Prince William honors 'much-missed' Queen Elizabeth II in first speech as Prince of Wales

Prince of wales honored the late queen Elizabeth II in his first public speech as the prince of Wales. He also acknowledged his father and his late grandfather's work. The creation of the Prince of Wales' foundation has led to 450 law enforcement cases, 250 arrests and almost 200 seizures.
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National Wildlife Week

A number of functions are presently being held in jammu and Kashmir in view of the ongoing National Wildlife Week. These functions are important to make common people aware of the importance of the wildlife and familiarise them with the measures for protecting and preserving the flora and fauna. However, the significance of wildlife must not come to an end with the end of wildlife week.
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Sanofi In-Licenses Preclinical Genetic Disease Candidate From An Unknown Biotech - Sanofi (NASDAQ:SNY) - Benzinga

Sanofi will develop and commercialize a best-in-class antibody-RNA conjugate (ARC) for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). The deal will combine miRecule's anti-DUX4 RNA therapy with the company's proprietary muscle-targeted NANOBODY technology.
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Cop27 climate summit’s sponsorship by Coca-Cola condemned as ‘greenwash’

Coca-Cola is the world’s biggest plastic polluter in all global Break Free From Plastic brand audits. Campaigners described the partnership as baffling. A petition started by a delegate at Cop26 in Glasgow has called for an end to sponsorship of the Cop talks.
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Nobel Prize for Physics announced: The winners’ work, its significance

The award was announced on Tuesday at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The three conducted experiments on something called entangled quantum states. Their pathbreaking results will have implications in the fields of quantum computers, quantum networks and secure quantum encrypted communication.
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Nobel Prize 2022: Winners of Physics get awarded for research in quantum technology

Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger have jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics. The award was given to Giorgio Parisi, Klaus Hasselmann and Syukuro Manabe for their efforts in explaining and forecasting complicated natural factors.
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3 scientists share Nobel Prize in Physics

This year's Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to alain Aspect, John F Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their work on quantum information science. A week of announcements kicked off Monday with Swedish scientist Svante Paabo receiving the award in medicine.
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Asked about climate summit, UK's Truss: I won't divulge discussions with King Charles

Queen Charles's travel plans are a matter for him, and she would not discuss the content of their meetings. A report in the Sunday Times said Truss told him not to attend a world leaders' climate change summit in Egypt next month.
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World Space Week 2022 celebrates 'space and sustainability' this year

The ‘World Space Week’ is celebrated every year between October 4 and October 10 to commemorate the launch of Sputnik-1 - earth’s first artificial satellite - on October 4, 1957. A treaty for peaceful use of space was signed 10 years later on October 10, 1967.
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Stroke: Risk factors may include air pollution warns study

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Australia to set aside at least 30% of its land mass to protect endangered species

The number of species added to the list of threatened species grew on average by 8% from the previous report in 2016. It's unclear how it will help our other 'non priority' threatened species, says wwf-Australia's chief conservation officer.
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Over 6000 trees felled for tiger safari in Corbett: FSI

More than 6000 trees were felled illegally to start a tiger safari in the Kalagarh forest division of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The FSI in its report said only 163 trees will be chopped off in the process.
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Can you solve it? Physics puzzles for smart students

The new course is called the Comprehensive Oxford Mathematics and Physics Online School (COMPOS) it will teach you mathematics and physics at a deeper level than the A-level curriculum, preparing you for studying these subjects at university. The final two questions are a bit more complicated, requiring a spark of ingenuity.
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Fracking in Lake Eyre the ‘height of folly’, report suggests

Fracking in the Lake Eyre basin would be the “absolute height of folly”. The basin is home to one of the world’s last major free-flowing desert river systems. It sprawls over nearly one sixth of the continent, covering parts of the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.
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Bhopal: Officials become choosy about making Cheetah Mitra around Kuno National Park

Officials at Kuno National Park were earlier keen to enroll villagers as Cheetah Mitra. But not many were fit for the job as they should be enlightened people who could act as a bridge between KNP and masses in spreading awareness.
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Webb, Hubble capture detailed images of DART impact

NASA's double asteroid redirection test (DART) spacecraft collided with the asteroid Dimorphos at 4.44 AM IST on september 27. These observations mark the first time that the James Webb Space Telescope and Hubble space Telescope simultaneously observed the same target.
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What Is The Huge Ocean Near Earth’s Core Discovered By Scientists? Here’s What Experts Say

The huge ocean is three times the volume of all the oceans on the planet's surface. This massive reservoir of water is located between the transition zone of the upper and lower mantle of the earth. If larger quantities of water were present there or not, it was unclear.
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Scientists have just discovered a 6th ocean and it's not on earth's surface

70% of the entire earth's surface is overlaid with water, most of which present in the five oceans. An international study has now found water deep inside the interiors of the blue planet. The transition zone between the Earth’s upper and lower mantle contains considerable quantities of water.
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Bill Gates On Long-Term Approach To Climate Change Says You Can Can Call Putin In 10 Years 'And Tell Him You Don't Need Him' - Benzinga

The billionaire lobbied for the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which was signed into law by president Joe Biden on Aug. 16. He said innovation isn’t a “check-writing process”.
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NASA's DART mission is cause for celebration and action - The Washington Post

This week’s double asteroid redirection test (DART) is cause both for celebration and for action. Sign up for a weekly roundup of thought-provoking ideas and debates ArrowRight collisions with our planet are what’s known as low-probability, high-impact events.
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