Sibling trio amuses netizens with their rendition of Coke Studio's Pasoori

Pasoori by Pakistani artists Ali Sethi and Shae Gill is making waves worldwide for its melodic music and soulful lyrics. Now, a soulful version of the song by a sibling trio is amusing netizens. The video was shared a few days ago and has since gained over 4.7 lakh views.
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4 days ago

Rakul Preet Singh’s dance to Pasoori wows people, video goes viral

Coke Studio’s Pasoori by Pakistani artists Ali Sethi and Shae Gill has taken the Internet by storm. Rakul Preet Singh has posted a video of herself dancing to the song on Instagram. The video has quickly gone viral and left people stunned. Since being posted, the clip has accumulated over 3.1 million views.
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1 weeks ago

This ‘Pasoori’ cover is a hit, but not for the reasons you think

The duet hit sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill has taken the world by storm. The song is reminiscent of folk tunes, popular in both the countries, fused with modern beats. In undated video, a young man is seen passionately singing the song, trying to ace each note and expression.
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1 weeks ago

Kashmiri musician soulfully plays Ali Sethi's Pasoori on a rabab in viral video

Kashmiri rabab player Sufiyan Malik has posted a video of his rabab cover of Pasoori. The video has over 12,000 likes and counting since it was posted three days ago. The song was featured on Season 14 of Coke Studio and was sung by Pakistani singers Ali Sethi and Shae Gill.
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2 weeks ago

This instrumental of Pasoori on veena has won over music lovers

A veena player posted a short instrumental of the Punjabi hit Pasoori on her Instagram account. The now-viral video has been viewed over 17 crore times. The folk song was released on season 14 of Coke Studio Pakistan. It has been over two months since the duet sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill was released.
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3 weeks ago

Britney Spears fancies listening to Pasoori with button-dosa; Twitter is...

Britney Spears fancies two things lately, apparently, they are Pasoori and the preparation video of button-dosa. The American singer-songwriter shared a video of tiny dosas in the making on her Instagram account. PasoorI's singer Ali Sethi was also taken aback by the video.
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4 weeks ago

Britney Spears shares video with Pasoori in background

The video was shared by Britney Spears just a day ago and has already received over 4.7 lakh likes on it. The video has also prompted people to post various comments under it. Singer Ali Sethi has also taken to the comments section of this particular video that has been shared by Spears.
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4 weeks ago