Aston Martin suffer early blow in Saudi Arabia GP after Lance Stroll told to stop car : PlanetF1

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll is an early casualty from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. He brought out the safety car after a dramatic battle with the duo. Stroll had been running as high as fourth in the early stages of the grand prix.
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1 weeks ago

Is a Fernando Alonso vs Lance Stroll bust-up inevitable?

Fernando Alonso hasn’t always had the best reputation of how he works within a team. His father, Lawrence Stroll, is bankrolling the team at the Bahrain grand prix. He is paired with aston Martin's former teammate.
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2 weeks ago

Revealed: Lawrence Stroll's net worth - and what he has invested into Aston Martin

Aston Martin's net worth is an astonishing $2.9Bn (£2.44bn) in terms of F1, Stroll emerged when his son - Lance Stroll - made his debut with Williams in 2017. In august 2018, he led a consortium to buy the Force India team for £90 million plus £15 million in debt.
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3 weeks ago

Lance Stroll reveals how it felt when his 'whole world was just crumbling' before him

Despite his injuries, he finished P6 in the season opener in Bahrain. He missed the entirety of pre-season testing but managed to finish the following weekend. Doctors told the Canadian that he wouldn't be able to race until round three in australia.
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3 weeks ago

“Everyone is pretty excited” - Lance Stroll can’t wait to drive his Aston Martin car and compete this weekend

Aston Martin driver was involved in an accident while training. He missed the three-day pre-season testing in Bahrain. The injury was widely reported to be a break in his right wrist.
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4 weeks ago

Big update on Lance Stroll’s availability for Aston Martin in Bahrain GP

A minor surgery on his right wrist fixed the issue quickly. He was replaced by the team's reserve driver Felipe Drugovich. But he quickly recovered and was discharged from hospital.
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4 weeks ago

Esteban Ocon on Fernando Alonso: I hope that he learned from me as well

Fernando Alonso has moved to aston Martin for the 2023 season. He will race alongside the Belgian-Canadian Lance Stroll at Alpine. The former world champion is still at the top of his game at the age of 41.
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2 months ago

"Someday I will leave F1, but never the engine": Fernando Alonso delivers poignant statement about his future in the sport

Fernando Alonso recently announced his switch to Aston Martin. The 41-year-old replaced Sebastian Vettel at the Silverstone-based team. Alonso won the F1 world title in 2005 and 2006 with Renault, before the French outfit became Alpine. The Spaniard is optimistic about his future with Aston Martin, where he will drive alongside Lance Stroll.
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2 months ago

"Lance Stroll has never really had a winning car in F1" - Aston Martin boss expects Canadian driver to 'surprise a few people' in 2023

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso will be replacing Sebastian Vettel to partner Lance Stroll in the 2023 season. He said he hopes to give both drivers a car that is capable of winning in the upcoming seasons so that both have a true chance to show their potential.
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2 months ago

Revealed: Which drivers gained and lost the most on the first lap in F1 2022? : PlanetF1

Valtteri Bottas gained 31 places on the opening lap of the GPs. He was ranked behind only aston Martin team-mate Lance Stroll in that regard. But if the challengers can become more overtaking-friendly after the positive step of 2022 we should start to see more gains and losses of positions.
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3 months ago

Fernando Alonso's 'reputation' does not have Aston Martin F1 team boss concerned

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack has full faith in Fernando Alonso and is not concerned about the Spaniard's reputation for having tough relationships with team bosses. The Spaniard will be starting for the team in 2023 alongside Lance Stroll. Former teammate Esteban Ocon recently revealed that Fernando Alonso hardly worked with the team at Alpine.
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3 months ago

F1 News: These Are The Fines Each Driver Picked Up in 2022 - F1 Briefings

Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton leads the way with fines worth €25,500. Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has the highest amount of fines. Sebastian Vettel had €11,300 worth of fines for unauthorised access to the race track. Valtteri Bottas had €8,100 worth and Lance Stroll was given €6,300. Zhou Guanyu has 4 penalty points at the moment, as well as Daniel Ricciardo.
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3 months ago

'Five F1 drivers face ban in 2023' as FIA urged to 'rethink' penalty points system

Pierre Gasly claims at least five drivers could be banned from races next season due to penalty point infringements. The Frenchman faces the prospect of missing one of his first races as he hovers dangerously close to the 12-point threshold. Lance Stroll is also understood to be at risk of a ban with eight penalty points to his name.
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4 months ago

Sebastian Vettel v Lance Stroll: One-way traffic in Vettel's final season : PlanetF1

Sebastian Vettel scored two-thirds of the team's points to Lance Stroll’s third. The German scored five times in nine races, equalling his best result with a P6 in Azerbaijan. Stroll's illegal jink in Austin that sent 2023 team-mate Fernando Alonso airborne, followed by his attempt at putting Vettel into the wall in Sao Paulo.
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4 months ago

How Daniel Ricciardo played a crucial role in helping Alfa Romeo secure P6 : PlanetF1

Aston Martin finished sixth in the Constructors' Championship with Alfa Romeo sixth. Aston Martin's Daniel Ricciardo finished ahead of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas in P5 at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Aston Martins' Lance Stroll finished eighth with Sebastian Vettel P10 at the season-ending Abu Dhabi GP.
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4 months ago

Hamilton cleared after start procedure investigation, Merc front-row confirmed

Hamilton finished third in Sao Paulo ahead of teammate George Russell and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz. Hamilton was investigated after the sprint for an incident relating to the start procedure. Lance Stroll was handed a 10-second time penalty and three penalty points on his licence for forcing Sebastian Vettel off the road.
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4 months ago

F1 Sao Paulo GP: Fernando Alonso bites at Alpine after clash with Esteban Ocon - “it’s over, finally!”

Fernando Alonso insists he has not spoken to Esteban Ocon about the incident. Alonso and Ocon clattered into each other during Saturday’s race, before finishing in a woeful 15th and 18th respectively. The two-time world champion will be in the F1 2023 driver line-up for Aston Martin, where he will partner Lance Stroll.
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4 months ago

6 Times Drivers Got Pole In F1 When They Really Shouldn’t Have – WTF1

Lance Stroll secured his first (and so far only) F1 pole position in a Racing Point. Sebastian Vettel secured both his and Toro Rosso’s first P1 slot in F1 at Monza in 2008. Pastor Maldonado managed his first and only pole in Barcelona in 2012. Nico Hulkenberg managed his only career pole, once again in wet conditions.
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4 months ago

Mike Krack doesn't buy into Pierre Gasly's Mexican Grand Prix penalty argument : PlanetF1

Pierre Gasly has 10 penalty points on his Super Licence and is two away from a one-race ban. Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has no sympathy for the French driver. He feels Gasly's actions were so blatantly wrong that the Frenchman should have known immediately he had to give the position back to Lance Stroll.
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4 months ago

Vettel issues challenge to Verstappen after he breaks wins record

Sebastian Vettel challenged Max Verstappen to smash his record of 13 Grand Prix wins in a single season. The Red Bull driver set a new record in Mexico, eclipsing Michael Schumacher's 13 wins in 2004 and 2013. Vettel finished 14th and 15th in his own race, with Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll finishing 15th.
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5 months ago

Gasly wants talks with stewards after nearing F1 race ban in Mexico GP

Pierre Gasly picked up a point in Sunday's Mexican GP after being deemed to have left the track and gained an advantage when battling with Lance Stroll. The point took his running 12-month total up to 10, just two short of the figure that automatically triggers a suspension for one event. He raised the matter of the harshness of the penalty points system in Friday’s drivers’ briefing.
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5 months ago

Fernando Alonso set for maiden Aston Martin F1 test in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi tyre test will be held on the Tuesday following the final race of the season. Race drivers will run the definitive 2023 Pirelli tyres in one car, and rookies will drive the other. Alonso is expected to run half a day of tyre testing with Lance Stroll doing the other half.
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5 months ago

Mexico penalty puts Gasly on brink of historic F1 race ban

The Frenchman picked up a five-second time penalty and one penalty point for forcing Lance Stroll off the track in Mexico. He has now accumulated 10 penalty points over the last year. Repeat offenders that rack up 12 penalty points across a 12-month period are hit with an automatic one-race suspension. No F1 driver has reached the total since the rule was introduced in 2014.
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5 months ago

2022 F1 US GP: Fernando Alonso feels Lance Stroll's penalty is 'very harsh'

The FIA found Lance Stroll largely to blame and received a 3-place grid penalty for the 2022 F1 Mexican GP. He said: 'in a way, I think his penalty is very harsh. But it's the way it is.'
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5 months ago

Magnussen handed Mexican GP grid penalty

Aston Martin's Lance Stroll will drop back three places as punishment for his role in the collision with Fernando Alonso at last weekend's US Grand Prix. The stewards accepted Alpine's protest against the decision to penalise alonso's seventh-place US grand prix result.
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5 months ago

F1 review battle: Fernando Alonso and Alpine come out on top

The two teams were summoned post-Haas' protest against alonso's damaged front-right mirror controversy. The former driver was involved in a high-speed collision with aston Martin's Lance Stroll during the 2022 f1 US GP. This decision did not sit well with the Haas team, who have received the flag on several occasions with Kevin Magnussen.
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5 months ago

F1 News: “They are quite dangerous”- Fernando Alonso compares collision with Lance Stroll at 2022 F1 US GP to IndyCar ‘accidents’

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll collided at the 2022 US GP. The two-time world champion considered the incident to be rather dangerous. Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stroll should be suspended for one race for the incident. Both drivers are ok and, amazingly, Alonso has managed to get going again.
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5 months ago

FIA's decision on Alpine protests will determine if F1 is going in 'right direction' or not - Fernando Alonso

Alonso was penalised after the US GP for running his car in an unsafe condition. He dropped down the order before making his way up the field to finish P7. Alpine have protested against the penalty, and the hearing will be on Thursday.
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5 months ago

Formula 1 2022: Valtteri Bottas on top ahead of Lewis Hamilton in opening practice of British GP-Sports News , Firstpost

Valtteri Bottas clocked a best lap time of one minute and 42.249 seconds in a relatively dull session with limited serious running for fast lap times. Seven-time world champion Hamilton was half a second adrift of Bottas, but ahead of Carlos Sainz, his Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher of Haas. Lance Stroll spun into a gravel trap at Copse in his Aston Martin.
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9 months ago