This tweet about tiny stone miniatures became a thread on obscure stone...

Madeline Odent, who goes by the Twitter handle @oldenoughtosay, shared pictures from her trip to The Rock Garden in Calhoun in Georgia, Georgia. Earlier this week, an innocuous tweet on a rock garden in the US became a wholesome thread on artificial stone miniatures around the world.
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2 days ago

US witnesses surge in gun violence; reports over 292 mass shootings in 2022

Gun Violence Archive catalogues every incident of gun violence in the US. At least seven people have been killed and 46 injured in a mass shooting in Blakely, Georgia. Gun violence is a severe problem in the United States, with regular cases of sporadic shooting incidents. In the US, the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right protected by the Second Amendment.
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3 days ago

Street dog in Georgia helps children cross the road

The street dog named Kupata lives in Batumi city of Georgia and has more than 37,000 followers on Instagram. In many videos, the dog is seen helping people cross the road as it runs up and down the zebra crossing and barks if any car comes close. The dog has also featured in murals where it is seen holding the Georgian flag.
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4 days ago

EU grants Ukraine candidate status, ‘beginning a long journey together’

EU leaders grant Ukraine the coveted status of official candidate to join their 27-nation club. The move is a symbol of the EU's intention to reach deep into the former Soviet Union. Ukraine’s neighbor Moldova also granted candidate status, and Georgia, another ex-Soviet state, told it would get same.
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1 weeks ago

Trump pressure to flip election 'upended' lives, hearing told

Trump personally involved in campaign of pressure on officials in key swing states he had lost to Joe Biden. Poll worker Shaye Moss was falsely accused by Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani of rigging the election count in Georgia with suitcases full of ballots for Biden. Moss, who is Black, described people making hateful and racist threats of violence following baseless accusations.
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1 weeks ago

European Council urges EU leaders to attend its upcoming meet to acknowledge...

European Council President Charles Michel has invited members of the European Council to participate in the upcoming meeting in Brussels on 23-24 June. Michel said that they need to take measures to bolster the security and stability of Europe. He stressed that the future of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia lies within the EU.
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1 weeks ago

Georgia to begin work on EC recommendations to obtain EU candidate status:...

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said that they will immediately start making efforts to implement the European Commission recommendations. The European Commission recommended the European Council to designate candidate status to Georgia after it addresses preconditions. The EU heads of government will discuss the EU recommendations on June 23-24.
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1 weeks ago

Germany's Olaf Scholz says EU needs to 'modernise' procedure to add new members

Olaf Scholz has stressed that the European Union should make it easier for new members to join the bloc. The German Chancellor plans to present his proposals at the EU Summit that is scheduled to begin on June 24. The heads of the 27 member countries will consider the EU membership applications from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine at the meeting.
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1 weeks ago

Slovakian PM Heger urges German Chancellor Scholz to support Ukraine's EU bid: Report

Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger visited German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Monday, June 13. Slovak PM also asked him to support Georgia and Moldova's EU candidacy, while calling on the German leader to witness the horrors of war with his own eyes. European Commission is expected to recommend Ukraine be granted official EU candidate nation status.
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2 weeks ago

European Commission to discuss Ukraine's application for EU membership on June 17

The European Commission will begin discussion on Ukraine's application to join the European Union on June 13. European Commissioners on Monday, June 13, will start discussing the latest applications for EU membership from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The EU member states will then make the decision about whether they would give Ukraine the status of candidate for accession.
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3 weeks ago

Atlanta rapper Trouble shot dead in Georgia, initial probe suggests...

Trouble, real name Mariel Semonte Orr, was found lying on the ground with a gunshot wound on Sunday at 3:20 a.m. At Lake St. James Apartments in Conyers, Georgia. The 34-year-old rapper was pronounced dead at the scene. The sheriff's office said Trouble was visiting a female friend at the complex that turned into a domestic situation.
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3 weeks ago