Star Kids Spotlight: Shiloh-Jolie Pitt's dance skills to fashion, how Brad & Angelina's daughter went viral

The duo's six children have been in the limelight since they were kids. The 16-year-old's style has been revamped into something similar to that of her mother. At the premiere of angelina's premiere, she was also seen wearing outfits that were upcycled from her mother's wardrobe.
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1 weeks ago

DIY Science Experiments for Kids: Viral video shows easy science experiments for students to try at home

Viral DIY Science Experiments for Kids is 3 minutes 05 seconds long. The viral video has so far received nearly 6.4M views, 52.5K Retweets and over 274.9K likes. The video's caption on Twitter reads, Simple science experiments you can do at home - children will love them…
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1 months ago