Adam Levine performs first show amid cheating drama, receives support from wife Behati Prinsloo

The singer made his first public appearance amid cheating drama and DMs scandal. His pregnant wife, behati Prinsloo was also spotted attending the event.
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2 days ago

Tweet Saying Adam Levine Looks like a Chipotle Bag Goes Viral, Netizens in Splits

The singer has been in the news for a few days now owing to his cheating DM scandal. Four women accused him of sending them flirty texts while still being married to his wife. Another tweet, mentioning the singer, is going viral and has the netizens in splits.
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1 weeks ago

Adam Devine Wants You to Know He's Not Adam Levine and is 'Going Strong' With Wife

Adam Devine is accused of cheating on his wife, behati Prinsloo, with her. He has been facing multiple allegations of having been inappropriate. Devine took to twitter to share a selfie with his wife and wrote, "just want to post this and say that my wife @chloebridges and I are doing great and going strong"
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1 weeks ago

Amid cheating scandal, Adam Levine 'is committed to making things better' with Behati Prinsloo

Source says behati is upset about how everything was handled and the public aspect of it. But their goals are to be the best parents and work through things. Adam levine and TikToker Sumner Stroh have recently come forward with affair allegations.
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1 weeks ago

After Sumner Stroh, more women claim Adam Levine allegedly sent flirty DMs on social media

Levine accused of cheating on his wife, behati Prinsloo, in a viral video. Four other women have come forward and claimed the singer sent them flirty messages on social media.
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1 weeks ago

Adam Levine addresses infidelity claims: ‘I did not have an affair, but crossed a line’

Adam levine has issued a statement clarifying that he never had an extramarital affair but did ‘cross a line’ in a ‘regrettable phase of his life’. The statement comes a day after a model accused the singer of having an affair with her.
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1 weeks ago

Adam Levine's pregnant wife Behati Prinsloo 'very upset' over his affair allegations: Report

A source close to the model said he admitted that he went behind [Prinsloo’s] back and has been inappropriate. The model is currently pregnant with levine's third child.
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2 weeks ago

Sumner Stroh responds to Adam Levine's statement denying cheating claims

Levine was accused of cheating on his wife behati Prinsloo by model Sumner Stroh. The singer released a statement on his Instagram account and denied cheating. She shared a cryptic post on her account which simply said someone get this man a dictionary.
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2 weeks ago

Emily Ratajkowski, Chrishell Stause weigh in on Adam Levine cheating scandal

Influencer accused him of cheating on his wife, behati Prinsloo, and alleged he tried to name his baby after her. Levine denied the allegations, but the ongoing drama has sparked reactions from Emily Ratajkowski and Chrishell Stause.
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2 weeks ago

After Adam Levine denies cheating claims, two more models accuse him of sending flirty messages

A woman named alyson Rosef has shared her alleged direct messages with the maroon 5 singer. She said she had a lot more messages but chose not to share them because they are not appropriate. Reports suggest two more models have accused the singer of sending flirty DMs.
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2 weeks ago

Who is Sumner Stroh? 10 things about the model who claimed Adam Levine cheated on his wife

Sumner Stroh made viral allegations against maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. She claimed that she had an alleged one-year-long affair with him. He denies all claims of a year-long relationship.
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2 weeks ago

Adam Levine accused of cheating on wife as influencer claims he tried to name his baby after her

A 23-year-old model has made the allegations in a TikTok video. She also shared what were allegedly the screenshots of messages from levine.
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2 weeks ago

Maroon 5's Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo expecting their third baby together

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his wife behati are all set to become parents again. The couple's new baby will join their sweet family consisting of daughters.
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4 weeks ago