Gautam Vig Accuses Sajid Khan of Provoking Archana Gautam, Slams Him For 'Overreacting'

Bigg Boss 16’s eliminated contestant Gautam Vig has reacted to the recent fight between Sajid Khan and Archana. The Naamkaran actor backed Archana and accused Khan of provoking the model-turned-politician. The 35-year-old actor said he thinks Khan overreacted in the entire situation. He also suggested that Khan should have clarified to Archana if he was talking about her.
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2 days ago

Bigg Boss 16, Day 54: Sajid Khan taken to doctor after fight with Archana Gautam

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Ankit Gupta gets tea for Priyanka Choudhary and she taunts him by saying this is the first time he’s getting bed tea for her. Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan get into a fight during the ration task when the former accuses the latter of being unfair.
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3 days ago

Bigg Boss 16, Day 51: Ex-captains Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik compete in captaincy task

Sumbul Touqeer's father warns her to stay away from Tina-Shalin. Soundarya Sharma and Archana Gautam have a chat about Tina and Shalin's relationship. Shalin reveals the conversation he had with Soundarya to Tina Datta to Tina. Archana and Tina argue as Tina keeps her prescription paper in the garden area.
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5 days ago

Bigg Boss: After Shiv holds Shalin's neck, Gauahar asks if he'll ‘evict himself’

Shiv held Shalin by his neck and pushed him back during a fight on Thursday's episode. Many have asked if host Salman Khan will evict Shiv as well in the upcoming Shukrawar Ka Vaar episode. Archana Gautam was evicted from the Bigg Boss house by trying to choke Shiv by holding his neck.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16, Day 48: Tera pati hai kya ye?-MC Stan to Tina while fighting with Shalin Bhanot

Archana Gautam makes a promise to herself to not fight with anyone and on that note, she sleeps. The non-favourite contestants get a chance to call Sajid Khan’s captaincy by performing a task. The house turns into a stage show while women are paired to re-create an iconic hairstyle with the help of Tresseme.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan kicks out Archana Gautam from kitchen, latter fights with Shiv Thakare

Bigg Boss 16 promo shows Archana Gautam refusing to do duties in Sajid Khan's captaincy. Archana is known for being extremely possessive about the kitchen. She got into an argument with her bestie Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who supported Archana after her eviction.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16, Day 46: Priyanka Choudhary warns Archana Gautam to not drag her parents into the fight

Another day in the Bigg Boss 16 house starts with a fight. Archana Gautam is seen complaining to Soundarya Sharma that Priyanka is accusing her of not helping in the kitchen. Priyank warns Archana not to touch her and it’s a valid point keeping in mind she was outcasted for charging at Shiv. Chana.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 15 HIGHLIGHTS: Gautam, Shalin, Tina, Soundarya nominated for elimination

Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chaudhary were seen getting into an ugly spat. Bigg Boss made special arrangements for Shalin for his birthday and treated him with chicken. Soundarya nominated Tina and called her fake following the path Shalin did.
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1 weeks ago

'Bigg Boss 16': Priyanka asks for sugar, lands into a bitter fight with Archana

Archana Gautam is back in the controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss 16' Archana denies giving Priyanka Chahar Choudhary sugar and tells her to ask Tina for it. In the upcoming episode, Priyank will be seen asking for sugar.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16 Evicted Gori Nagori feels THIS person is entirely fake in the house

Bigg Boss 16 is gaining pace and after two weeks of no eviction, Gori Nagori had to say goodbye to the reality show. The actress took her eviction quite sportingly and literally danced her way out of the house. After her elimination, she appeared on Krushna Abhishek's Bigg Buzz and addressed the fight between Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam.
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1 weeks ago

Gori Nagori wishes to re-enter Bigg Boss 16 with BF Sunny Chaudhary: 'Maza aayega'

Gori Nagori is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 16. She expressed her wish to be back on the reality show as a wild card contestant. Archana Gautam was expelled from the show after she physically harmed Shiv Thakare in the house. Gori said she is happy to be out of the show and wishes Sunny Chaudhary joins her.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16 Day 43 Highlights: Sajid Khan Argues With Priyanka As She Takes Stand For Archana Gautam

Bigg Boss 16 Day 43 Highlights: Archana Gautam re-entered the house. Bigg boss made a big announcement to stop the supply of cigarettes. Archana makes fun of housemates and makes fun with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Nimriti Kaurwalia bursts into tears as she opens up about mental health.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend ka Vaar LIVE: Archana Gautam returns to the show, says 'Sasural aa gyi'

Archana Gautam made a comeback in Bigg Boss 16 Weekend ka Vaar. It seemed that she has learned her lesson and apologized to every contestant. Sajid Khan assured the contestants that Archana will definitely do something bigger this time and she was faking her apologetic behavior.
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1 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan blames Shiv Thakare for Archana Gautam's eviction; Is she coming back?

Salman Khan hosts Shanivaar Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss. Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare were involved in an argument. He asks Archana to stay on the line and connects the call with the contestants. After schooling Shiv for his wrong doings, Salman announces Archana will be coming back to the house.
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2 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16, Day 41: Archana Gautam pleads Shiv Thakare for another chance after getting violent

Priyanka and Tina get angry at archana for hiding all the tissues. The latter holds Shiv’s neck and everyone goes and stands in front of him to protect him. Soundarya asks Archana not to choose violence when she can fight back verbally instead.
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2 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam thrown out of the house after getting physically violent with Shiv Thakare?

A source close to the show informed Pinkvilla that Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam got into a heated argument, which took a deadly turn. He demanded her elimination from the bigg boss 16 house and threw her out of the reality show.
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2 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam EVICTED From BB House After She Gets Into A Physical FIGHT With Shiv Thakare? Here’s What We Know

Politician-actress Archana Gautam is one of the most talked about contestants on the reality show Bigg Boss 16. It is speculated that she has been evicted from the show owing to her physical fight with co-contestant Shiv Thakare. Archana is being regarded as one the top contenders for BB 16 trophy.
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2 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik Gets ANGRY, SHOUTS At Archana Gautam For Lying About Nimrit Kaur; Fans Say, ‘Abdu Flower Nahi, Fire Hai’

Abdu Rozik is the cutest and most talked about celebrity contestant in the BB house. He recently lost his cool at archana Gautam as he was seen shouting at her.
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3 weeks ago

BB16: OMG! Archana Gautam Threatens Bigg Boss To Ruin The Show As She Accuses Makers Of Stealing Her Clothes-See VIDEO

Archana Gautam is one of the contestants on 'bigg boss 16' she has been grabbing eyeballs since its premiere day. In a new promo, she threatens to ruin the show after she accused the Bigg Boss of stealing her clothes.
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3 weeks ago

Bigg Boss 16 updates: Archana Gautam, Soundarya Sharma, Sumbul Touqeer get nominated

Sumbul touqeer, archana Gautam, and Soundarya Sharma got nominated for this week's eviction. She said people have a problem if she laughs or cries or anything she does.
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3 weeks ago