Meghalaya: Assam-Meghalaya border firing: After violence in Shillong state govt extends ban on internet services - The Economic Times Video

The Meghalaya government extended the suspension of mobile internet and data services, ordered on Tuesday in 7 districts, till Saturday morning. Sporadic incidents of violence were reported from Shillong and its outskirts on Thursday night. Vehicle movement from Assam to Megharaya remained suspended for the third day on Thursday.
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End Innings: Meghalaya - 24/10 in 12.0 Overs (S D Kharbani 3 off 14, Sistilin Ryntathiang

Meghalaya won the T20 trophy with a score of 24-10 in 12.0 overs. ICC Women's Cricket Team India won the trophy for the first time in October 2022. Megharaya were declared out of the match at the end of their innings.
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