Apple's iPhone 14 Pro likely to be more expensive than iPhone 13 Pro: Report

Leakster Anthony, who goes by @TheGalox on Twitter, tips the specifications and price of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14Pro Max. The phone is said to come with a 6.1-inch 120Hz AMOLED display and may feature a 3,200 mAh battery. The primary sensor on the iPhone Pro is tipped to be a 48MP sensor and the two other sensors will be 12MP each. If the prices are accurate, the devices will be at least $100 more expensive than the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Pro Max.
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7 hours ago

Here's How You Can Make Your Own Calendar On Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online tool for making spreadsheets and tables. It is generally used to record organise and keep data in a table-like format. Users customise their calendars, and mark their planned days. Users can also change the year by simply going into the ‘Year’ sheet, and clicking the big year.
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8 hours ago

Apple’s iPhone 14 ‘Pro’ lineup could cost more, report says

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 14 series in September. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max models will boast of advanced features such as a pill-shaped cut-out rather than the notch seen on previous-generation iPhones. But all these upgrades will come at an added cost, according to tipster @TheGalox.
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Apple iOS 16 allows you to pay fuel bills from the driver's seat: Here's how

Apple unveiled iOS 16 at its WWDC event a few weeks ago. It also introduced new fueling and driving tasks applications that can be utilised after an update. The feature will allow the users to locate petrol pumps and make payments at the fuelling station. However, this feature will be available only with a specific petrol pump chain.
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IPhone 14 wishlist: 5 features we’d like to see added to Apple’s 2022 phone lineup

This year’s event could be the biggest for Apple in a long time. The iPhone 14 series is likely to see a big change in design and features. Rumours suggest Apple will get rid of the notch from the iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple could use under-display cameras that are already there on smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3.
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2 days ago

Microsoft Could Soon Launch New Version of Outlook Lite For Android

Microsoft is working to launch a new ‘Outlook Lite’ app for Android users. The tech giant plans to make the new app generally available worldwide in July 2022. There already is a lighter-weight Outlook app available in a few countries that are known as ‘Lite’
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3 days ago

YouTube introduces three changes to curb the cases of comment spam; details here

YouTube channels will now be able to hide their subscriber counts. Users can cross-check the subscriber count to see if it's a fake account or a scammer. The platform is putting a limit on the number of special characters that can be used to create a channel's name. The third change is something that creators can access as a feature that they can access. The feature can be enabled by enabling 'increase strictness'
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3 days ago

Apple Books is not working for some iPhone/iPad users in iOS 15.5: Is there a fix?

Some Apple users seem to have difficulty opening the Apple Books app on their iPhones and iPads. As a fix to the problem, users should upgrade to the iOS 15.6 beta update. Apple might have recognised the issue and patched it in the latest iOS version. The publication could not confirm the issue in iOS 16 as well.
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3 days ago

Google Is Changing The Way Its Password Manager Works On Chrome And Android:...

Google has updated its password manager for Chrome and Android users. Earlier the features will only be available only for Chrome users but now Google is bringing them to all platforms. These new features include the ability to manually add passwords to the service. Google hopes to make the password manager a reliable alternative to the likes of 1Password and other services.
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3 days ago

Google Brings New-Look Gboard Keyboard For Foldable Devices In Beta Avatar

Google has redesigned the Gboard keyboard for foldable phones. The new version is available in the beta version for now, but expect an official release in the near future. Many suggest that a foldable-friendly Gboard is a sign that Google’s own foldable phone is around the corner.
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4 days ago

This is how google is making your passwords safer than ever before

Google has announced that it is updating its password manager to make the experience easier for the user. The new update will let the users add a shortcut to Google Password Manager to their Android home screen. Google said it will now flag not only compromised credentials but also weak and re-used passwords on Android.
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4 days ago

Tech InDepth: What is Android Auto and how can you use it?

Android Auto is a screen-mirroring application that allows you to mirror your phone on a car’s infotainment system as long as it supports Android Auto. For the app to work, you will have to make sure your car's system supports the feature.
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Apple iPhone 15 year anniversary explained

The iPhone has been the benchmark of what a smartphone should be over the past 15 years. It was your music player, camera, calendar, notepad and more. It also killed a lot of other products from point-and-shoot cameras to portable music players and digital diaries.
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4 days ago

Apple eyes fuel purchases from dashboard as it revs up car software

Apple's CarPlay software will allow CarPlay users to tap an app to navigate to a pump and buy gas straight from a screen in the car, skipping the usual process of inserting or tapping a credit card. Dallas-based HF Sinclair, which markets its gasoline at 1,600 stations in the United States, told Reuters that it plans to use the new CarPlay technology.
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5 days ago

Apple’s New M2 MacBook Is Actually Slower Than M1 MacBook: Report

The new MacBook Pro has been put to test with the M1 version carrying an 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. And as per the results, the performance of the M2 MacBook Pro turned out to be slower than its M1 variant. Apple launched its newer MacBooks earlier this month, showing us the progress made with its M chipset.
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6 days ago

Is the SSD in Apple M2 MacBook Pro (2022) slower than M1 MacBook Pro?

Apple recently launched the 13-inch MacBook Pro with its latest M2 chip. The notebook is already available to purchase across the globe and some early customers have got their hands on it. However, a video on YouTube suggests that the SSD on the M2 MacBook Pro is slower than that on its predecessor.
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The most exciting Apple products we’re hoping to see in 2022

Apple is gearing up to release a number of new products, including the iPhone 14 series, the long-rumoured sequel to the iPad Pro and the second-generation AirPods Pro. Some of 2022’s most anticipated devices are expected to release in the fall, ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season.
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1 weeks ago

Apple could release revamped HomePod with S8 chip next year

Apple is targeting 2023 as the launch of a new smart speaker for the HomePod. The Siri-powered smart speaker made its debut in 2017 and was discontinued last year. The HomePod is said to be powered by the S8 chip, the same processor that will also power Apple’s forthcoming Watch Series 8. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes the new HomePod will have an updated display on the top.
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1 weeks ago

Apple Update: These devices will be powered by M2 chip- Know more

Apple reportedly working on launching several new devices- from iPhone 14 series, three Watches, new iPads, new HomePod, new AirPods Pro, and an AR/MR headset which will be powered by its flagship M2 processor. The lined up devices are expected to launch by the year-end, most probably in the last quarter of 2022.
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1 weeks ago

IPhone users in North India are getting temperature related warnings; Read...

Apple has equipped its iOS and IPadOS devices with advanced temperature monitoring mechanisms that regulate the temperature inside the chassis. The average temperature in northern India, especially in regions near the capital city of New Delhi, has been close to 40 degrees celsius. Users might notice their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch getting warm under a few circumstances.
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