FIFA World Cup 2022: England captain Harry Kane spotted wearing Rainbow Rolex watch after One Love armband ban - India Today

England captain Harry Kane spotted wearing rainbow-themed Rolex watch ahead of match against USA. England and many teams were banned from wearing the One Love armband by FIFA. FIFA threatened to punish players and teams if they proceeded to wear it during matches. England can secure a place in the Round Of 16 with a win over USA on Friday.
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5 days ago

IPhone 14 Pro Max Rolex: iPhone for Rs 1.1 cr! This custom-made Apple 14 Pro Max phone comes with a Rolex covered in diamonds - The Economic Times

The watch comes with eight diamonds and costs a whopping $133,420 (over Rs 1.1 crore) only three such limited edition Apple phones in the world carry a golden Rolex Daytona watch on the back. The watch's outer body is made in the style of racing cars of the 1930s.
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4 weeks ago

Russell Westbrook wears the biggest Rolex of 2022

Russell Westbrook wore the new Rolex GMT-Master II during the NBA summer league. The only bespoke models were commissioned by stars such as leBron James. He bought a space of over 210 square meters in downtown los Angeles.
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2 months ago

Rajinikanth to Suriya: South celebs who worked in films for zero remuneration due to friendship & belief

Rajinikanth is the first South celeb who played a pivotal role in Telugu film Pedarayudu and didn't charge a penny. Suriya played a cameo role of Rolex in Kamal Haasan and Lokesh Kangaraj's blockbuster film Vikram. Taapsee Pannu reportedly worked for free for her Telugu movie Anando Brahma.
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4 months ago

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