An ATM art installation mocks wealthy Art Basel guests by ranking their bank balances on an arcade-like leaderboard

Art collective MSCHF have made an ATM which puts your bank balance and photo on a public leaderboard. One man in a pink t-shirt has had top place since Tuesday, with $2.9 million. The machine displays mocking animations, and jokes about Bitcoin and selling organs.
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Art Basel: ATM at culture fair displays users’ bank balances on a leaderboard

ATM Leaderboard is a working cash machine that publicly displays balances of anyone who uses it. Users are ranked in order of how much money they have, with photos captured by the ATM's camera. The ‘highest scorer’ on the leaderboard is someone who has a balance of $2.9M (£2.44m)
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Where to buy property in Miami, Florida

The Art Basel circus arrives in Miami next week for its 20th anniversary. Back in 2002, Miami was a cultural backwater, better known for sun-seeking retirees than a thriving art scene. Today, Miami has resident companies for ballet, performing arts, opera and orchestra, as well as a multitude of art galleries.
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BTS' RM talks about his love for art, says visual art helped him in staying calm on stage

The South Korean boy band BTS has been reaching new heights ever since its debut. The seven members of the band, RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook and V, have grown to global fame. In a recent interview with Marc Spiegler, the global director of Art Basel, an international art fair, RM got candid about his love for art.
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