Alpine explain why they didn't appeal Esteban Ocon's 'worked on the car' penalty : PlanetF1

The FIA's Sporting Regulations states that a car is stationary in the pit lane as a result of incurring a penalty. The jack operator had only slid the rear jack underneath it. If that’s the case, why didn’t Alpine appeal Ocon’s penalty?
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1 weeks ago

Ocon twice hit the wall in "too close" Saudi Arabian GP qualifying

Ocon was 0.813 seconds adrift of polesitter Sergio Perez. Team-mate Pierre Gasly was 0.3S slower to clock ninth place. He said he had broken the car with the impacts.
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1 weeks ago

What triggered Ocon's bizarre F1 penalty triple whammy

Stewards deemed that Ocon's right front tyre had been outside of his grid box for the race start. But when he came in to serve that punishment, things went wrong when his Alpine mechanics set to work on his car before the mandatory time limit was up. The FIA reckoned that the first mechanic got to work after 4.6 seconds, which was a breach of the regulations.
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3 weeks ago

F1 News: Pierre Gasly dismisses talk of Ocon tension - "It makes me laugh" - F1 Briefings

Pierre Gasly has brushed aside suggestions that his relationship with Esteban Ocon will be a problem next year as he joins Alpine. The frenchman will be aware that the pace of the team last season gives them the platform to make substantial progress.
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3 months ago

Ocon feels "more relaxed" under current Alpine F1 management set-up

Ocon led Alpine's efforts in the constructors' championship this year. He narrowly outscored team-mate Fernando Alonso as the team took fourth. The frenchman has a long-term contract in place to remain with the french outfit until at least the end of the 2024 season.
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3 months ago

Ocon should be known as the French minister of defence, says Szafnauer

Alpine won the war to be F1's best of the rest in 2022. He said it had been his best season to date in a single campaign. Ocon was greeted by a signed Alpine race suit from the 2021 season.
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3 months ago

Esteban Ocon claims Alpine PU 'one of our good assets' despite multiple DNFs in 2022 F1 season

Esteban Ocon says Alpine Power Unit is one of the better parts of the F1 package. Ocon finished eighth in the driver standings this season, beating Fernando Alonso in the same team. French driver will team up with fellow French driver Pierre Gaslyly at Alpine next season.
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3 months ago

Esteban Ocon maintains Renault power is one of Alpine's 'good assets' : PlanetF1

Esteban Ocon sees the Renault power unit as a 'good asset' for Alpine. The team finished P4 in the Constructors' standings in 2022. Ocon finished ahead of Fernando Alonso in the standings, scoring 92 points to Alonso’s 81. The Spaniard was forced to retire at the end of the season due to poor reliability.
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3 months ago

Esteban Ocon ready to take Alpine to the podiums but won't set any deadlines yet

Esteban Ocon revealed that he is eager to step onto the podium again with the team in 2023, but did not give any deadline for when that might happen. Laurent Rossi, the CEO of Alpine, proposed a plan for the team's competitiveness in the sport in early 2021. Last season was their first as a team, and he stated that the team will be working in the coming seasons to perform exceptionally well by 2024. Ocon achieved his first podium at the Sakhir Grand Prix of 2020, but he has tasted victory only once during his Formula 1 career.
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3 months ago

Two F1 drivers called 'big kids' and warned about risks of messing up

Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon will be team-mates at Alpine next year. The pair grew up on the same junior kart racing series. Ocon has been with Renault and then the re-branded Alpine since 2020. The 26-year-olds will bring an all-French line-up to Alpine next season.
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3 months ago

‘Won’t happen in another 100 years’ - Fernando Alonso fires dig at ex-teammate Esteban Ocon

Ocon claimed a surprise victory at the Hungaroring. The Frenchman held off Sebastian Vettel to take the Enstone team’s first win since 2013. Ocon was able to win after Alonso defended heavily from the recovering Lewis Hamilton. The pair came to blows at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, while Ocon beat Alonso in the standings.
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3 months ago

Ocon: Only a podium missing from strongest F1 season yet

Esteban Ocon finished the 2022 season in eighth in the drivers' standings, 11 points ahead of Fernando Alonso. Ocon rated his fifth full-time season as an all-round driver. The Frenchman says 2022 felt like his best season in Formula 1 in terms of points.
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3 months ago

Pierre Gasly 'not concerned at all' by past feud with future Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon

Pierre Gasly is not concerned at all by his past feud with Esteban Ocon. The two Frenchmen are to pair up for the Enstone-based team for the 2023 F1 season. Ocon and Gasly have shared a strained relationship with each other right from their karting days, where they fiercely competed against each other.
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3 months ago

Esteban Ocon comments on Mick Schumacher's possible F1 return

Esteban Ocon believes Mick Schumacher will make a return to the sport. The young German is rumored to be joining Mercedes as a reserve driver for next season. The Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has extended an olive branch to the young German. Ocon is a friend of the German on the F1 grid.
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3 months ago

F1 News: Esteban Ocon - I can compete against Verstappen in the same car - F1 Briefings

Esteban Ocon believes he can compete with Max Verstappen in the same machinery. The 26-year-old has established himself as one of F1's more consistent drivers in recent seasons. Ocon has a contract with Alpine until the 2023 season. Click here for more F1 news.
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4 months ago

"When you play the team game, everybody wins" - Alpine boss lauds 2022 F1 Brazilian GP performance after Sprint 'silliness'

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon collided in the Sprint race at the 2022 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix. Both drivers finished the race without crashing in the main race. Alpine Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer had serious talks with Alonso and Ocon regarding the incident. Alonso will be leaving the French team at the end of the 2022 season.
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4 months ago

Esteban Ocon 'causing problems' a 'big reason' for Fernando Alonso's exit : PlanetF1

Fernando Alonso has grown increasingly critical of the Alpine team in recent races. The Spaniard and Esteban Ocon collided in the sprint race in Brazil. Alonso and Ocon received a stern telling off from the Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi. Jack Aitken believes Ocon was also a major reason why Alonso did not sign on the dotted line.
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4 months ago

Alpine respond to Alonso-Ocon conduct after Brazil clashes

Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer says Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon let the team down after multiple on-track clashes in the Brazilian Grand Prix Formula 1 Sprint race. Alonso finished ahead of Ocon in 15th, but was penalised by the stewards post-race and demoted to 18th. Ocon squeezed Alonso off the track, before further contact on the start-finish straight broke Alonso's front wing.
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4 months ago

Alpine F1 to take action against abusive individuals and groups on social media

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon had a coming together on the first lap of the 2022 F1 Brazilian GP Sprint. The coming together of the two drivers and then Alonso placing the blame on Ocon infuriated his fans. This resulted in a string of abusive posts against Alpine and Ocon. Alpine have come out with an official statement specifying that no driver or team member can be subject to abuse.
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4 months ago

Alonso handed F1 penalty for Ocon clash as boss slams Alpine drivers

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon appeared to make contact twice on the opening lap of the sprint race in Brazil. The front wing of Alonso's car made contact with Ocon’s right-rear wheel. The stewards confirmed after the race they would be investigating the main straight incident. Alonso was given a five-second time penalty, dropping him back to 18th on the grid for Sunday's race.
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4 months ago

Ocon's car on fire after finish: penalty looks inevitable - GPblog

Esteban Ocon's Alpine caught fire in the pit lane after the race. Ocon finished 18th in the sprint race. The extent of the damage to his car is still unknown. If parts need to be replaced, Ocon will probably have to start the Grand Prix from the pit.
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4 months ago

"Common Ocon L" - Fans react to Alpine teammates Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon coming together during 2022 F1 Brazilian GP Sprint race

Fernando Alonso fans were not happy with the Spanish driver's sprint race getting ruined after a clash with his teammate Esteban Ocon. The two Alpine drivers almost came together on Turn 4 first, as Alonso was pushed off the track by Ocon. The two did eventually come together on the main straight when Alonso, trying to overtake Ocon, damaged his front wing and then had to pit. Ocon plummeted down the order and will start the race 18th.
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4 months ago

Alpine teammates Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon blame each other for sprint collision

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon collided on the opening lap of Saturday's sprint race. The McLaren duo will start at the rear end of the grid for Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix. Alonso will start 15th and Ocon will start 18th in a car which had looked competitive enough for a strong finish in the points.
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4 months ago

F1 Sao Paulo GP: Fernando Alonso bites at Alpine after clash with Esteban Ocon - “it’s over, finally!”

Fernando Alonso insists he has not spoken to Esteban Ocon about the incident. Alonso and Ocon clattered into each other during Saturday’s race, before finishing in a woeful 15th and 18th respectively. The two-time world champion will be in the F1 2023 driver line-up for Aston Martin, where he will partner Lance Stroll.
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4 months ago

Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes W13 was "just so slow in a straight line" at Suzuka : PlanetF1

The former world champion enjoyed his tussle with Esteban Ocon throughout the japanese grand prix. He was able to get right up to the back of the Alpine and partially alongside at the exit of certain corners. On the run down to 130R or Turn 1 Ocon pulled away and keep hold of his position on the straights.
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5 months ago

Hamilton: F1 battle with Ocon in Suzuka was “the most fun”

The seven-time world champion was chasing the frenchman. He eventually crossed the line just 0.641s behind in sixth. The wet conditions meant that there was no DRS to provide a benefit.
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5 months ago

Ocon: 2022 F1 cars like ‘go karts on kerbs’ in Singapore

Bouncing has to some degree been dialled out at recent events, but it is expected to be more prominent once again in Singapore. The track itself is not my favourite. It's going to be a tricky one, says Ocon.
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6 months ago

How Ocon pulled off his Hakkinen-style Spa F1 double overtake

Ocon charged from 16th on the grid to finish seventh for Alpine in Belgian Grand Prix. The key to Ocon's charge up the order was the Alpine car's impressive straight-line speed. Ocon managed two double passes during his rise up the field, the first coming on lap 15 when he overtook Daniel Ricciardo and Nicholas Latifi.
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7 months ago