Tripura minister NC Debbarma, tribal politics patriarch, pulls off a coup to...

Narendra Chandra Debbarma was inducted into the newly-appointed Chief Minister Manik Saha’s Cabinet Monday. The 84-year-old was seen struggling to read his oath of office using a magnifying glass. He had met with a few accidents last year and sustained concussions leading to his hospitalisation that forced him to stay away from politics.
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16 hours ago

BJP tactic of changing CMs appears to work

The BJP summoned Biplab Deb, the first ever chief minister of the saffron party in Tripura, and summarily replaced him with an Upper House parliamentarian, Dr Manik Saha. A fresh face takes off the steam of anger against the state government, given how CM-centric states are in India’s federal system.
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Tripura govt announces welfare schemes hours after swearing in of new cabinet

Tripura chief minister Dr. Manik Saha’s cabinet announced that it will roll out a health policy and an IT policy at the earliest in order to improve healthcare facilities and IT-based industries. “All the four decisions taken in the meeting will be discussed in a broader way in the coming cabinet meetings,” BJP minister Sushanta Chowdhury said.
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2 days ago

A political shift across states and a film festival row

Manik Saha took oath as Tripura’s new chief minister, replacing Biplab Kumar Deb. The 69-year-old dentist-turned-politician will head the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government in the state. Saha is the fourth former Congress leader in the Northeast who joined the saffron party in the past few years and is now heading a BJP-led government.
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2 days ago

New Tripura CM Manik Saha chairs first cabinet meeting, state to formulate...

Tripura cabinet decides to formulate state health and IT policies to boost public healthcare and IT-based industries. Meeting also decided to introduce welfare measures for people with disabilities and particularly vulnerable tribal groups. New Tripura Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha sworn in in Agartala Monday afternoon.
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2 days ago

Tripura: 11 ministers inducted into Manik Saha’s council of ministers

Eleven ministers were inducted into Manik Saha’s council of ministers on Monday a day after he was sworn in as the Tripura chief minister. Governor Satyadeo Narain Arya administered the oath to the ministers Jishnu Devvarma, Ratan Lal Nath, Pranajit Singha Roy, Prem Kumar Reang and Rampada Jamatia.
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2 days ago

Tripura: Eleven MLAs to take oath as ministers

Altogether eleven MLAs - nine from the BJP and two from the IPFT - will take oath as cabinet ministers of Tripura on Monday. Governor SN Arya will administer oath of office and secrecy to the cabinet ministers at a programme in Raj Bhavan in the presence of Chief Minister Manik Saha, former chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb.
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2 days ago

2 new faces among ministers to be inducted into Saha’s council of ministers

Rampada Jamatia and Prem Kumar Reang are the new faces to be inducted into Manik Saha’s council of ministers. Saha was sworn in as the chief minister after his predecessor Biplab Kumar Deb resigned from the post. Deb said he will focus on strengthening the party to ensure the BJP's return to power.
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2 days ago

Eleven MLAs in Tripura to take oath as ministers today

All the ministers of the Biplab Kumar Deb cabinet, barring Mevar Kumar Jamatia of IPFT, found a place in the new cabinet. Governor SN Arya will administer oath of office and secrecy to the cabinet ministers at a programme in Raj Bhavan in the presence of Chief Minister Manik Saha.
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3 days ago

‘Development, development, development’: Manik Saha spells out agenda after...

Manik Saha said his main focus as Tripura’s new Chief Minister would be to further developmental activities. The 69-year-old was named as the chief minister by the Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday. Biplab Kumar Deb was made to step down from the top post in the state just a year ahead of the Tripura Assembly elections.
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3 days ago

CM face secondary, only face we see is PM Modi's: Dr Saha after taking oath...

Dr Manik Saha replaced Biplab Kumar Deb as Chief Minister of Tripura. Dr Saha took the oath of office on May 15 at Raj Bhavan in Agartala. He said that the upcoming elections are not a challenge for the party because of the development work done by former CPs and PM Narendra Modi. The new Tripura CM said, We have already started working for Assembly elections in 2023.
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3 days ago

Wailing and hurling chairs: Who is Tripura minister Ramprasad Paul?

Ramprasad Paul had opposed Biplab Kumar Deb before he joined his Cabinet last year. Video clips later showed Paul lifting a chair and trying to hurl it at the BJP leaders who had come from Delhi. Manik Saha called the drama of the previous day an “emotional outburst” and that he had nothing against the party.
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3 days ago

Biplab Deb’s removal before 2023 polls brings Tripura BJP’s internal rift...

Biplab Kumar Deb replaced with Manik Saha as Tripura chief minister less than a year ahead of assembly polls in the state. People aware of the development said that some BJP MLAs are unhappy that Saha was chosen for the top post instead of someone from among the legislators.
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3 days ago

Tripura CM Manik Saha says BJP 'already started working' for upcoming Assembly polls

Manik Saha took oath as chief minister of Tripura on Sunday at Raj Bhawan in Agartala. The newly-appointed Tripura CM also said that there is no political challenge for the saffron party in the state but it may be for the other parties. Saha said that his government will prioritise completing the unfinished work of his predecessor Biplab Deb.
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3 days ago