8 Shows That Are Returning To Netflix With Season 3 This Year

Netflix India has announced the upcoming seasons of five desi shows. A whole lot of twists, crime, drama and shway shway is coming our way. The last season ended with Dimple being disqualified from the list.
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1 weeks ago

Delhi Crime S3 to Mismatched S3, Netflix confirms return of 6 India originals - India Today

Series includes she and the Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. Adapted from the book When Dimple met Rishi is popular among Gen Z.
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3 weeks ago

Anupamaa: Anuj gives a reality check to Anupama

Anuj asks Pakhi if she really wants to make a fool out of her marriage and herself by creating this drama unnecessarily. He suggests her to clear things out before they get worse and she agrees. She gets angry at Adhik yet again when she sees him conversing with Dimple. Anuj says even he’s related to her and since it was a lot on their plate, he wanted to talk to her. She points out how Vanraj didn’t take it in a good way.
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3 months ago

Anupamaa: Manan tries to kidnap Anupama and Dimple; former receives a shocker

Mr. Mehta and Manan burst crackers to disrupt the protest. They kidnap Anupama and Dimple and threaten them to withdraw the case. They are shocked to find out that they accidentally kidnapped Piya and Manan's mother. Piya tells him to realise his mistake and surrender.
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3 months ago

Anupamaa: Baa warns Anupama to back off from the case; Latter gets attacked

Anupama fearlessly continues to battle for Dimple's rights but Baa asks her to stop as they are getting threats. Baa says they can't risk their family's lives for this and asks what if Arya (Pari) is kidnapped. Anuj receives a call from the inspector who informs him that one of the culprits has been caught. Kavya and Kinjal protest that the goons won't stop until they are caught.
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4 months ago

Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani wedding in April; Sid says difficult to keep marriage plans secret

Rumours are rife that Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani will tie the knot next year in April. 'Vikram' and 'Dimple' of Shershah will go for a registered marriage in April 2023. It is believed that the marriage will be held in the presence of family and relatives in Delhi.
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5 months ago