Buerger's Disease: Causes, symptoms, treatment of rare disease affecting limbs

There are almost 267 million tobacco users in India with 28.6% of the population currently using tobacco products. The number of cigarettes smoked annually has grown to more than 6 trillion and there are approximately 120 million smokers in India. The most important treatment for Buerger’s disease is quit smoking and start using medicines.
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5 days ago

FDA Orders Juul To Stop Sellings Its Products In US, Says Company Provided...

The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday ordered e-cigarette company Juul to stop selling its products in the United States. The order is not limited to only Juul’s e-cigarettes but to every product manufactured by Juul. The wide popularity of Juul's products on American youth captured the attention of anti-smoking groups and regulators.
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