Aga Khan Award: $1 million prize recognizes world's best new community architecture - CNN Style

The award focuses on the difference architecture makes in the lives of people and local communities. A renovation project in Tripoli, Lebanon, was recognized for bringing an abandoned building by famed brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer back into use. The award was established in 1977 by a senior Imam of the Shia Islam branch.
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2 days ago

India gains rank in mobile speed and fixed broadband rankings: Report

India was ranked 118th in June globally for median mobile speeds but climbed up to 117th in July. The median mobile download speeds in India have decreased from 14 Mbps in June to 13.41 Mbps. Lebanon gained 27 spots in the July Speedtest Global Index, which marks the highest increase in rank.
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1 months ago

Why Sri Lankan economic crisis is going to repeat in a dozen other nations, including Pakistan and Ukraine

Experts say a dozen countries - including Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan - could suffer the same fate as Lebanon and Sri Lanka. The post-pandemic recovery and war in Ukraine spark global food shortages and a surge in prices. Experts warn that, across the globe, the war could be the domino that pushes millions into an untenable situation.
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2 months ago

'Scary To Be Queer' In Lebanon As It Restricts LGBTQ Rights

The interior ministry has instructed security forces to clamp down on events 'promoting sexual perversion' It has heaped pressure on a community that already lost many of its safe spaces in the 2020 Beirut port explosion and been depleted by an exodus driven by Lebanon’s severe economic crisis.
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2 months ago

Israel destroys 3 Hezbollah drones heading towards Karish gas field in Mediterranean Sea

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Saturday shot down three Hezbollah drones heading towards the disputed Karish gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. In a statement, the IDF confirmed the interception and said that all the drones were launched from Lebanon. The oil rig, located off the Israeli coast, has been a bone of contention between the Jewish administration and Hezbollah.
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2 months ago

Iran condemns airstrike, opposes Turkish move into Syria

Iran's foreign minister condemns Israeli airstrike on Syria. Hossein Amirabdollahian says Tehran opposes any military operation by Turkey in Syria’s north. Iran has been one of Syria's strongest backers in the country's 11-year conflict. Israel carried out an airstrike on a coastal Syrian village near the border with Lebanon wounding two people.
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2 months ago

Pope Francis says UN has no power to assert its authority for preventing wars

Pope Francis stated that the UN lacks the power to assert its authority to prevent wars. He also mentioned the conflict in Rwanda 25 years ago, the past decade of war in Syria, and the infighting in Lebanon and Myanmar to support his theory that the world is at war, even if it is not in one place.
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