Reddit user posted about Alia Bhatt pregnancy 2 months ago got banned How...

Reddit user posted about Alia Bhatt's pregnancy 2 months ago and got banned. Alia on Monday shared an adorable picture with Ranbir from the hospital and announced their pregnancy. She wrote alongside her post, Our baby ….. Coming soon. Soon after her pregnancy was confirmed, the ban on the user was lifted.
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'Big brother kisses:' Cat siblings can't stop cuddling each other

The video shows the two kitties snuggling up very close to each other. The video has been shared on Reddit with a caption that reads, “Big brother kisses” The video was posted on the subReddit named r/AnimalsBeingBros, aptly so as the two cat brothers are brothers.
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Maths teacher finds out why students call her ‘GOAT’, heartwarming Reddit...

An eight grade maths teacher was left worried over students calling her ‘goat’ She took to Reddit to seek help from users to decipher the ‘joke’ The teacher was overwhelmed with joy after realising that students were not mocking her, but instead praising her. The Reddit post went viral across social media platforms.
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2 days ago

Cats play dead when their pet parent throws a combination of Karate moves

Video on Reddit shows two cats playing dead when their owner throws a combination of Karate moves towards them. The video is hilarious to watch and may make you giggle from ear to ear. The eight-second clip has raked up 18,000 upvotes and several comments.
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4 days ago

Cat startles dog, pooch does this to take revenge

A video of a cat and a dog playing with a dog has been shared on Reddit. The video shows a dog trying to get friendly with the cat but the ball of fur ends up startling the pooch. For a moment, the dog stops and looks around, then takes its revenge by doing something hilarious. The clip has accumulated nearly 21,000 upvotes and the numbers are increasing.
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6 days ago

Visually-impaired dog goes down the stairs for the first time by herself

A video of a visually-impaired dog getting down a flight of stairs for the first time was recently shared online. The video is posted on Reddit with a descriptive caption. It has accumulated more than 41,000 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post various comments.
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1 weeks ago

Nora Fatehi adds Spice to Victoria Beckham’s Red-Orange Dress, designer...

The Dance Deewane show judge wore a bright red-orange midi dress by Victoria Beckham. The dress was designed by former Spice girl’s singer and David Beckham wife, Victoria. The one shoulder midi midi is a favourite of Victoria Beckham's VB Body collection.
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1 weeks ago

US: Peculiar sea creature washes up on coast; baffled netizens try identifying animal

Pictures of the bizarre sea creature found washed up on a coast in the US, is baffling netizens. The pictures posted on Reddit, by user Kristine Tillotson, show an animal with needle-like teeth, lying dead on a stack of rocks. A bone collecting group on Reddit has agreed that the bizarre creature is a monkeyface prickleback eel.
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1 weeks ago

Cat works out on a rotating chair, watch this adorably loving video

A cat video shows a cat working out on a chair rotating anti-clockwise. The video is winning people's hearts left, right and centre on Reddit. Since being shared, the video has managed to gain 7,139 upvotes. The cat video was shared on Reddit a few hours ago.
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1 weeks ago

Dog chases its tail and then falls over

Video of a dog chasing its tail is equally hilarious and adorable. The 13-second clip was shared on Reddit by the user named Aztery. The video has received over 8,115 upvotes and several comments since being posted two days ago. Goldens are seriously the dumbest of the smart dogs. I love him, a fifth user posted.
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1 weeks ago

Dog gives hug to kid after he returns home from school

The video is posted on Reddit with a simple and sweet one word caption: “Love,” it reads. The clip opens to show the boy going to school in the morning and the dog standing outside a house to ‘say’ goodbye. The video then shows a scene that takes place a few hours later when the kid returns home.
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1 weeks ago

Kid prepares a special package, gifts it to delivery driver

The video shows the little one gifting a special package to the delivery driver. A dog makes the video even more delightful to watch. The video was originally posted on TikTok, but it created a chatter after being re-shared on Reddit. Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 4.900 upvotes.

2 weeks ago

Mama dog’s reaction to puppy playing with her ear sparks laughter

The video was originally posted a few years ago on Instagram. It is, however, creating a chatter again after being re-shared recently on Reddit. The video is posted with a simple and sweet caption, “Munching on mama's ear,” it reads.
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2 weeks ago

'Real Work': Women Elaborate On Why They Chose to Be Homemakers

A Reddit user started a thread asking women who chose to be homemakers than pursue careers. Over 200 women came forward and elaborated on their experience. One woman wrote, “I was a homemaker for about 6 years. I loved it. We saved a lot of money because I cooked and baked from scratch, did all of the work around the house. I did so much fun stuff with my kids.”
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2 weeks ago

Rescued puppy’s reaction to having its first bath is heart-warming

The video was posted on Reddit with a simple caption, "Rescued puppy first bath," it reads. The video opens to show the small puppy standing in what appears to be a tub. What is beautiful to see in the video is how the pooch reacts.
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2 weeks ago

Chef twirls and juggles pizza dough in style, netizens hooked

Video shows pizza chef rolling, twirling and juggling the dough in a restaurant. Clip was posted on Reddit and received over 5,800 upvotes and hundreds of comments. The video opens to show two chefs preparing the pizza, and what follows next is one of them gratifying the customers sitting in the restaurant.
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2 weeks ago

This is how this cat is stopped from eating grass, doggo is surprised too

Video of a cat and a dog living in the same house has gone viral on Reddit. The video shows the cat eating grass and falling sick. The cat has been kept inside the porch by its owners. They have attached a wooden spoon to the cat to trap it when it tries to sneak out.
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3 weeks ago

Smart chipmunk messes with cat upon realising there's a door between them

A video of a cat and a chipmunk has been going viral on Reddit. The video shows a cat sitting inside a house and looking out of a transparent door. The chip munk keeps messing with the cat and this provides for a hearty laughter for netizens. This cute animal video has been shared on Reddit more than 14 hours ago.
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3 weeks ago

Cat shows some love to doggo best friend, keeps bumping her head onto him

The video of a cat and a dog being best friends with each other has been shared on Reddit. The cat can be seen on all force where she looks at her beloved friend and give him quite a few head bombs in order to express her affection for him. The video has received over 3,000 upvotes on it so far.
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3 weeks ago

Sara Ali Khan's Mini Dress Is Enough To Paint The Town Red

Sara Ali Khan has been on a world tour for a few months now. The actor was recently seen performing at the IIFA awards. In a recent photograph she wore a pretty red dress. The mini dress had a side slit and plunging neckline with lace detailing in white.
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3 weeks ago