Japan imposes new sanctions on Russia and Belarus; bans Russian gold imports

Japan extended its sanctions against Russia and its closest ally Belarus. Tokyo declared that it will suspend Russian gold imports as well as halt both countries' consultancy and accounting services in an effort to increase support for the war-torn nation. Japan and its allies have been implementing severe sanctions against Moscow and providing aid to Kyiv ever since Russia invaded Ukraine.
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Russia has promised its ally Belarus a delivery of nuclear- capable missiles in the coming months to take on an “aggressive” West. The Iskander-M missile has a range of 500 km and it can carry a payload of up to 700 kg. It is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads.
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2 days ago

Chess Olympiad so competitive now, says Boris Gelfand

Boris Gelfand spent ten days with the top 10 Indian players at a camp in Chennai in May. The 44th Chess Olympiad involving more than 180 countries begins in Mahabalipuram later this month. The 54-year-old took part in 11 iterations from 1990 to 2014, representing Soviet Union, Belarus and Israel in eight editions.
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3 days ago

Russia Claims Strategic Lysychansk & Entire Lugansk, Accuses Ukraine of...

Russia claims to have captured the strategic Ukrainian city of Lysychansk and the entire frontline Lugansk region. The capture would mark a decisive breakthrough for Moscow’s forces seeking control of the country’�s east. The development came as Belarus said it had intercepted missiles fired by Kyiv and Russia reported that Ukraine launched three cluster missiles at Belgorod, killing four people.
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3 days ago

Belarus extends military drills on Ukrainian border till July 9, says Ukrainian Army

Belarusian military conducting mobilisation drills near Volyn Province and Polissya regions. Drums were supposed to end on July 1 but have been extended for a week. Belarus has a 1,084 km long border with Ukraine. President Lukashenko has not officially admitted to supporting Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.
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4 days ago

Belarus' Lukashenko says Russia should be ready to use nuclear weapons to...

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko met with Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov in Minsk, Belarus. He said that Russia should be ready to deploy nuclear weapons to counter the Western nations' acts of global hegemony. Russia's foreign minister agreed that these types of nuclear drills are in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968.
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4 days ago

Vladimir Putin says Western sanctions pushing Russia-Belarus unification ahead

Western sanctions are only expediting the integration of Russia and Belarus, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 1. Western countries imposed a series of sanctions on both Moscow and Minsk, with Belarus accused of serving as a staging ground for Russia's incursion into northern Ukraine. His remarks come just days after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Belarusians not to let Putin drag their country into his war against Ukraine.
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5 days ago

Explained: What is the Iskander-M missile system Russia has promised to arm...

Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement as Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko arrived in Moscow. Putin said: “In the coming months, we will transfer to Belarus Iskander-M tactical missile systems, which can use ballistic or cruise missiles, in their conventional and nuclear versions. The missile has a range of 500 km and it can carry a payload of up to 700 kg.
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1 weeks ago

Russian President Putin announces to provide Iskander-M missile systems to Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Moscow will provide Iskander-M tactical missile systems to Belarus in the coming months. Putin made the announcement at the start of his talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday, 25 June. Putin said that the ballistic and cruise missile can be utilized in both standard and nuclear modifications.
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1 weeks ago

Putin promises Belarus Iskander-M missiles to counter “aggressive” West

Russia will supply Belarus with Iskander-M missile systems within a few months, Vladimir Putin says. Lukashenko asked Putin to help Belarus mount a “symmetrical response” to what he said were nuclear-armed flights by the U.S.-Led NATO alliance near Belarus's borders.
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1 weeks ago

After occupying key Ukraine city, Russia focuses shifts to Lysychansk

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow will be able to send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus within months. The capture of the industrial hub of Severodonetsk is an important strategic win for Moscow as it seeks to gain full control over the east of the country. The city has been the scene of weeks of running battles, but the Ukrainian army said Friday that its outgunned forces would withdraw to better defend the neighbouring city of Lysychansk.
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1 weeks ago

Russian Railway partly suspends cargo shipments moved by transit to Poland...

Russian Railways has partly suspended certain cargo shipments moved by transit through Belarus to Poland. About 30% of the entire amount of exports by rail are commodities that are subject to sanctions. Lithuanian railways have also restricted the transit of a number of goods from Russia's mainland to the Kaliningrad region owing to European sanctions. Poland has also completed the construction of a 140-km-long wall across the border with Belarus in an attempt to address the issues of refugees as well as security.
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1 weeks ago

Wimbledon 2022 Draw live streaming: When and where to watch event in India,...

Tennis fans in India can not watch the Wimbledon 2022 draw in TV, as the event won’t be telecasted in the country. World No. 1 Daniil Medvedev will miss out on the tournament due to a ban on players from Russia and Belarus. Rafael Nadal will return to the tournament for the first time since 2019, in a bid to extend his record of winning the most Grand Slam trophies.
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1 weeks ago

Russian Natela Dzalamidze Changes Nationality to Avoid Wimbledon Ban, Says Report

Russian tennis player Natela Dzalamidze has avoided a Wimbledon ban on all competitors from her country by changing her nationality to Georgian. The 29-year-old doubles player will compete in the women's doubles with Serbia’s Aleksandra Krunic when the tournament starts on June 27. The All England Club announced in April that players from Russia and Belarus would be barred from competing this year following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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2 weeks ago

Zelenskyy asks Ukrainian army to check readiness for re-invasion risk from...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has instructed the appropriate state bodies to check readiness for a possible re-invasion by Russian troops from Belarus in four regions in the war-torn nation. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said on the air of the program ‘The Great Lviv’ on Thursday.
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2 weeks ago

Russia calls on US to lift Belarus fertilizer embargo to tackle global...

Russia has called on the United States to work towards lifting sanctions on Belarusian fertilizers. If Washington really wants to improve the situation in the global agricultural market, let us cooperate, Russian diplomat Anatoly Antonov said. Antonov also claimed that while Western sanctions have exacerbated the food situation, the West has chosen to blame Russia for rising food and energy prices.
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2 weeks ago

Russian and Belarusian tennis players to be allowed to compete at US Open

The U.S. Open will allow tennis players from Russia and Belarus to compete this year despite the ongoing war in Ukraine. Wimbledon banned all Russians and Belarusians from its fields in April. Russian athletes have been prevented from taking part in many sports, including soccer's World Cup qualifying playoffs.
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3 weeks ago

US extends emergency measures against Belarus, cites threat to security &...

US President Joe Biden has extended the national emergency concerning Belarus beyond June 16, 2022, for another year. Biden has taken the action after he came across harmful activities of the Belarusian regime and long-standing abuses to suppress democracy and human rights in Belarus. The US administration has also imposed sanctions against Belarus after Russia launched its military offensive.
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3 weeks ago

Ukraine claims Belarus intends to increase its army size from 45,000 to 80,000 troops

Belarus plans to increase army size from 45,000 to 80,000 troops. Ukraine's General Staff of the Armed Forces said Belarus is still threatening Ukraine with missiles and airstrikes from Belarusian territory. Belarus has also installed Iskander-M anti-gun complexes, as well as C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, according to the update.
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4 weeks ago

Lithuania President Nauseda objects to Ukrainian grain passing via Belarus...

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda says Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has shown he is in the same boat as Vladimir Putin in this vile aggression. He said that there is a need to look for other alternatives as Belarus has been supporting Russia's unjustified attack on Ukraine. Nausesa said that he did not see the prospect of resuming Belarusian fertilizers transit through Lithuania.
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