Rishi Sunak diverted money from ‘deprived urban areas’ of Britain, says report

Sunak reportedly took money from deprived urban areas and diverted it to other parts of the country. He is up against foreign minister Liz Truss to win the votes of 2 lakh members of the Conservative Party by September 5.
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1 weeks ago

China Denounces Liz Truss’s Vow to Crack Down on Firms Like TikTok in UK

China rejected as “irresponsible” a pledge by UK pm hopeful Liz Truss to clamp down on Chinese-owned companies such as social-media giant TikTok Inc. Spokesman Zhao Lijian criticized the remarks during her first head-to-head debate with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.
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3 weeks ago

Rishi Sunak wins fourth round in UK PM race with 118 votes; only 3 contenders left now

Rishi Sunak, the former UK Chancellor, won the fourth round of voting by Conservative Party MPs. Kemi Badenoch was eliminated from the race, with now only three contenders left in the race. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt are competing for second place. The final two candidates will hold television debates across the country in an effort to sway voters.
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4 weeks ago

Rishi Sunak tops new vote to edge closer to final spot in British PM race

British Indian former Chancellor Rishi Sunak received 118 votes in the fourth round of voting by his party colleagues. The 42-year-old leader increased his tally from Monday’s 115, while Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt got 92 votes and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss 86 votes.
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4 weeks ago

Rishi Sunak tops as increasingly bitter race for UK PM narrows to four

Britain's former finance minister Rishi Sunak holds onto his lead in the race to become Britain's next prime minister. Sunak got 115 votes in the third ballot of Conservative lawmakers on Monday, ahead of former defence minister Penny Mordaunt on 82 and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on 71. The chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugendhat was eliminated from the leadership contest on Monday.
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4 weeks ago

Final TV debate cancelled as Truss, Sunak pull out

The debate was scheduled for Tuesday night on Sky News but was cancelled. It was cancelled following candidates’ assessment that Sunday night’s debate was not civil enough. Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss pulled out following debates over the weekend, which exposed fissures in the party.
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1 months ago

'Leave our policy alone': In race to be UK PM, central bank, Liz Truss squabble

Michael Saunders said the foundations of Britain's monetary policy framework were best left untouched by candidates to lead the Conservative Party. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, one of the front-runners to succeed Boris Johnson, said she wanted to look again at the BoE's mandate to make sure it is tough enough on inflation.
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1 months ago

Voters believe Rishi Sunak will make good PM: UK opinion poll

Almost 50 per cent voters of the UK's governing Conservative Party are of the view that Rishi Sunak will make a 'good Prime Minister' The results of a new opinion poll put Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in second place with 39 per cent backing her. 42-year-old Sunak topped the first two rounds of polls among Tory MPs last week.
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1 months ago

UK PM race: Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss spar over tax in leadership debate

British foreign minister Liz Truss and former finance minister Rishi Sunak clash over tax policy. Five remaining contenders to be Britain's next prime minister go head-to-head in first of three televised debates. An initial field of 11 challengers has been whittled down following two days of votes by lawmakers from the ruling Conservative Party.
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1 months ago

UK: Tory leadership rivals vying for PM's post trade blows on economy, inflation and more

Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss, Kemi Badenoch, and Tom Tugendhat debated the most about rising taxes and inflation. The debate on July 15 failed to impress the audience, according to British media agencies and an Opinium Research survey. The way Sunak justified the choices he made while serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer.
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1 months ago

UK citizen dies in detention in breakaway east Ukraine region, Britain summons Russian amb

UK foreign secretary Liz Truss said she was shocked to hear reports of the death of British aid worker Paul Urey while in the custody of a Russian proxy in Ukraine. The British government summoned the Russian ambassador in London, Andrey Keli, and demanded an explanation over the tragic death of a UK national. The Presidium Network aid charity said they informed the family members of the deceased and other formalities are currently underway.
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1 months ago


The 90-minute debate saw relatively few direct confrontations between them. Frontrunner Rishi Sunak forced to defend plans to keep rates at some of the highest levels in decades. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss touted her tax-slashing plans in the face of a spiralling cost-of-living crisis.
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1 months ago

Battle on for second place to beat Rishi Sunak in U.K

Mr. Sunak’s camp has, meanwhile, played down suggestions that his strong support does not extend beyond the Tory MPs. The Indian-origin Attorney General who was knocked out of the race in round two, has thrown her support behind Liz Truss – boosting the third-placed candidate's chances. Caretaker PM Johnson and his camp are running an “anyone but Rishi” hidden campaign.
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1 months ago

UK: Rishi Sunak's winning streak continues, gets highest votes in the second ballot

Rishi Sunak received the most votes (101 total) in the second round of voting to succeed Boris Johnson as the leader of the Conservative Party. Penny Mordaunt (83 votes) and Liz Truss (64 votes) were also in second place. The final results to be declared on September 5, the person with the highest votes will succeed Johnson.
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1 months ago

Rishi Sunak wins second round of voting to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak has bagged 101 votes to again emerge as the winner of the latest voting round on Thursday. Suella Braverman, the Indian-origin Attorney General in the fray, was knocked off the shortlist with the least votes at 27. Penny Mordaunt (83 votes), Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (64 votes) and Foreign Secretary (64) remain on the ballot in the narrowing race.
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1 months ago

UK PM race: Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt open big lead to succeed Boris Johnson

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt are ahead of their rivals in the race to become Conservative Party leader and UK prime minister. Sunak won 101 votes in the second ballot of Tory MPs on Thursday, ahead of Mordaunt with 83. Liz Truss was third with 64 votes, the next ballot is scheduled for Monday.
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1 months ago

UK: Truss launches her leadership bid, says 'I am ready to be Prime Minister from day 1'

Liz Truss has announced her candidacy for the Conservative Party leadership. She will have to defeat Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt if she hopes to make it to the final round. Truss stated that she will increase defence expenditure up to 3% by the end of the decade. She also promised to reverse National Insurance and corporation tax increases.
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1 months ago

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak, whose resignation helped precipitate Boris Johnson's fall, tops first vote to be next UK PM

Rishi Sunak wins support from 88 of the party's 358 Members of Parliament. Penny Mordaunt second with 67 votes, Liz Truss third with 50. Two more rivals eliminated after failing to get required minimum of 30 votes. The new leader will then be chosen from those two by the 200,000 Conservative party members.
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1 months ago

And then there were 6...for UK PM

Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt and treasury chief Nadhim Zahawi fail to reach threshold of 30 votes by Conservative lawmakers needed to stay in the contest. Rishi Sunak scored 88 votes, ahead of Penny Mordaunt on 67 and Liz Truss on 50. Kemi Badenoch received 40 votes, Tom Tugendhat received 37 and Suella Braverman received 32.
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1 months ago

Six advance in Tory race for Downing Street, with Sunak in the lead

Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt in second place; Hunt and Zahawi out of contest. Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Zahawi did not get the minimum 30 votes needed from their colleagues. Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor who resigned from Boris Johnson’s Cabinet on Tuesday last week, got 88 votes. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (50 votes), former Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch, Tom Tugendhat, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee in the British Parliament, and Attorney-General Suella Braverman will go on to the second round.
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1 months ago