On September 26, NASA's DART Mission to collide with an asteroid

The double asteroid redirection test (DART) mission is nearing the end of its life. It will travel at a speed of 24,000 kilometres per hour as it collides with the Didymos binary asteroid system. The spacecraft has travelled along a celestial path under Jupiter’s supervision.
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2 days ago

DJ Khaled Taps Kanye West & Eminem On Dr

The release of DJ Khaled's God Did offers a glimpse into their collaborative efforts with the remix of Use This Gospel. He enlists the aid of Eminem who carries the majority of the record on his shoulders.
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4 weeks ago

Stream DJ Khaled’s New Album ‘God Did’ f/ Jay-Z, Drake, Kanye and More

DJ Khaled’s 13th studio album God Did has finally arrived. Laced with features from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake (twice), Lil Baby (also twice), SZA, Lil Wayne, Eminem, 21 Savage.
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4 weeks ago

Didi’s digital payments unit fined by China’s central bank

Didi's digital payments unit fined by China’s central bank. Unit was fined for violations that included transactions not meeting the requirements for traceability and authenticity, and failure to report significant risk events in a timely manner. Didi has struggled to bring its business back to normal after angering Chinese regulators by pushing ahead with its $4.4 billion New York listing.
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2 months ago

Kumkum Bhagya, 7th July 2022, Written Update: Aaliya plans to send Prachi away

In today’s episode, Aaliya thinks that she will make a plan so that Dida will tell Prachi to leave the house. Pallavi tells her not to worry as she has told Dida to send Prachi away. Rhea tells Pallavi that she knows Pallavi has started liking Prachi and tells that no one cares about her baby.
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2 months ago

Kumkum Bhagya, 5th July 2022, Written Update: Prachi plans Pallavi’s birthday party

In today's episode, Pallavi asks Ranbir to go back to the room as Rhea might need something and he goes. Dida tells that she wants to celebrate Prachi’s pregnancy so she will make laddoos for her. Sahana comes and gets shocked knowing that Dida knows the truth.
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2 months ago