What does Hurricane Ian mean for Florida’s wildlife? - The New York Times

Many species are suffering declines driven by habitat loss and other factors. Climate change is supercharging some hurricanes. One of Florida’s most beloved species can get trapped inland when floodwaters recede.
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18 hours ago

MP: Cheetah Mitra in distress over increased hunting, poaching of wildlife in Kuno

Cheetahs return to india after 70 years is a matter of great pride and fame for the country. The increasing activity of poachers in Kuno and the incidents of hunting of wildlife have been coming to the fore for the past months.
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4 days ago

Shy Raccoons Are Better Learners Than Bold Ones, Study Finds - The New York Times

Researchers have taken to the streets of laramie, Wyo., to uncover the raccoons’ secrets. They adapt a cognitive test designed for captive animals so that it can be deployed in the wild.
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6 days ago

Maharashtra Board for Wildlife clears 400 kV Kharghar Vikhroli transmission line

The company is implementing the 400 kV Kharghar Vikhroli transmission line. The project passes through the Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary, a protected area. It has received approvals from the forest department, MCZMA, Salt Commissioner and the Maharashtra Maritime Board.
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6 days ago

Australian wildlife team rescues 32 beached pilot whales after nearly 200 die in mass stranding

The pod of whales was stranded on Ocean Beach in Macquarie Harbour on Wednesday. At least half the whales presumed to still be alive at the time, the department of natural resources and environment Tasmania said. Only 35 of the 230 pilot whales were found alive this morning.
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1 weeks ago

Poll: More Wildlife Business? - Pest Control Technology

New line of three industrial duty LED lights now available on the C (Dual Purpose) reels. The new LED lights feature a 50,000 hour rating, internal light diffusers, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
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1 weeks ago

Diversity is crucial

Cheetahs again making pugmarks on the country's soil seven decades after they were declared extinct. Eight of these, three males and five females imported from Namibia, were released by prime minister Narendra Modi in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh. A few dozen more are expected to be flown in from africa.
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1 weeks ago

Project Cheetah is govt's endeavour towards environment and wildlife conservation: PM

The 'Project Cheetah' is the government's endeavour towards environment and wildlife conservation. He said that we lose certain things when we move away from our roots. It is unfortunate that we declared them extinct from the country in 1952, but for decades no meaningful effort was made.
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1 weeks ago

With Centre's efforts to conserve wildlife, coverage of protected areas increases to 5.03%

Forest and tree cover has increased by 16,000 square km in the last four years. India is home to 52 Tiger Reserves covering approximately 75,000 square km area in 18 states.
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1 weeks ago

As Cheetahs return to India, a look at Modi's fruitful efforts to conserve Indian wildlife

The wild cats were declared extinct from the country in 1952. The release of the cheetahs was part of efforts to revitalise and diversify wildlife. India is home to 52 Tiger Reserves covering approximately 75,000 Sq Km area.
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1 weeks ago

Falconry based pest and wildlife control business opens in Banbury

A new pest and wildlife control business specialises in falconry. George Angell has opened Evergreen Wildlife Management to help clients with pest problems. He said: "i am looking forward to flying our team of raptors to deter pest birds"
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2 weeks ago

Otley Wildlife Arts Festival: Organisers hope people build more connections with nature

Wildlife friendly Otley is a small charity with a big vision to make the town the first ‘wildlife friendly town’ in the UK. It aims to set an example of how towns can be rich in nature and wildlife and to educate people around conservation and protection.
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1 weeks ago

Forshaw Launches Wildlife Management Distribution - Pest Control Technology

The 2022 ESA ACE Professional Award recognizes superior contributions of an Associate Certified Entomologist in the field of structural pest management. Olesen is a fourth-generation pest management professional who began working with his father, Chuck Sullivan, two decades ago. He credits his ACE designation in allowing new doors and opportunities to be open to him.
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2 weeks ago

Pine marten seen in London for the first time in more than 100 years

Pine marten (Martes martes) has been spotted in southern England for the first time since the 19th century. It was captured by a camera trap set up in the borough of Kingston to monitor hedgehogs. The species was established in parts of Wales and Scotland and gradually recolonising northern England.
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2 weeks ago

Airports will be developed in these three places in Karnataka

The list of places from across the country qualified as under-serving airstrips. The government analysed these places on basis of their proximity to wildlife sanctuaries, tourist destinations and religious places.
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3 weeks ago

Over 50 Wildlife Tourist Destinations to be Connected Under UDAN 5.0

The government has prepared a list of potential airports. Most of these destinations already have either an underserved or unserved airstrip. 29 tourist destinations including Chamba, Sidhi, Panchmahri, Jogbani, Raichur, Hirakund and Kohima are also likely to be proposed.
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3 weeks ago


India is moving ahead to introduce more avenues for conservation of environment and wildlife. Asia’s largest elevated wildlife corridor will provide a passage for the animals across damns, roads, etc. The foundation of this Delhi-Saharanpur-Dehradun economic corridor, was laid last year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
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4 weeks ago

[Watch] 2 Wildlife Smugglers Arrested While Trying To Sell Rare Chameleon In Bhubaneswar

Two people arrested for alleged attempt to sell rare chameleon in bhubaneswar. Sources say two wildlife smugglers were going to strike a deal for sale.
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1 months ago

Kaziranga wildlife rehab centre completes 20 years

The centre has handled 7,397 animals in distress, 65% of which were sent back to the wild after proper care and treatment. CWRC continues to be the only facility of its kind in India to have successfully addressed the welfare and conservation of 357 species including elephant, leopard, rhino, tiger, clouded leopard, black bear, wild buffalo, hog deer, muntjac and wild boar.
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1 months ago

Let’s Stop Paying for Wildlife Conservation Through Gun Sales - The New York Times

80% of the guns-and-ammo tax revenues sent to state fish and game agencies each year are earmarked for wildlife restoration. The focus should be on conserving all species and ecosystems. Some agencies are mandated to do so under their state laws.
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1 months ago