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105 actors, musicians, and influencers who originally liked the post have seemingly unliked the post now. Celebrities such as Sophie Turner, Bella Hadid, and Robert Downey Jr. Who initially liked his post have appeared to have unliked it. Some actors such as Jennifer Aniston and Jason Momoa still have their likes featured on the post.
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5 days ago

Law & Order: SVU set to recreate the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial

The newest season of law & order: special Victims Unit is set to recreate the publicized suit. The upcoming episode features det. Olivia Benson exiting a courtroom alongside a female celebrity played by Julia Goldani Telles.
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1 weeks ago

Johnny Depp's friend reveals why the actor skipped attending the defamation trial verdict against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's trial went on for six weeks and concluded in June. While Depp turned out victorious in the case, he skipped attending the verdict announcement at the Virginia court since he was in the UK. A friend of Depp informed New York Post about Johnny's connection with Europe saying that he wasn't shamed there continues to be more comfortable in Europe than in the US.
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1 weeks ago

Johnny Depp taught Christina Ricci about homosexuality

Christina Ricci in an interview unveiled that Johnny Depp was the one who taught her about homosexuality. The 42-year-old actress was starring alongside Depp and his then-girlfriend Winona Ryderin 'Mermaids' in 1990 and revealed that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean ' star explained to her nine-year old self what homosexuality was during an on-set conflict.
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1 weeks ago

Johnny Depp explained homosexuality to Christina Ricci when she was 9 reveals the Yellowjackets star

Christina Ricci opened up about her conversation with Johnny Depp when she was 9 and working on the set of a film alongside his then-girlfriend Winona Ryder. The actress revealed how it was Depp who explained to her what homosexuality means. She also revealed how he explained it to her in the simplest of terms as he told her it's when a man wants to have sex.
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1 weeks ago

‘Johnny Depp Gave Me Quaalude, Asked Me If I Wanted To F**k’, Says Ex-Beau Ellen Barkin; Accuses Actor Of Drugging Her!

Ellen Barkin's pre-recorded deposition from the Depp vs. Heard defamation trial revealed that the actor was 'controlling,” drank too much red wine, and gave her a Quaalude, a drug, the first time they had sex. Ellen also said that she saw him using cocaine, marijuana and hallucinogenic drugs. Ellen went on to label Johnny Depp 'a yeller' who was 'verbally abusive' and said he was always drinking or smoking a joint.
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1 weeks ago

Johnny Depp's ex Ellen Barkin claims he offered her drugs before proposing sex in pre-trial court documents

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial went on for six weeks and the jury verdict was announced in June. Depp was deemed victorious and was awarded USD 10 million in payout from his ex-wife Amber Heard. The case is still making the headlines, this time for its pre-trial documents which were recently unsealed. The documents include some bombshell evidence that wasn't presented in court.
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1 weeks ago

Amid owing USD 10 million in damages to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard sells her Yucca Valley home

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's messy defamation trial ended in June and resulted in the actress being found guilty of defaming her ex-husband in her 2018 op-ed for Washington Post. Heard was ordered to pay USD 10 million to Depp in damages and amid her payout, the actress has reportedly sold her Yucca Valley residence for USD 1 million.
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1 weeks ago

Amber Heard secretly sells home in Southern California

Amber Heard reportedly sold her Yucca Valley home in California desert for $1.05 million, a profit of about $500,000 for her. She reportedly bought the property back in 2019 through an anonymous trust tied to her. The 36-year-old actress lost the defamation trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in June.
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2 weeks ago

Johnny Depp tried to submit ex-wife Amber Heard's nude photos as evidence during defamation trial?

The pre-trail court documents reveal some interesting details that never made it to the case. Depp's team tried to submit nude photos of the actor into evidence. The high-profile trial lasted weeks and saw testimonies from everyone.
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2 weeks ago

Hollywood Newsmaker of the Week: Will Smith posts apology, Ben tears up at dinner with Jennifer and more

News about Johnny Depp's first official art collection selling out in hours made the headlines. The release of Marilyn Monroe's biopic Blonde starring an identical Ana de Armas gave netizens some excitement.
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2 weeks ago

Johnny Depp’s Debut Art Collection ‘Friends And Heroes’ Sold for a Whooping Amount, Read Deets

The pirates of the Caribbean actor collected more than £3 million in just a few hours. The art gallery shared an album on their Instagram space of Depp working on the portrait of the legendary singer Bob Dylan and then the complete version.
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2 weeks ago

Amber Heard's defamation trial was 'one of the worst' cases of cyberbullying: Study

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial was one of the most talked about events in the past few months. The trial went on for six weeks and saw Heard and Depp made several revelations about their marriage. The jury of the Virginia court announced their verdict in favour of the Pirates Of The Caribbean star last month. A recent study found that the Aquaman star was subjected to cyberbullying and cyberstalking.
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3 weeks ago

Johnny Depp spotted with red-haired mystery woman in Italy; fans beam with curiosity

Johnny Depp spotted with a red-haired mystery woman in Italy ahead of his performance at the Umbria Jazz Festival. Edward Scissorhands star was seen arriving with a new companion at a rehearsal on Sunday. The actor looked dapper in a white T-shirt and blue jeans, paired with a brown fedora hat.
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4 weeks ago

'Johnny Depp shot': Bar offers drink to men feeling 'unsafe or scared', Twitter divided

A bar has put up a sign offering the 'Johnny Depp shot' to men feeling 'unsafe or scared' The advertisement has drawn mixed responses on social media. Many praised the bar management for this innovative idea and others criticised them for naming the drink after Depp.
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4 weeks ago

After Amber Heard defamation trial, Johnny Depp seen with a mystery woman in Italy ahead of his concert

Johnny Depp was spotted arriving in Italy ahead of his performance at the Umbria Jazz Festival. The actor was accompanied by a mystery woman with red hair who caught everyone's attention. There's no confirmation yet on whether she is a friend of the actor or a member of his staff.
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4 weeks ago

'Johnny Depp shots' introduced by a bar to help men feeling 'unsafe & scared'; fans react

A bar whose name is still unknown has erected a sign stating that the customer can 'discreetly' let staff know if they are in any kind of trouble to order a drink, 'Johnny Depp shot' There are three versions of the shot and they will elicit different responses and actions from the bar staff. The new drink is a take on another famous one 'Angel Shot' which is specifically for ladies.
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4 weeks ago

Is Johnny Depp returning to 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' franchise? Actor drops big hint?

Johnny Depp recently hinted at his return to Pirates Of The Caribbean film franchise. The actor was set to reprise his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow for the film's sixth instalment. The production house blacklisted Depp from the franchise and all other Disney projects after Amber Heard allegations of domestic violence.
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4 weeks ago

Johnny Depp reunites with lawyer Camille Vasquez at concert, fans love their 'friendship'

Johnny Depp played at a concert in Prague when he met with his lawyer Camille Vasquez. Depp reunited with Vasquez during one of his concerts in Prague. Rumours of Vasquez and Depp dating rumours flew fast and wide during the Depp vs Heard trial.
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4 weeks ago

Johnny Depp writes foreword to children’s book written by his fan

Johnny Depp made cancer survivor Katie Vanrdrilla's dream come true after Make-A-Wish Foundation sought his help in 2011. Katie, who suffered from leukemia, met Johnny on the set of his film Dark Shadows in London. Katie is now cancer-free and a high school chemistry teacher in the US.
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4 weeks ago