Hacker offers to sell stolen records of 1bn China’s citizens

A hacker has claimed to have procured a trove of personal information from the Shanghai police on one billion Chinese citizens. The anonymous internet user, identified as ChinaDan, posted on hacker forum Breach Forums last week offering to sell the more than 23 terabytes of data for 10 bitcoin, equivalent to about $200,000. Tech experts say, if true, would be one of the biggest data breaches in history.
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12 bodies recovered from Chinese shipwreck off Hong Kong

Rescue teams are searching for missing crew members from a Chinese engineering ship that sank over the weekend. The China-registered floating crane was involved in building several offshore wind farms. It had been sheltering from tropical storm Chaba, but dragged its anchor and the anchor chain then broke. The vessel snapped into two and sank Saturday during the storm.
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China retrieves dozen bodies after typhoon Chaba sinks ship

Chinese search and rescue officials pull 12 bodies from waters southwest of Hong Kong. Engineering vessel snapped in two as tropical storm Chaba passed through. Four of its crew were rescued by Monday, although rescue officials in the global financial hub had warned the previous day that ‘very slim” chances remained of finding others alive.
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North Korea blames ‘alien things’ for Covid-19 outbreak in country

North Korea reports first Covid-19 outbreak of coronavirus since April. Two residents infected with virus after touching unclassified objects near border with South Korea. South Korean authorities deny there is ‘no possibility’ of virus transmission through leaflets. North Korea has been grappling with an overease in its freight train operations with China.
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China downgrades Typhoon Chaba but heavy rain to fall in several provinces

Typhoon Chaba weakened into a tropical depression, but it is still expected to bring heavy rain in the central and eastern part of China over the next few days as it moves northward. Forecasters predict heavy rain and some strong winds in Guangdong province, the Guangxi region, and Jiangxi, Hubei.
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Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12S Ultra launch Live updates: Livestream timings,...

Xiaomi is hosting a global event in China where its new Xiaomi 12S series with the new Leica-branded camera will be showcased. Xiaomi’s 12S livestream starts at 4.30 pm IST, but a global link for the livestream is also available. The top-end 12S Ultra will come with a new sensor co-developed with Sony which is one-inch in size.
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China’s Tianwen-1 orbiter has mapped the entire surface of Mars

China's Tianwen-1 probe has completed its targeted scientific exploration missions. The probe has circled the red planet over 1,344 times and acquired medium-resolution image data that covers the whole globe of Mars. It touched at its landing area in the vast Martian plain of Utopia Planitia on May 15 last year, marking the first time China landed a probe on the planet.
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US ban on imports from Xinjiang disrupts China's supply chain

The Uighur Forced Labour Prevention Act was signed into law in December. US Customs and Border Protection began enforcing the act on 21 June. All goods from Xinjiang, where Chinese authorities established detention camps for Uighurs and other Muslim groups, are made with forced labour and barred from import unless it can be proven otherwise.
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Despite language barrier, Chinese universities make huge gains in global...

China has been steadily climbing the world university rankings over the past decade. China has increased its tally in the global top-500 list from 16 universities in 2012 to 26 in 2022. For the first time, China is home to two of the world’s top 15 universities — Peking University (12th rank) and Tsinghua University (14th rank).
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India's Tejas is Malaysia's ‘top choice’ to replace ageing MiG-29s: HAL chief

Malaysia is looking to replace its ageing fleet of MiG-29 combat aircraft. Tejas, India's own single-engine fighter jet, has emerged as the ‘top choice’ for Malaysia. Malaysia also looked at China's JF-17, South Korea's FA-50, as well as Russia's Mi-35 and Yak-130.
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New Zealand PM says 'diplomacy & dialogue' only ways to avert China's...

Jacinda Ardern suggested the countries learn a lesson of diplomacy and dialogue in order to avert any possible action by China on its neighbouring country, Taiwan. The statement came on Friday while outlining her foreign policy approach to a policy think tank Chatham House in London. She failed to answer what her country would do if diplomacy failed to prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
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China Covid outbreaks widen as mass testing finds more cases

China reported 380 cases on Sunday, following 385 on Saturday. Infections have surged in recent days after holding below 50 for most of the previous two weeks. President Xi Jinping reaffirmed the importance of sticking with the Covid-Zero policy. China seems to have brought earlier outbreaks in mega cities Shanghai and Beijing under control.
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China state museum opens in Hong Kong amid patriotism drive

China's famed Palace Museum began displaying artifacts in Hong Kong on Sunday. Works of calligraphy and paintings on silk dating back more than 1,000 years feature heavily in the exhibition. The delicate artworks will be returned to Beijing for safekeeping after 30 days. China's Communist Party leaders want the exhibition's cultural and political impact to linger for far longer.
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Chinese Father Who Taught Son Maths Breaks Down After he Scores 6 out of 100

A father in China was left wiping his tears after his son scored 6 out of 100 marks in his Maths exam. The father's reaction was captured in a video that went viral after being shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo. It was learned that the father hails from Henan in the Zhengzhou city of China and had been teaching his kid every day for the past one year.
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Tesla’s Q2 sales drop amid problems of supply chain, COVID-19 pandemic

Tesla’s sales from April through June 2022 fell to their lowest quarterly level since last fall as supply chain issues and pandemic restrictions in China hobbled production of its electric vehicles. The last time Tesla sold fewer vehicles globally was in the third quarter of 2021 when it delivered 241,000. The rest of the industry reported a 21% drop in sales during the second quarter as the average price for vehicles skyrocketed to a record of $45,844.
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China: 27 missing after crane vessel sinks tackling typhoon Chaba in...

At least 27 people were reported missing after a massive vessel with an engineering crane was dismantled and sank off the coast of south China on Saturday. Maritime search and rescue workers of Guangdong Province were able to retrieve 3 people from drowning in the water. The 30-member crew abandoned the vessel, largely hindering efforts to locate and rescue them. This came as the gale from typhoon Chaba reached 68 miles per hour.
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China’s top diplomat visits Myanmar amid opposition protest

Foreign Minister Wang Yi will join counterparts from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in a meeting of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation group. The grouping is a Chinese-led initiative that includes the countries of the Mekong Delta, a potential source of regional tensions due to an increasing number of hydroelectric projects that are altering the flow and raising concerns of ecological damage.
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TikTok is not handing over American users' data to China: CEO

TikTok sought to reassure US senators this week that it is taking all necessary steps to limit access to users' data from outside the United States. The social media company responded by letter Thursday to questions from nine Republican US senators about its data storage and access policies. The letter was initially published by the New York Times, but TikTok has since confirmed its content to AFP.
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China to loosen entry restrictions on US citizens, transit via 3rd country...

China will loosen entry restrictions on US citizens, allowing entrance in case of transit via third country. US citizens with valid negative Covid test results looking to enter China may now apply for and receive a green health code for travel in from either the United States or a third country. The changes follow a similar slight relaxation of Covid testing rules for people arriving in China from countries including the U.S.
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After two pandemic years, a summer travel bounce — and chaos

A full recovery could take as long as the catastrophe itself, projections suggest. Some locales, such as the French Riviera and the American Midwest, are contributing to the climb more than others. China was the world’s leading source of tourists and their spending before the pandemic.
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