TV Lady Poses In Transparent Wet

TV Lady Poses in Transparent Wet to showcase her hot side. Sreemukhi is yet to get her big break in films. She is busy as a TV host and is also playing character roles in movies. Anasuya and Rashmi Gautham have been creating sensation on the silver screen.
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1 weeks ago

Disturbing 'Uncle' Between Hero And Producer

Anasuya turned wild when netizens called her Aunty. Megastar who is almost nearing 70 said that he asked his grandchildren to call him Bhayya. There is a production partner in a banner who is nearing 50 years of age. But he makes the people around him call 'little brother'
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4 weeks ago

Anasuya's Twitter War With Vijay Devarakonda Fans

Anasuya Bharadwaj tweeted a general line in Telugu with an apparent translation that the sin of cursing mothers hits hard in due course of time. But this tweet coincided with the release of 'Liger'
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3 months ago

Anasuya Bharadwaj takes a dig at Vijay Deverakonda; Liger actor's fans troll and call her 'aunty'

The actress has recalled a controversy created by using a cuss word during the promotions of Arjun Reddy. It has been 5 years to it and Anasuya has reinstated the feud by taking a dig at Vijay Deverakonda.
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3 months ago

Big Blast Of Beautiful Bomb

A saree and blouse with knots on her back shows her X Factor. Anasuya is busy with several TV shows and film projects.
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4 months ago

Telugu Actress Anasuya Setting Saree Trends For Others, See Pics

Telugu actress and TV presenter Anasuya Bharadwaj has shared a few photos on Instagram from her latest photoshoot. She is seen in a multi colour printed saree, with multiple patches of white, purple and pink shades. The actress, who hosted various shows like Bindas, and Modern Mahalakshmi, is giving saree goals.
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4 months ago

Pics: Lady In Saree Poses In Retro Look

Pics: Lady In Saree Poses In Retro Look. Wearing the 1980s kind of saree and posing in a colorful set, Anasuya looks like a beauty from yesteryears. Her big role in Pushpa The Rule is also awaited.
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4 months ago