Anees Salim returns to his obsession with death in his new book - The Week

Anees SalimLatif is the protagonist of his latest novel, The Bellboy. He works as a bellboy in Paradise Lodge, where people check in to die. The 17-year-old boy's death is a dominant theme in the book, as in most of his books.
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2 weeks ago

Dread has an address: review of Anees Salim’s ‘The Bellboy’

The Bellboy follows a scrawny teen trying to find his way in the world while failing to comprehend its malevolence. The story unravels through 17-year-old Latif’s point of view, his reveries and yearnings. Latif belongs to Manto Island, a sinking archipelago where he lives with his widowed mother.
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4 weeks ago