Farhan Akhtar on playing Waleed in Ms Marvel: Exciting to be part of...

Farhan Akhtar plays Waleed in Ms Marvel episode 4. The actor-filmmaker has made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with the Disney+ Hotstar show. Ms Marvel centres around Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel, a Pakistani-American teenager growing up in Jersey City.
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Farhan Akhtar on length of his role in Ms Marvel: ‘People must enjoy the...

Farhan Akhtar says he’s glad he got to become a part of a show that marked the debut of a Muslim superhero on the screens. The Bollywood actor-filmmaker is receiving a lot of love for his portrayal of Waleed in the latest episode four of Ms Marvel. Farhan says his reason of joining Ms Marvel was due to the representation of South Asians.
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Ms Marvel teams up with Captain America, Ant-Man and Wasp to fight Ultron,...

Ms Marvel got to team up with Captain America, who declared her as an Avenger, much to the happiness of our teenage superhero. The two superheroes’ joint appearance fighting Ultron in the aforementioned video came as a welcome change for Marvel maniacs. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teenager, who’s an Avengers fan and worships Captain Marvel.
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Fawad Khan’s blink-and-miss appearance in Ms Marvel leaves fans curious...

Fawad Khan appeared in the end credits of Ms Marvel's latest episode. The Pakistani star's fleeting appearance was in a photograph. He plays Kamala’s great grandfather Hasan, who is expected to enter the show full fledged. However, people hoped that the actor had a longer, more fleshed out part.
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Farhan Akhtar's cameo in Ms Marvel episode 4 invites memes on Twitter, fans...

Farhan Akhtar made his Hollywood debut with Marvel Cinematic Universe's miniseries, Ms Marvel's episode 4 on Wednesday. Farhan is seen sporting mid-shoulder level hair and a full-grown beard. The fourth episode was loaded with several twists and turns. However, Farhan's short screen time left his fans disappointed.
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Ms Marvel Ep 4 Review: Farhan Akhtar Delivers Solid Punches in MCU Debut,...

Farhan Akhtar finally made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with the fourth episode of Ms Marvel. The episode mostly focuses on family bonds and coming closer to one’s culture. Kamala explores the streets of Karachi and comes closer to her Pakistani roots once she returns to her Nani's place.
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Ms Marvel Episode 4: Who is Waleed, Red Dagger? Farhan Akhtar's MCU debut...

Ms Marvel episode 4 has been released. Ms Marvel latest episode happens in Pakistan. Kamala is on her secret mission to discover the truth about the bangle that is the source of her superpowers. Farhan Akhtar's high-flying and action-driven role was a much-anticipated cameo done right.
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With Farhan Akhtar, Pasoori, auto rickshaw chase in Karachi, Ms Marvel goes desi

Ms Marvel has been the most desi show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Episode 4 is when the show has really claimed its core desiness, presenting a unique blend of Marvel and south Asian masala cinema. The fourth episode of Ms Marvel began streaming on Wednesday afternoon.
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Ms Marvel’s Universe, across the song lines

Eva B is the first female rapper from Pakistan and the latest music sensation. The 22-year-old Karachi-based musician raps under the garb of an English name and a hijab. Eva comes from Eve, Eve, and B is for her Baluchi identity, while the tenacity in her lyrics is an attempt to talk of her life and struggles.
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Chinmayi Sripada on ‘Tere Bina’ being part of Ms Marvel tracklist: ‘Nice to...

Singer Chinmayi Sripada says she is happy to see her name in the tracklist credits of Ms Marvel. “Kinda nice to see my name on a tracklist of a Marvel show,” the Chennai-based singer captioned a picture of the credits on Twitter.
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1 weeks ago

'Ms Marvel' Episode's Big Fat Indian Wedding Scene is Living Rent-free in Desi Hearts

‘Ms Marvel’ has dropped its third episode on Disney+ Hotstar and Desis are intrigued. The episode begins with Kamran’s mother telling her about her great-grandmother Aisha and her heritage. The inclusion of Bollywood songs in the episode has struck a chord with the fans who are happy to see a desi MCU wedding.
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1 weeks ago

Chinmayi Sripada says it was ‘nice’ to see her song Tere Bina in Ms Marvel

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe series Ms Marvel has strong South Asian connections with its protagonist being a Pakistani-American teen. The makers have used South Asian music extensively on the show. On Wednesday, the third episode of the show began streaming on Disney+ and it featured several Bollywood songs. Singer Chinmayi Sripada took to social media to mark the occasion.
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Ms Marvel episode 3 desi wedding scene lit up with Yeh Mera Dil, Joote Do...

Ms Marvel episode 3 aired on Disney+Hotstar. Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and the clan united for a lavish Indian wedding. The show is set in the USA and has become a fan favourite for the authentic representation of a desi family based in Jersey City.
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'Jalebi Baby' features on 'Ms Marvel', Tesher says 'I exist in the MCU'

'Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings' star Simu Liu grooved to 'Jalebi Baby' Singer Tesher is over the moon and shared that he can officially say that he exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 'Being Kamala Khan's mental thirsting soundtrack is an absolute dream come true'
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1 weeks ago

'Ms Marvel' star Zenobia Shroff calls out western press' 'laziness' after...

Marvel Cinematic Universe's new series Ms Marvel is basking in success and appreciation from audiences and critics alike since its release on June 8. The heavy representation of South Asian culture in the series was also met with a positive reaction. One of the cast members, Zenobia Shroff called out the western press after they misnamed her in one of the articles.
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2 weeks ago

Ms Marvel discusses love for Shah Rukh Khan and his films in latest episode

The new Disney Plus Hotstar series Ms Marvel is peppered with desi references. Among them is a reference to Shah Rukh Khan in the second episode of the series. Ms Marvel creators had expressed their desire to work with SRK earlier. The duo also brings up the blockbuster romance Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge into the conversation.
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Ms Marvel actor Zenobia Shroff reacts to Western press repeatedly misnaming her

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe series Ms Marvel is currently streaming globally. It premiered on Disney+ last week and saw its second episode stream this Wednesday. Zenobia Shroff, who plays the lead character’s mother, was miffed to see two big international publications misnaming her in their articles.
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'Ms Marvel' Episode 2 release date and time: When does new episode of Ms...

Marvel Cinematic Universe's new series Ms Marvel is basking in the success and appreciation from the audience and critics alike since its release on June 8. The series has six episodes in total with the last episode scheduled to release on July 13. The 19-year-old actor Iman Vellani plays the titular role in the series.
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'Ms Marvel' Kamala Khan or 'Spiderman' Peter Parker? Kevin Feige reveals...

Marvel Studios' recent webseries 'Ms Marvel' starring Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani continues to soar. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, shared that the series was of particular delight to him. Feige said Marvel has been around for over 80 years with most of the characters having 50+ years of comic book history.
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2 weeks ago

Ms Marvel's Kamala Khan Aka Iman Vellani Reveals How A WhatsApp Forward...

Iman Vellani, a Pakistani-Canadian actress, made her debut in the showbiz with this mini-series. The 19-year-old actress shared how her casting as Kamala Khan happened in the ‘brownest’ way possible. She sent in a very academic resume and the photo she had of herself and got a call back from them.
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