'You obviously need it': Internet reacts as Joe Biden asks if he needs annual physical

Joe Biden jokingly rejected his health concerns after a reporter asked him about the date of his annual physical. Biden clarified that he had apparently gotten part of his physical checkup already out of the way. People have been debating on social media platforms whether he is fit to rule or not.
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5 days ago

What Is COP27? - The New York Times

This is the 27th time countries have gathered under the convention — hence, COP27. Wealthy countries want to focus on ways to help developing nations phase out fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy. More than 35,000 delegates are expected to attend the event, including President Biden and more than 100 heads of state.
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4 weeks ago

Russia halts Ukraine Black Sea grain exports, Biden outraged

Russia suspends participation in a U.N.-Brokered black sea grain deal. The deal allows shipments of grain from Ukraine, one of the world's largest exporters, that the Russian invasion had halted.
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1 months ago

Biden seeks Elon Musk's Starlink satellite help to restore internet in Iran: Report

The white house has engaged in discussions with the president about the possibility of setting up spaceX’s satellite internet service Starlink inside Iran. The media report came nearly a week after it revealed how Musk declined to fund the connectivity services in Ukraine.
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1 months ago

How Biden is expanding tech ban on China’s quantum computing & AI

The biden administration is exploring the possibility of new export controls. If implemented, the efforts would follow separate restrictions aimed at stunting Beijing’s ability to deploy cutting-edge semiconductors. The sweeping regulations released earlier this month also limited how US citizens and residents participate in Chinese tech firms.
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1 months ago

Nets' Kyrie Irving tells Biden to get Brittney Griner home: 'POTUS, do your job'

WNBA star is still incarcerated in Russia after being arrested for having vape canisters with cannabis oil insider her luggage while traveling through an airport near Moscow in february. She released a message on her 32nd birthday on thursday.
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1 months ago

The US Has a 100% Chance of Recession Within 12 Months, Model Shows

There's now a 100% chance the US economy will enter recession within a year, Bloomberg Economics said. Its forecast comes as tight monetary policy, inflation and growing geopolitical tensions squeeze the economy. The Biden administration has played down the gloomy warnings ahead of midterm elections in November.
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1 months ago

Biden to Release More Oil From US Reserves to Cool Gas Prices: Report

The announcement of the drawdown from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is expected this week. It would mark the last release from the biden administration's plan to draw down 180 million barrels from the SPR, announced earlier this year. The white house did not like $4 a gallon gas, and it has signaled that it will take action to prevent that again.
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1 months ago

US waives export curbs for some non-Chinese chipmakers

South Korea’s SK Hynix confirms it has received permission to obtain equipment for chip production facilities in China. The Biden administration had planned to spare foreign companies operating in China from the brunt of new restrictions, but the rules published on Friday failed to exempt such firms.
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1 months ago

Oil skids for third day as recession concerns rattle global markets

Oil drops for a third day on escalating concerns about a global slowdown. President says a recession is possible. The stronger US dollar is adding to bearish headwinds for oil.
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1 months ago

Biden re-evaluating U.S

OPEC+ announced last week that it would cut oil production. He's willing to work with congress on the future of relations, he said.
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1 months ago

Saudi cabinet emphasises 'pivotal role' of OPEC+ in oil market balance

The OPEC+ producer group cut oil production despite opposition. The decision has further strained already tense relations between president Biden's white house and Saudi Arabia's royal family.
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1 months ago

Biden's 'she was 12, I was 30' remark leaves internet bemused; 'What was the context?'

The video of Biden's remarks at the event went viral on the internet. Netizens took to the comments section to react to the remarks. He said that the us is at an inflection point.
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2 months ago

Biden signs official condolence book for Queen; avers 'her legacy will loom large' in UK

Tens of thousands of police, hundreds of British military soldiers, and an army of authorities have been making final preparations for the queen's royal funeral. The president and first lady paid their respects to the queen while visiting her casket lying in state on Sunday, September 18.
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2 months ago

Will join Russia oil cap coalition when alternative supply is ensured: Govt

India will consider backing price cap on Russian crude oil proposed by US only when it will be assured of supplies from and Iran. As India imports 85 per cent of its crude demand, high oil prices hits the nation's economy. Joe Biden-led US administration has invited India to join coalition of Russia's oil price cap.
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2 months ago

US President Biden signs major climate change and health care law

US President on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping bill to lower costs and address climate change. The Inflation Reduction Act was passed by both the House and Senate along partisan lines. The bill includes some of Biden's key campaign promises and makes the largest investment in federal climate programs in history.
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3 months ago

Biden, Democrats plan grand celebration next month of Inflation Reduction Act - The Washington Post

On June 22, the Justice Department subpoenaed security footage from Mar-a-Lago, including near the storage room. Trump’s team turned it over, and three days before that subpoena, two of his allies were tapped as authorized consumers of the records. Trump had declassified all of the documents in advance.
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3 months ago

Biden: Future is 'Made in America', says Joe Biden after signing $280 billion Chips & Science Act

The Chips and Science Act is theadministration's bet to incentivise chipmakers to build fabs in the US. It's a once-in-a-generation law that invests inby supercharging our efforts to make semiconductors here at home, Biden said in a tweet.
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3 months ago

US President Joe Biden Again Tests Positive for Covid But 'Without Symptoms', Returns to Isolation

Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 for a second time and is returning to isolation. The White House doctor says the result represents ‘rebound’ positivity from treatment the US president received. Biden tweeted that he is going to isolate for the safety of everyone around him. Biden canceled planned trips to Delaware and Michigan.
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4 months ago

Wikipedia: Why Elon Musk is 'unhappy' with Wikipedia

Wikipedia blocked users from revising its recession page after visitors engaged in a frantic editing war over the definition of the term, which is being disputed by the Biden administration following the latest economic data showing a drop in GDP. The site included a lock icon in the upper right corner indicating that it was placed in semi-protection mode.
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4 months ago

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