How Fallows has fostered an "Aston Martin way" to boost F1 team

Fallows and new head of aerodynamics Eric Blandin were keen to mix their own knowledge, gained at Red Bull and Mercedes respectively, with that of the existing team members. They've encouraged the team to pursue an Aston Martin way of approaching car development. That's the reality, which is why the cars look quite different.
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2 days ago

Nico Rosberg berates 'unacceptable' Aston Martin penalty mistake -

Alonso was penalised for failing to serve an initial penalty correctly at the saudi arabia grand prix. The Spaniard had moved past Sergio Perez at the first corner but was powerless to resist the pace of the red bull. He was stripped of his 100th podium in the sport two weeks ago.
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1 weeks ago

James Patterson urges fans to reach out to DeSantis on Florida book bans

The 'Maximum Ride' series was recently banned by the Martin County Florida School District. Some books in the series were among more than 60 titles removed from the shelves of the public school libraries.
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2 weeks ago

“Everyone is pretty excited” - Lance Stroll can’t wait to drive his Aston Martin car and compete this weekend

Aston Martin driver was involved in an accident while training. He missed the three-day pre-season testing in Bahrain. The injury was widely reported to be a break in his right wrist.
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4 weeks ago

Fernando Alonso praised for ‘playing a blinder’ by moving to Aston Martin : PlanetF1

Fernando Alonso signed a long-term deal with aston Martin for 2023. The two-time world champion stunned the Alpine team during the summer. He was expected to continue with the team, after returning to f1 in 2021.
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3 months ago

Aston Martin 2023 F1 car will have “significant differences”

Former Red Bull man Fallows says there is a limit to what we can do with the current rules. The AMR22 was designed to allow for a change of concept, and it was developed substantially over the season. The new model is the first to have been developed under Fallows and Blandin, who was previously at Mercedes.
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3 months ago

George RR Martin on the next Game of Thrones book: Only 500 pages to go - Polygon

George R.R. Martin says he's writing around 1,100 to 1,200 pages of The Winds of Winter. The book is 11 years overdue, but Martin has written 400,500 pages of the book so far. An episode of Stephen Colbert’s Tooning Out The News has the latest update on the book.
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3 months ago

Ferrari’s Binotto F1 split looks "strange", says Brundle

Martin Brundle says Ferrari are in unique position as a team because of its Italian following. Martin Binotto resigned as team principal after less than four years in the job. Martin says the Italian F1 team need to look for someone who would not be as heavily exposed to the Italian media as Binotto was.
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3 months ago

Christian Horner could see Sebastian Vettel shining in a Formula 1 managerial role : PlanetF1

Christian Horner says Sebastian Vettel could be a manager in the future. The Red Bull driver announced his retirement from Formula 1 in July. Red Bull boss says Vettel is a great people person who understands the value of people. Mike Krack was Vettel's final team principal in 2022 at Aston Martin.
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4 months ago

Former F1 racer Martin Brundle asks Ranveer Singh who he is; video goes viral

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh attended the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday. A clip featuring the actor and F1 racer, Martin Brundle from the sports event is going viral on social media. In the video, Martin asks the actor to introduce himself to him and asks him to tell him he is an entertainer.
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4 months ago

Child bodybuilder who won award for his physique as a teenager is unrecognisable eight years on

Martin Miller started lifting weights, working out and dieting when he was just 12 years old. He then started taking part in bodybuilding competitions aged 16 and took part until he was 20. In 2018 he won the overall title in the NPC Men’s Physique. Martin now works as an online personal trainer and coach to help others.
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4 months ago

F1 News: Stoffel Vandoorne joins Aston Martin as reserve driver - F1 Briefings

Stoffel and vandoorne will join a very strong driver configuration at aston Martin. The 30-year-old will take the role of reserve and test driver. He will collaborate with his old teammate Fernando Alonso.
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4 months ago

George R.R

George R.R. Martin says he is 'three-quarters of the way done' with The Winds of Winter, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire's latest novel. The Winds will be the sixth of seven books in the fantasy series. Martin says the next book is going to be a 'very big book'
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5 months ago

George RR Martin appears to confirm Viserys fan theory from House of the Dragon

George RR Martin appears to confirm a fan theory surrounding the health of Viserys in House of the Dragon. The fantasy author appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his new book. He revealed that he originally envisaged the Iron Throne to be much larger than the current version. Martin has also revealed he is about “three quarters” of his highly anticipated book, The Winds of Winter.
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5 months ago

A Look Inside George R.R

The rise of the dragon: an Illustrated History of the Targaryen Dynasty, Volume One is described as a “lavish visual history,” and indeed this new book from George R.R. Martin contains over 180 all-new illustrations illuminating the world of House. If you like incestuous, white-haired murder families, look no further.
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5 months ago

EXCLUSIVE! Ranveer Singh’s Swanky Rs 3.9 Crore Aston Martin Has A VALID Insurance Policy; We Have A Proof-Check Out INSIDE

Simmba actor Ranveer Singh was spotted at Mumbai airport returning from Delhi. On exiting the airport, he waved at the paparazzi and took Aston Martin for a ride. Netizens claimed that the actor drove the car with expired insurance. However, all such reports and claims have turned out to be false as the actor's car has a valid insurance policy.
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5 months ago

House of the Dragon episode 3 ‘fixed’ George RR Martin’s ‘least favourite’ Game of Thrones scene

Episode three of House of the Dragon fixed what George RR Martin described as his 'least favourite' Game of Thrones scene. King Robert Baratheon goes on an ill-fated boar hunt in the first season of the spin-off. Martin was a consultant on the show and has been taking a much more hands-on approach.
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6 months ago

Ricky Martin gives FIRST public statement after nephew withdraws allegations and case gets dismissed

Ricky Martin is speaking out on his nephew's initial claims of having an incestual affair with the singer. The allegations of harassment and stalking along with the claim of having a seven-month relationship with Martin were withdrawn. In the video, Martin spoke to his fans, I'm in front of the cameras today because I really need to talk in order for me to start my healing process.
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8 months ago

Ricky Martin to give a virtual testimony against nephew's claims of sexual relationship

The singer will appear in front of a judge in Puerto Rico via Zoom. He is set to deny all allegations put forth by his nephew. The nephew also alleged that Martin stalked and harassed him after he broke off their arrangement.
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8 months ago

Ricky Martin addresses 'disgusting' claims of having a 'sexual or romantic' relationship with nephew

Ricky Martin released a statement through his lawyer and has denied claims that he was involved in a months-long relationship with his nephew. The statement comes after multiple reports out of Puerto Rico alleged that Martin and his nephew allegedly carried on a seven-month affair. A judge in Puerto Rico issued a restraining order against the singer earlier this month following a domestic violence allegation.
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8 months ago

Disgusting! Ricky Martin rejects claims of 'sexual & romantic relationship' with nephew

Singer was served a restraining order in Puerto Rico in early July citing domestic abuse. Singer's lawyer Martin Singer said Martin's nephew is struggling with deep mental health challenges. Martin's brother, Eric Martin, identified the alleged victim as Martin's 21-year-old nephew. The petitioner had not been identified when the order was presented.
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8 months ago

Only Murders in the Building's Steve Martin 'dismayed' by co-star Selena Gomez's Emmy snub

Only Murders in the Building was one of the hit shows that was nominated in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. Steve Martin and Martin Short also bagged nominations for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. However, their co-star Selena Gomez did not receive a nomination for her role in the show. Martin mentioned she was 'crucial to the trio' consisting of himself, Martin Short and her.
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8 months ago

Zelenskyy meets Irish PM Martin in Kyiv; discusses threat to food security & energy issues

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Ireland’s Prime Minister Michael Martin on Wednesday. The two leaders discussed the threat to food security, energy issues and the preparation of the new seventh EU sanctions package against Russia. Martin visited Borodianka, Bucha and Irpin, which are reported to be the most-devastated fronts of the Russia-Ukraine war.
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8 months ago

Ricky Martin denies restraining order allegations

Authorities trying to serve the order were unable to find Ricky Martin in his Puerto Rican town of Dorado, where he lives. Martin says the order is based on “completely false” allegations and that he will face the process “with the responsibility that characterizes me” The order was filed under Puerto Rico's domestic violence law.
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9 months ago

Superstar Ricky Martin denies restraining order allegations-Entertainment News , Firstpost

Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin said that the restraining order against him is based on allegations that are 'completely false' Police said Saturday that a judge had issued the order against Martin, but authorities trying to serve the order were unable to find the singer in the Puerto Rican town of Dorado. The order was filed under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law and police spokesman Axel Valencia said he could not provide further details.
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9 months ago

Ricky Martin refuses domestic abuse allegations after local police file restraining order

A domestic abuse restraining order has been lodged against Ricky Martin. The police could not file a report on Friday because they were unable to reach Martin. Martin has denied all such claims after unnamed personnel filed the order in a court in Puerto Rico. The singer-songwriter was recently sued by his ex-manager Rebecca Drucker on allegations of unpaid commissions.
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9 months ago