can save money on things like grocery shopping and gas prices. This is the space where we detail all the latest benefits news and money-saving tips in the united states. Follow along with us this Thursday.
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13 hours ago

Here’s a simple way to help teach your kids some complex financial lessons - MarketWatch

A parent and financial experts have some ideas to prepare your child for investing. A custodial account is an investing account opened by a guardian for a minor until they reach the age of majority. Some youth accounts let teens start investing with parental oversight.
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16 hours ago

Rbi’S Tokenisation Rules To Kick-In From October 1 – Here’S How You Can Tokenise Your Card

The way you transact online using cards is about to change starting October 1 because of new RBI rules kicking in. Merchants will no longer be allowed to store customers’ card data, starting October 1, as the new card-on-file tokenisation guidelines will come into force.
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Money Guru: Experts give 9 mantras of investment this Navratri

In 2022, rupee has depreciated over 8 per cent versus the DollarRupee has seen 9 consecutive months of declineThe dollar index has appreciated by over 20 per cent this yearFalling rupee is heavy on pocketsThe inflation is set to rise significantly amid the weakening rupee.
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2 days ago

How Should Gen Z Build Their Perfect Investment Portfolio

Keeping an emergency fund, paying off debt in time, investing in SIPs and diversifying are just some of the ingredients that can help you build a perfect portfolio.
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2 days ago

Loan for Pensioners: Now you can get personal loan up to Rs 10 lakh from THIS bank

Banks don’t give older people loans easily because they may turn into bad loans. There are some banks which provide loans to older people with some conditions.
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2 days ago

7 recurring deposits offer over 7% returns to senior citizens on a 5-year tenor

The recurring deposit's minimum and maximum terms of six months and ten years show that you can meet your short- and long-term personal financial demands. The bank is giving elderly people an interest rate of 7.25% on RDs maturing in 5 years.
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2 days ago

'Juice Jacking': Charging your phone in public may drain out your bank accounts, credit cards

Scammers have been using innovative ways to trick people into fraud. 'juice jacking' is a technique using which cybercriminals load malware into devices being charged using public USB ports. They then siphon off funds from bank accounts or use credit card details for payments.
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2 days ago

FIRE: Financially Independent Retire Early — here's all about the concept that is grabbing youth's attention

FIRE: Personal Finance is a new personal finance movement defined by frugality, extreme savings, and investment. It follows an aggressive saving and investment pattern. Individuals remain in the workforce for several years and save up to 70% of their yearly income.
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3 days ago

7 FIRE Tips To Retire in Your 30s

Your 401(k) is one of the best tools to build up retirement savings quickly. If you leave your job, you can’t access the money until you turn 59 12. You can build a sizable nest egg in a relatively short period of time.
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3 days ago

Invest Rs 1000 per month, get up to Rs 32 lakh in 20 years; here's HOW

Experts say there is no limit or time for investment. Invest in safe investments amidst increasing needs and changing lifestyles. If you are not able to save much even after lots of effort, here is how you can make a large fund with a small investment.
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3 days ago

ICICI Bank launches ‘Festive Bonanza’: Here’s how you can get cashback up to Rs 25,000

Customers can take advantage of savings and cashbacks worth up to Rs. 25,000 by using the bank's credit or debit cards, internet banking, consumer finance, or cardless EMI. Customers can also take advantage by making EMI payments with their bank’s debit or credit cards.
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3 days ago

Post Office Scheme: Here's HOW to get more than Rs 10 lakh in just 3 years

The scheme is named a post office time deposit account scheme. An investor will get Rs 10 lakh rupees in just 3 years.
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4 days ago

Sensex Turns Ytd Flat: Should You Top Up Your Mutual Funds Now?

Investors must be wondering if it's a right time to remain invested in mutual funds. The Sensex gave up all of its gains for the year in a market-wide sell-off on friday and turned flat. A staggered investment approach into equities appears to be a reasonable investment strategy.
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5 days ago

Life insurance rule: Minimum sum assured an investor need — explained

A good number of people are buying life insurance who failed to buy life insurance in early phase of one's career. But they said that while buying a life insurance people look at the minimum sum assured but there is need to understand whether this would be enough for their family or not.
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5 days ago

Money Guru: Is your loan GOOD or BAD? Experts Decode

In this edition of ‘Money Guru’, Zee Business delves into the conundrum around what loans could be considered as good and which are the bad ones. A loan is good if it increases your net worth and creates net asset with time.
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6 days ago

Delinquencies in consumer durable and personal loans dip in FY22, says report

PAR had increased from 1.6% to 2.3% in FY 2021 as a fallout of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The 91-180 days bucket too saw a drop from 1.3% to 0.8% in FY22, reaching the March 2020 level.
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6 days ago

SIP is preferred method for mutual fund investment among youth: Here’s Why

A large number of new investors are enrolling for the systematic investment plan (SIP) to generate long-term wealth with monthly flow in the mutual fund industry. Millennials and GenZ find it difficult to save money.
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6 days ago