Lion Spotted Roaming Around At Green Field in Gujarat, Internet Asks if He is Vegetarian

Lion sightings are not so uncommon in the villages surrounding Gir National Park in Gujarat. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda posted a video of a lion sighting on Twitter. The clip instantly went viral on the micro-blogging site, leaving users with a series of questions.
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Video of tourists on a safari ride is making the Internet angry

A video of tourists on a safari ride is making the internet angry. The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Surender Mehra. The internet was not very happy to watch this video. “Tourism should be regulated and the visitors should be told strictly to be respectful towards animals/Tigers. May be time to introduce fixed no. Of E-buses/ E-SUVs in national parks,” user wrote.
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Why Wildlife Experts Are Pressing For Eco-Tourism In Tiger Reserves, Despite Others Like IPS Surender Mehra Calling It 'An Intrusion'

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Surender Mehra tweeted a video showing a group of people aboard an open safari roared at by a wild angry tiger. The big cat, in its natural habitat, looked quite offended at the intrusion, and kept growling and charging at them. The tiger, without hurting anyone, turned around and retreated into the jungle.
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Snake slithers away with slipper, video viral: Watch

Video shows a snake picking up a slipper with its jaws and leaving while bystanders laugh hysterically. The location of the video is still unknown and it was shared by an officer of Indian Forest Services (IFS), Parveen Kaswan. The officer who is also a conservationist is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
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4 days ago

IFS officer shares video of snake slithering away with a chappal

Viral video shows a snake running away with a chappal. The video was shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan. People in the comments section had a good laugh over this viral video. Some also tried to guess the location by listening to the dialect of the people speaking in the video.
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4 days ago

IFS officer shares mesmerising video of migratory birds at Odisha’s Chilika lake

A video of migratory birds flying over Chilika Lake in Odisha is too soothing to miss. Shared on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda, the video shows a glimpse of the beautiful blue lake. The video has garnered over 9k views and many reactions.
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1 weeks ago

IFS officer shares video of elephant family bathing together

Video was shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan. It has garnered close to 6k views already. The video has triggered an array of reactions.
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3 weeks ago

IFS Officer Shares Image of Rare Clouded Leopard Roaming in the Wild, Leaves Internet Stunned

The photo, posted by iFS officer Parveen Kaswan on twitter, has been captured using a hidden camera. Clouded patterns on the animal’s body make the picture more interesting.
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1 months ago

Cobra hiding inside a shoe lunges at woman trying to rescue it

IFS officer Susanta Nanda posted the video on his personal Twitter handle. The video opens to show a shoe rack with a woman trying to reach inside one of the footwear. Soon it becomes clear that she is trying to rescue a cobra hiding inside the shoe. As the video progresses, the snake is seen trying to lunge at the woman.
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4 months ago

IFS officer Vishal Chauhan sent to three-day police remand

Vishal Chauhan was posted as forest conservator, Punjab, from Mohali. His name has been nominated in the FIR in which vigilance busted the forest scam with the arrest of Guramanpreet Singh, divisional forest officer (DFO), Mohali, and contractor Harmahinder Singh, alias Hummy.
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4 months ago

‘This Pushpa was underestimating our teams’: IFS officer’s sarcastic remark on timber smugglers wins the internet

Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service officer in West Bengal, made a connection with the hit film Pushpa: The Rise. The officer said that teak timber was being smuggled in a sleeper bus and the vehicle was intercepted on Tuesday at 3:30 am.
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4 months ago

Punjab: Chief conservator submits inquiry report on illegal felling of 35K trees; babus may face music

Chief Conservator (Forests and Hills), Harsh Kumar submitted an inquiry report on the illegal felling of around 35,000 trees in Bist Doab Canal area. Of the nine, two are IAS, and five are IFS officers and one Punjab Forest Services (PFS) officer. The inquiry was conducted on the basis of orders from the National Green Tribunal in 2018.
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4 months ago

Doraiswami is India’s envoy to UK, Dalela may move to Dhaka

Doraiswami is a Chinese speaker who has served as Indian ambassador to Uzbekistan, South Korea and served in US as well as private secretary to Prime Minister. The 1992 batch IFS officer has been central to close bilateral relationship with Dhaka with pushing for cementing ties with Bangladesh through infrastructure and defence cooperation.
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5 months ago