David Hockney shows men the art of snappy dressing

King Charles held a lunch last week for recipients of the Order of Merit. The order has only 24 members at one time, which I didn't know. The King espied David Hockney in a lovely light checked suit and bright yellow Crocs. “Your yellow galoshes!” he cried. “Beautifully chosen.”
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1 weeks ago

David Hockney grabs eyeballs with his yellow crocs at Buckingham Palace luncheon; King Charles approves

King Charles recently hosted a lunch event for the members of the Order of the Merit at Buckingham Palace. David Hockney opted for a rather unusual sartorial pick at the event. The 85-year-old British artist opted for bright yellow Crocs, matching with his yellow glasses, to add an experimental appeal to his look.
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1 weeks ago

‘Beautifully chosen’: David Hockney’s yellow Crocs impress King Charles

David Hockney joined the Crocerati, a band of wearers that includes Justin Bieber, rapper Post Malone and actor Adam Sandler. Crocs began life as outdoor shoes but were quickly adopted by blue-collar industries, notably kitchen staff and nurses. Sales of Crocs have soared in the past five years, reaching almost $1bn (£827m)
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1 weeks ago

King Charles allows royal protocol to be broken during Buckingham Palace meeting – details

King Charles allows royal protocol to be broken during Buckingham Palace meeting. King Charles hosted lunch for members of the Order of the Merit. Artist David Hockney wore bright yellow crocs to the event in a wheelchair. Charles complimented the bold choice of footwear, saying it was 'beautifully chosen'
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1 weeks ago

Drake Pours Millions to Salvage Historic Avant-Garde Carnival

An avant-garde art carnival melded amusement park rides with public art by the likes of Salvador Dalí, David Hockney, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat will soon be rebooted in Los Angeles. Luna Luna is being granted an unlikely second life by Drake, along with his arts and entertainment company DreamCrew.
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1 weeks ago

British artist David Hockney at 85

David Hockney has been exploring digital tools for his art for years. He works with fax machines, colour copiers and uses his iPhone as a sketchbook. In 2018, the artist created a stained-glass window for Westminster abbey, designing it on his iPad. His most recent creation has been an image of the singer Harry Styles.
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4 months ago