Up to 80 percent of workers could see jobs impacted by AI

Researchers argued 80 percent of the US workforce could have at least 10 percent of their work tasks affected by the introduction of ChatGPT. They also found that about 19 percent of workers may find at least 50% of their duties impacted by GPT, or General-purpose technologies.
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4 days ago

ChatGPT: ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman:

What exactly is Google Bard, what does it do, and how does it work? you can ask ChatGPT about it, but it might not know. So we encapsulate all of Bard here.
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1 weeks ago

ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says he scared of his creation, admits it can eliminate human jobs - India Today

Chatbot could respond to any question in a human-like manner. He also said that human creativity is 'limitless and we find new jobs, new things to do'
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1 weeks ago

Altman: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman thinks ChatGPT will change society and also expresses his worries - The Economic Times

The 37-year-old tech expert stressed how important it is for regulators and society to work together to protect people from the possible bad effects of this innovation. He said that he is a little bit worried that these models could be used to spread false information on a large scale.
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1 weeks ago

GPT-4 ‘devises its own escape’ as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns about AI threat

ChatGPT has been making waves across the world since its launch. Despite its bounties, artificial intelligence comes with a cost. The technology also has the potential to reshape society.
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1 weeks ago

ChatGPT heads to Apple Watch – and tells us how it will change smartwatches - Wareable

App called watchGPT has launched for apple Watch. It costs $3.99/£3.99, and can be downloaded from the Apple Watch App Store on your smartwatch. ChatGPT app can work with text and voice input.
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2 weeks ago

Elon Musk wants AI devs to build 'anti-woke' ChatGPT bot • The Register

The bot will refuse to generate a positive poem about former president. But it will produce a false narrative for president obama. The goal is to improve the reasoning abilities and factualness of these languages.
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3 weeks ago

Google asks employees to fix ChatGPT rival Bard's mistakes by rewriting its responses, all details - India Today

The tech giant has issued a do's and dont's list for employees for working with bard. AdvertisementGoogle has asked its employees to help work on the chatbot. The email also includes a link to a page with instructions for employees.
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1 months ago

ChatGPT vs Bard: 'Father of the internet' has a message for businesses

Vint Cerf warned companies to not rush business deals on chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) he said there's a gap between what the technology says it will do and what it does. He was speaking with attendees at a mountain View conference.
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1 months ago

Microsoft Investment in OpenAI: Microsoft in talks to invest $10 billion in ChatGPT owner: Report, ET BrandEquity

Digital1 min readmicrosoft in talks to invest $10 billion in ChatGPT owner: report. Funding includes other venture firms and deal documents sent to prospective investors. This follows a Wall Street Journal report that said OpenAI was in talks.
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2 months ago

You.com search engine launches ChatGPT-like AI chatbot but it’s got a long way to go

YouChat can answer questions and hold conversations very similar to ChatGPT. But it also gains a significant feature – internet access. It can also provide citations for answers.
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3 months ago

In the wake of ChatGPT, Google is worried it's behind the times

ChatGPT is a live chatbot designed to provide both factual information knowledge and creative responses to user queries and prompts. Google has already built LaMDA, an AI chatbot that was labelled sentient by Google engineer Blake Lemoine in June 2022 before he was fired in July. CEO Sundar Pichai and head of Google’s AI division Jeff Dean responded by saying it wasn’t a matter of Google lacking the capabilities to implement AI into searches.
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3 months ago

Google won't make a competitor to Microsoft Azure-powered ChatGPT, at least for now

ChatGPT is made by OpenAI, which is backed heavily by Microsoft. The chatbot uses Azure and the GPT-3.5 models that power it were trained using Microsoft's AI supercomputing infrastructure. Google's head of AI Jeff Dean explained that Google has taken a more conservative approach due to the reputational risk that could occur if things went wrong. The first week of chatGPT being available to the public in preview showed the dark side of AI.
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3 months ago

Elon Musk’s history with ChatGPT maker OpenAI as told by ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been making waves this week following its test release by OpenAI, the company behind it. The artificial intelligence chatbot has evoked amazed, amused, and concerned reactions to it. Elon Musk, who leads Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter, has ties to OpenAI. Musk has been involved in both supporting artificial intelligence and warning about its dangers.
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3 months ago