Prince William's godmother resigns from Buckingham Palace over racism row, Prince of Wales' team REACTS

Lady Susan Hussey resigned from her post hours after Ngozi Fulani tweeted about her experience visiting the Palace on Tuesday. Fulani alleged she was repeatedly asked by a palace household member identified only as Lady SH where she really came from. Hussey is reportedly one of Prince William's godmothers.
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2 days ago

David Hockney grabs eyeballs with his yellow crocs at Buckingham Palace luncheon; King Charles approves

King Charles recently hosted a lunch event for the members of the Order of the Merit at Buckingham Palace. David Hockney opted for a rather unusual sartorial pick at the event. The 85-year-old British artist opted for bright yellow Crocs, matching with his yellow glasses, to add an experimental appeal to his look.
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1 weeks ago

King Charles allows royal protocol to be broken during Buckingham Palace meeting – details

King Charles allows royal protocol to be broken during Buckingham Palace meeting. King Charles hosted lunch for members of the Order of the Merit. Artist David Hockney wore bright yellow crocs to the event in a wheelchair. Charles complimented the bold choice of footwear, saying it was 'beautifully chosen'
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1 weeks ago

Pic of Queen Elizabeth's handwritten letter to Prince William goes viral

The post was shared by the Royal Household Mail on twitter. It featured a handwritten letter by queen Elizabeth II to the young prince William. The post featured the stamp of Buckingham Palace and was sent along with an advent calendar.
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1 months ago

Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle of Scotland may remain empty in wake of the Queen’s death

The palace undergoing massive renovation project could last as long as 2027 at an estimated cost upwards of £369 million. The couple would remain at Clarence House — a short walk from the Palace along The Mall and may chose to continue their stay.
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1 months ago

Both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle Remain Empty in the Wake of the Queen’s Death

Marie Claire newsletter Celebrity news, beauty, fashion advice, and fascinating features delivered straight to your inbox. You agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are currently empty. No royals plan to move into either in the imminent future.
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1 months ago

King Charles III may 'never live' at Buckingham Palace with Camilla

The palace in the 1800s has been the official residence of the British royals. Even the late queen Elizabeth II lived during her reign, up until she relocated to Windsor Castle during the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple would remain at Clarence House — a short walk from the Palace along The Mall.
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1 months ago

41-year-old slice of cake from King Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding sells for £170 at auction

The 41-year-old cake slice is believed to be from the bottom layer of the five-tier fruit cake. The cake box includes the Prince of Wales’ insignia, the initials C and D in calligraphy and ‘Buckingham Palace 29th July 1981’ written on the bottom of the box.
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1 months ago

Why Queen Elizabeth II’s Bees Were Told That Charles Is King

The 79-year-old told the insects about the transition of power on friday. He tied a black ribbon and bow around each hive, two at Clarence House and five at Buckingham Palace. The tradition dates back centuries and spawned the phrase "tell it to the bees"
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2 months ago

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton move house again after the Queen's death?

Princes and duchess of Cambridge moved to Windsor to be closer to the queen. Princes will have to decide whether to use Buckingham Palace as their primary residence or Windsor Castle.
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2 months ago

Queen Elizabeth's royal duties reduced due to health concerns: Report

The 96-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was reportedly released from some of her duties due to health concerns. Buckingham Palace has edited specific events such as the State Opening of Parliament that were earlier deemed necessary by constitutional convention. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge now undertakes overseas visits as the Queen’s representative.
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5 months ago