Plan to cap gas price in EU slammed as ‘joke’ by ministers – DW – 11/24/2022

EU energy ministers widely panned a cap proposal cooked up by the European Commission. Spain, France, Poland, Greece, and Greece slam the proposal as a joke. Czech energy minister Jozef Sikela says the 27 member states agreed in principle on a joint gas purchasing platform for next year and the acceleration of permits for renewables.
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EEX sees EU plans for gas price cap as threat to supply security

European Commission plans to propose a cap on natural gas prices after Nov. 24 may pose major risks to financial stability and supply security, EEX says. European Union has been struggling to contain soaring energy prices due to a drop in Russian gas supplies following the Ukraine crisis. The European Commission has been trying to work with energy ministers to find ways to tackle the price inflation.
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4 days ago

Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision bid faces EU antitrust probe

EU regulators open full-scale investigation into Microsoft's $69 billion bid for Activision Blizzard. European Commission: Deal may significantly reduce competition on the markets for the distribution of console and PC video games, including multigame subscription services and/or cloud game streaming services. Microsoft is betting Activision’s stable of games will help it compete with Tencent and Sony.
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2 weeks ago

French Senate urges Commission to focus on medicine prices –

The European Commission must work towards ensuring that the price of medicines is no longer an obstacle for EU citizens, the French Senate's European Affairs Committee said about the EU’s pharmaceutical strategy on Thursday. “Access to medicines for all European citizens” is the priority, the committee said. The report recommends that the European Commission starts setting up guidelines to define fair and equitable prices.
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1 months ago

European Commission warns almost half of EU territory 'at risk' of drought

Researchers at the European Commission have warned that nearly half of the bloc's territory is at 'risk of drought' The analysis of the impact of prolonged drought in the EU shows that a staggering portion of Europe is exposed to warning and alert drought levels. The European Commission has underscored that the Po River basin in Italy has been facing the highest level of drought severity.
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4 months ago

Nearly half of EU territory 'at risk' of drought

46 percent of the EU's territory is at risk of drought, with 11 percent at an alert level. The European Commission's Joint Research Centre said that crops are already suffering from the lack of water. The report was published by the European Commission in July. It comes as southwest Europe wilted under a punishing heatwave.
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4 months ago

EU's latest set of sanctions to ban Russian gold but exclude jewellery: Report

The European Commission announced intentions to forbid the import of Russian gold on July 15. However according to media reports jewellery will not initially be included on the list of commodities to be banned. The document does not include gold jewellery such as gold chains or gold rings. About 90% of Russia's gold exports in 2019 went to UK.
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4 months ago

Russia's missile strikes on Ukrainian city Dnipro leave 3 dead, 15 injured

Russian missiles launched on July 15 in the evening resulted in blasts in Dnipro and Kremenchuk. At least three people were killed and 15 wounded in the attack. Ukrainian defence minister claimed that Ukraine experienced the greatest civilian casualties in the month of May. The European Commission has proposed fresh sanctions against Russia.
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4 months ago

European Commission proposes next sanctions package; ban on Russian gold part of decisions

The European Commission has announced its proposal for new measures against Russia in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. The EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen underscored that the Russian war against Ukraine continues unabated. The new sanctions will bolster the reporting requirements to strengthen the bloc's asset freezes.
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4 months ago

EU takes Hungary to highest court over LGBTQ, media rules

EU had already tried for a year to make Hungary change a law that bans content portraying or promoting homosexuality. Hungary’s right-wing governing party last year banned the depiction of homosexuality or sex reassignment in media targeting minors. The European Commission said it “discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity”
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4 months ago

EU to sue Hungary over LGBTQ rights, cancellation of broadcast license of radio station

Hungary is being sued by the European Commission at the European Court of Justice to overturn a law that limits access to information on LGBTQ issues. The Commission and Viktor Orban, the conservative prime minister of Hungary, have been at odds for a long time over allegations that his administration misappropriated EU funds and imposed limits on human rights.
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4 months ago

Amazon is reducing its private-label items

Amazon has started reducing the number of items it sells under its own brands amid weak sales. The company has also discussed the possibility of exiting the private-label business entirely to alleviate regulatory pressure. The European Commission in 2020 charged Amazon with using its size, power and data to push its own products.
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4 months ago

Lithuania announces to allow transit of sanctioned Russian goods towards Kaliningrad

Lithuania's Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that it would permit goods from Russia that have been sanctioned to pass through its territory on their route to the Russian Kaliningrad exclave. This came when Lithuania has been reversing its policy following new guidelines from the European Commission. This followed weeks of tension among Russia, European Union member Lithuania and the EU that tested Europe’s resolve to enforce sanctions against Moscow.
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4 months ago

EU allows movement of some essential sanctioned Russian goods to Kaliningrad via rail

The European Commission has allowed the movement of certain sanctioned goods deemed essential such as iron and steel, cement and wood, coal and crude oil. These items can be transited through the bloc between Russia and its Kaliningrad exclave. The EU has been imposing a series of sanctions on Moscow and its allies since the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine on February 24 this year.
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4 months ago

'Solidarity lanes' fail to export Ukrainian grain to Africa & countries in need, says EU

European Commission said that the agricultural produce which was supposed to reach the African countries through Ukraine-EU ‘solidarity lanes’ got stuck in the nearby EU countries. Despite increased exports, the whole structure of exports has changed with barely any wheat reaching the final destination from Ukraine. This is the third month of the initiative taken by the EU to transport Ukrainian grain-- mainly wheat to Africa and some other countries-- which are totally dependent on Ukrainian crops.
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4 months ago

Jaishankar holds 'good meeting' with EU VP Josep Borrell; discusses Russia-Ukraine war

External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar held bilateral talks with European Commission Vice President Josep Borrell. Both leaders “recognised’s progress in EU-India bilateral engagement such as the Free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations and they “agreed to remain in touch”
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4 months ago

Explained: Why is Europe worried about running out of natural gas?

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has warned that countries and industries need to be ready in case Russia completely cuts off already limited natural gas supplies. Fears are growing that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea will not restart after a scheduled maintenance shutdown later this month. Russia has already reduced gas supplies to a dozen EU countries, including Germany, the 27-country bloc's biggest economy.
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4 months ago

EU lawmakers back natural gas, nuclear energy as sustainable activities

European Commission earlier this year made the controversial proposal as part of its plans for building a climate-friendly future, dividing member countries and drawing outcry from environmentalists as greenwashing. EU legislators rejected an objection to the proposal in a 328-278 vote. The green labeling system defines what qualifies as an investment in sustainable energy.
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4 months ago

Amazon forced to make it easier to cancel Prime subscriptions in Europe

The European Commission has forced Amazon to simplify the process of canceling Prime membership for customers in the region. The platform will enable European consumers to unsubscribe from with just two clicks, using a prominent and clear cancel button. Previously, to cancel their subscription, consumers had to scroll through multiple pages containing distracting information and unclear button labels.
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4 months ago

EU chief says candidate status to ramp up reconstruction of Ukraine in post-war phase

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Ukraine's candidate status in the EU can speed up the war-torn nation’s reconstruction process in the recovery phase after the conflict with Russia ends. Europe has a “special responsibility and a strategic interest” to be alongside Ukraine, she said.
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