Paralympic medallist John McFall selected as world's first 'parastronaut' by ESA

The European Space Agency has announced its new class of space travellers that includes the world’s first 'parastronaut' John McFall is one of the 17 astronauts who have been selected among 22,523 applicants from all across Europe. The new astronaut batch includes eight women and all the candidates including McFall (41) will undergo training under a feasibility programme to see if they are capable of space travel.
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2 days ago

Diversity in space: Europe space agency to unveil recruits - The Washington Post

The European Space Agency is unveiling its newest astronaut recruits Wednesday. Over 22,000 applicants came forward in the hiring push announced February of last year by Europe’s answer to NASA. The hiring campaign didn’t specifically address ethnic diversity, but stressed the importance of “representing all parts of our society”
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4 days ago

This scary sound is coming from Earth’s magnetic field - India Today

The magnetic field can be thought of as a huge bubble, protecting us from cosmic radiation and charged particles that bombard Earth in solar winds. The European Space Agency has been trying to unravel the secrets of Earth’s magnetic field using a trio of Swarm satellites launched in 2013.
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3 weeks ago

Nasa: Nasa to laser mark graffiti on Martian rocks to identify rock samples

Nasa's Perseverance rover is currently collecting Martian samples from the Jezero crater for future return to Earth. The samples will be brought to Earth, perhaps as early as 2031, by a joint Nasa-European Space Agency mission campaign. The first alphabet to be engraved was 'L'
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4 months ago

Here are the James Webb Space Telescope’s first targets

On July 12, NASA will release the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope. The images will be released during NASA’s live broadcast starting at 8 PM. The targets for the initial wave of full-colour scientific images and spectroscopic data was selected by an international committee of representatives from NASA, the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency and the Space Telescope Science Institute.
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4 months ago

Space news weekly recap: Swimming robots in space, China maps Mars and much more

China's Tianwen-1 orbiter has mapped the whole of Mars' surface. The China National Space Administration said it is already sharing data with NASA and the European Space Agency. NASA lost contact with the CAPSTONE spacecraft shortly after it left Earth’s orbit to head for the lunar orbit.
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4 months ago

No, The Riskiest Asteroid Won't Collide With Earth In 2052; Details Inside

Asteroid with real chance of striking Earth on April 2, 2052, has been removed from the dangerous category. The European Space Agency’s asteroid team working with experts at the European Southern Observatory has officially removed – 2021 QM1 – from their asteroid risk list. The new observations refined the path of the asteroid, and the glare of the sun made it impossible to watch.
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4 months ago

Nail-biting research rules out 2052 asteroid impact on Earth

Asteroid dubbed ‘2021 QM1’ was at the top of risk lists around the globe. There was a real chance of the space rock impacting Earth on April 2, 2052. The European Space Agency’s asteroid team working with experts at the European Southern Observatory have removed the asteroid from the risk list.
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4 months ago