Fed's role in SVB failure became a positive for stocks, Cramer says

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank ended up breaking positive, not negative, for the stock market, CNBC's Jim Cramer said. Investors have turned to the Wall Street playbook on what to buy when there's an economic slowdown without inflation: tech stocks.
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Stock Market News: Tech Stocks Hurt by Rising Bond Yields

The 2-year Treasury yield pushed back above 4%, pressuring tech stocks. I anticipate the need to strengthen capital and liquidity standards for firms over $100 billion, which would have included SVB.
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2 days ago

Global market: SGX Nifty to SVB deal — factors that may dictate stock market today

SGX Nifty today opened higher at 17,052 levels and went on to its intraday high of 17,122 levels. Treasuries retreated after the SVB deal, which lifted the morale of stock market investors.
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3 days ago

S&P 500 ends up slightly; SVB deal lifts bank shares

The S&P 500 ended slightly higher on Monday as a deal for Silicon Valley Bank's assets helped to boost bank shares. A decline in technology-related stocks limited the day's gains. Shares of first citizens BancShares Inc (FCNCA.O) shot up more than 50% after it said it would acquire the deposits and loans of silicon Valley Bank.
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3 days ago

TIMELINE: Know all about the global banking crisis in 10 points

Banks and financial institutions across the globe went through a massive negative transition due to the global banking crisis. It all started with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, or SVB, and Credit Suisse suffered a sharp decline in confidence, sending its stock and bond prices tumbling. On the same day, a California regulator shut down SVB and appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver.
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4 days ago

Asia wary, US stock futures up on SVB reports

The cost of insuring against default neared dangerous levels. The mood remained jittery after shares in the u.s. Fell 8.5% on friday.
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4 days ago

Global financial crash fears after 'bloodbath' of Deutsche Bank shares

More infoDeutsche Bank 's shares have tumbled more than 13 percent while its credit default swaps surged to the highest since they were introduced in 2019. The crisis comes amid global concern about the banking sector following the turmoil facing Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank and Credit Suisse.
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6 days ago

After a week of banking tumult, now focus is on Fed meeting minutes

Investors' confidence was negatively impacted by the turbulence in the US banking industry caused by SVB bankruptcy and the closure of New York's signature bank. Global markets are in brittle mode because everyone is eyeing the outcome of the upcoming US FOMC meeting.
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1 weeks ago

China's Central bank warns SVB failure shows impact of rapid global rate hikes- state media - The Economic Times

A senior official at the People's Bank of China said the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank showed how rapid monetary policy shifts were having spillover effects. Xuan Changneng told the global asset management forum that some financial institutions had grown accustomed to running their balance sheets in an environment of low interest rate volatility.
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1 weeks ago

Goldman Sachs lost $200M in recent US banking chaos

One of the Wall Street giant’s trading desks has lost approximately $200 million since SVB failed late last week. Goldman’s losses coincided with increases in bond prices. The potential for eased monetary policy hurt firms that have made bets that rates would rise due to lingering inflation.
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1 weeks ago

SVB creditors form group ahead of possible bankruptcy

The creditor group includes centerbridge Partners, Davidson Kempner Capital Management and Pacific Investment Management Co. The company was shut down last week and has not said it was planning to file for bankruptcy.
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2 weeks ago

Chinese startups scramble for alternatives to SVB

Banks have offered accounts similar to those of SVB, but found it hard to crack the U.S. Bank’s dominance among early-stage start-ups in China. A few Chinese lenders such as China Merchants Bank and the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China are also rushing to fill the gap.
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2 weeks ago

SVB Crisis: How the ripples of the bank's plunge reached foreign shores

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week has sent shockwaves across the globe. Major US lost nearly $90 billion in value, bringing their loss over the past three trading sessions to nearly $190 billion. The slide took place even when news of fresh financing failed to reassure investors.
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2 weeks ago

SVB's demise: Why didn't US bank regulators see it coming?

Banks' official designation in the law does not excuse a failure of supervision, a law professor says. The failures have exposed the inadequacy of regulatory reforms that have been made since the global financial crisis. Some experts have been alarmed at the rapid collapse of the country's 16th biggest bank.
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2 weeks ago

US Stock Market: Dow Jones falls 91 pts dragged by banking shares amid SVB contagion fears; S&P 500 follows suit, Nasdaq bucks trend

Investors worried about contagion from the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. The stock market is now expecting that the Fed is likely to not raise rates this month and so they may enter a pause period.
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2 weeks ago

Apollo eyes SVB assets as suitors circle $73.6 billion loan book

Apollo Global Management Inc. Expressed interest in snapping up a book of loans held by Silicon Valley Bank. The lender was seized by federal regulators last week.
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2 weeks ago

Dow futures unsteady as stock-market investors watch efforts to avert SVB-inspired bank crisis - MarketWatch

Investors are assessing the failure of the bank to see if it complicates the Fed’s plans to raise interest rates further and potentially faster than previously expected in its bid to tamp down inflation. The bank was closed by California regulators on Friday, in the second-largest in U.S. History.
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2 weeks ago

'Risk' FX is trading higher on the chatter of a bailout &/or sale of distressed bank SVB

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, with an average daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. The vast majority of forex trading is done by businesses buying and selling products along with money managers hedging against currency risk. A portion of the forex m Forex, also known as foreign exchange or FX, is the purchasing and selling of one currency for another.
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2 weeks ago

Silicon Valley Bank: ‘No systemic risk’ from collapse, Rishi Sunak says

Bank of England has put the UK arm of SVB into insolvency after a run on the bank in the US. SVB UK boss Erin Platts issued a statement on Friday to try to reassure British customers that their money was safe. Biggest financial failure since 2008 leaves thousands of British companies on the brink.
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2 weeks ago

SVB row: Regulators look out for potential buyers willing to merge with collapsed lender

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed on 10 March and is the largest bank to fail since 2008 financial crisis. Concerns are being raised by financial industry executives that this may have a domino effect on other US regional banks if regulators fail to find a buyer over the weekend to protect uninsured deposits.
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2 weeks ago

How the SVB collapse rattled customers of a Mumbai-based cooperative bank

A relatively small Mumbai-based cooperative bank shares some similarity in the brand name (SVC Bank) with that of the failed US bank. A customer tweeted asking the bank to confirm the rumours of bank default. The bank said the customer has got the twitter handle wrong.
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2 weeks ago

Indian startups feel the jitters too

The crisis at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has spooked global stock markets. It has invested in several Indian firms, including Paytm, InMobi, Carwale, Bluestone, Shaadi and Sarva. Startups in india are keeping tabs on the development.
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2 weeks ago

Silicon Valley Bank shut down by regulator, FDIC named receiver

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been shut down by regulators. Its assets have been seized, the federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said. The seizure marks the largest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis.
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2 weeks ago

SVB in talks to sell itself; shares halted after tumbling 66% in premarket trading - The Economic Times

KKR & Co are among several bulge-bracket global private equity funds weighing bids to buy a controlling stake in the International Gemological Institute. The deal could value the world’s biggest independent diamond-grading firm anywhere between $250 million and $300 million.
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2 weeks ago

Market Is Blindsided by an Unanticipated Gut Punch to the Financial Sector - RealMoney

The market was caught by surprise on Thursday when SVB Financial Group saw its stock drop 70% on Wednesday and is down another 40% in premarket trading here on Friday morning. The catalyst for the steep drop was that SIVB ran into a liquidity problem and was forced to liquidate bonds that it originally intended to hold until they matured. This sudden recognition of a nearly $2 billion loss caused some big venture capital firms to pull their deposits out of SVB and made the liquidity problem even worse.
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2 weeks ago

What to make of the Silicon Valley Bank crisis?

SVB saw its shares fall by as much as 60 percent after losing $1.8 billion on the sale of bond holdings worth $21 billion. Banks in the u.s. And elsewhere have seen the value of their bond portfolios erode as central banks aggressively raised interest rates.
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3 weeks ago

Jitters over health of US banks spark global stock market sell-off

Stocks had led Wall Street lower after trouble at two Californian banks. The first, crypto-focused lender SIlvergate, announced it was closing down. SVB stock lost 70% of its market value while shares of big banks were dragged down with it.
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3 weeks ago

Uday Kotak on Silicon Valley Bank crisis: '..an accident was waiting to happen somewhere'

Shares of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sank as much as 60% at the close on Thursday. The worry comes after the Santa Clara, California-based SVB said it is holding a $2.25 billion share sale. When interest rates move up 500 bps from zero in a year, an accident was waiting to happen somewhere, said top banker.
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3 weeks ago