"Americans notoriously have the worst banter" - Tennis fans divided over behavior of Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock during 2022 Laver Cup

Frances Tiafoe beat Roger Federer in his last match at the 2022 laver cup. The 24-year-old was praised for winning the tournament for the first time. He also made 'Greek Yogurt' references to Stefanos Tsitsipas.
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2 days ago

Elon Musk Sides With Wharton Professor Who Says Fed Being 'Real Tough Guys Until We Crush The Economy' - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) - Benzinga

Jeremy Siegel came down heavily on the Fed for not tightening monetary policy before inflation went out of control. The central bank sees stubborn inflation that requires it to stay tight all the way through 2023. Siegel also sees a recession materializing, with the working- and middle-class Americans paying the price.
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3 days ago

Wharton's Jeremy Siegel accuses Fed of making one of the biggest policy mistakes in its 110-year history - MarketWatch

Jeremy Siegel argued the Fed made a massive policy mistake last year by not moving to tighten monetary policy before inflation got out of hand. He mocked the Fed and Powell for insisting inflation would quickly fade on its own. Siegel said the central bank is making working- and middle-class Americans pay with what he expects will be a punishing recession.
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5 days ago

Pandemic trauma caused many to lose their sense of time - The Washington Post

A new study says a majority of Americans experienced time distortions at the beginning of the pandemic. Those who lost their time sense could be at greater risk for mental health disorders. Screening for time distortions could help get treatment to those who need it. More research is needed, but researchers conclude that time distortion is probably associated with mental health symptoms.
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3 weeks ago

Why divorced, widowed women more likely to retire earlier than planned

A higher share of divorced or widowed women say their retirement lifestyle is worse than expected, compared with married women: 26% versus 18%. The institute's report, which focuses on women's retirement confidence, was conducted in January among 2,677 Americans age 25 or older.
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3 weeks ago

Fewer Americans file for jobless benefits last week

Jobless aid applications for the week ending Aug. 27 fell by 5,000 to 232,000. The number of Americans collecting traditional unemployment benefits rose by 26,000 the week that ended Aug. 20. The unemployment rate dipped to 3.5%, tying a 50-year low reached just before coronavirus pandemic.
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3 weeks ago

Uday Kotak expects Fed Chair Jerome Powell to ‘break the back of’ US inflation

Uday Kotak took note of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's signal that the Central bank would raise interest rates further to tame sky-high inflation. Powell has cautioned that when the Fed raises interest rates to combat excessive inflation, Americans will experience a difficult period of poor economic growth and possibly increased unemployment.
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1 months ago

Turn in global oil markets may be shortlived

For now, cheaper oil is being welcomed by global leaders battling inflation. US president Joe Biden has not wasted the opportunity to tell Americans that their drive is getting cheaper again. Oil markets have offered modest relief, with crude prices drifting lower while traders grow anxious about the global economy.
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1 months ago

Everyday Activities That 'Count' As Exercise

Physical activity guidelines for Americans define moderate intensity activity as anything that registers between 3.0 and just under 6.0 METs. A single MET is defined as the amount of energy you burn just by existing. A brisk walk gets you burning four times as much energy as you expend while lying in bed.
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1 months ago

Local Tulsa Company Helps Make Hearing Aids More Accessible

Cleartone in Tulsa played a big role in getting new hearing aids on the market. 30 million Americans may benefit from using these hearing aids, especially for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. The goal of approving hearing aids over the counter is to make getting them easier and less expensive.
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1 months ago

US President Joe Biden to sign massive climate, health care legislation

President Joe Biden will sign Democrats' landmark climate change and health care bill. The legislation includes the most substantial federal investment in history to fight climate change. It would cap prescription drug costs at $2,000 out-of-pocket annually for Medicare recipients. It also would help an estimated 13 million Americans pay for health care insurance by extending subsidies provided during the coronavirus pandemic.
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1 months ago

US President Biden signs executive order to avert wrongful detentions of Americans abroad

US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to bring home hostages and wrongfully detained Americans. The executive order allows to deter and disrupt hostage-taking and wrongful detentions. US agencies will be able to share information with families regarding the status of their loved ones. US State Department has also introduced a new risk indicator to travel advisory - the D indicator.
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2 months ago

Iran imposes sanctions on 61 Americans as nuclear talks hit impasse

Former president Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani and former white house national security adviser John Bolton. The sanctions, issued against dozens of Americans in the past, let Iranian authorities seize any assets they hold in Iran. In January Iran imposed sanctions on 51 Americans, and it blacklisted 24 more in April in its latest moves.
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2 months ago

U.S., Russian astronauts will swap seats on rockets again

U.S. Astronaut Frank Rubio will launch to the space station from Kazakhstan with two Russians in September. That same month, Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina will join two Americans and one Japanese aboard a SpaceX rocket flying from Florida. The swap had long been in the works and was finalized despite tensions over Moscow’s war in Ukraine.
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2 months ago

Paris boutiques benefit from splurge by American tourists as Euro slides

The euro tumbled below $1 on Wednesday for the first time in two decades on fears that rising energy prices triggered by the Ukraine conflict could tip the European Union into a prolonged economic crisis. The weak euro is big draw for tourists, particularly Americans – who are flagged as a key growth driver for the European luxury goods sector in the second quarter.
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2 months ago

Joe Biden signs executive order on abortion rights challenging state laws

President Joe Biden condemned the ‘extreme’ Supreme Court majority that ended a constitutional right to abortion. He delivered an impassioned plea for Americans upset by the decision to “vote, vote, vote vote” in November. Biden signed an executive order to try to protect access to the procedure.
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2 months ago

Apolitical or adversely political: the debate surrounding the partisan nature of US Supreme Court

Many Americans reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with dismay and terror. Many fear that the right-wing majority Court may threaten hard-won freedoms. Clarence Thomas suggested that the Court should reconsider due process precedents including how they previously applied to cases concerning contraceptive access and LGBTQ rights.
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2 months ago

Fourth of July celebrations go horribly wrong, here's what happened

A video posted on Reddit shows the entire incident with a group of Americans. One of the sparks from the rocket lands on the box of fireworks, resulting in a huge explosion. After the rocket goes off with minor sparkles, the men can be seen discussing if something was wrong with it.
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2 months ago

Fireworks go wrong as Americans celebrate the Fourth of July

Videos of fireworks accidents are going viral on social media. Americans observe the Fourth of July as Independence Day to mark their freedom from British colonial rule. People hold picnics, parades, and light up fireworks to celebrate the federal holiday. However, each year reckless handling of fireworks causes multiple accidents and injuries.
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2 months ago

Americans celebrate Fourth of July with lavish fireworks as night sky lights up

Phoenix, Arizona, Colorado, San Joaquin Valley and California cancelled the traditional fireworks display due to shortage and other reasons. Instead, parades were taken out and lights shows replaced the pyrotechnic displays. In other areas, however, the fireworks lit up the night sky.
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2 months ago