Sam Altman admits he is ‘scared’ of ChatGPT, says can ‘eliminate’ human jobs

ChatGPT creator says he's 'a little bit scared' of the potential of the bot. He says that the bot can 'eliminate' many human jobs.
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ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says he scared of his creation, admits it can eliminate human jobs - India Today

Chatbot could respond to any question in a human-like manner. He also said that human creativity is 'limitless and we find new jobs, new things to do'
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Altman: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman thinks ChatGPT will change society and also expresses his worries - The Economic Times

The 37-year-old tech expert stressed how important it is for regulators and society to work together to protect people from the possible bad effects of this innovation. He said that he is a little bit worried that these models could be used to spread false information on a large scale.
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OpenAI Chief Sam Altman Is Scared Of His Creation; Know Why

OpenAI chief executive said he believes that chatGPT will reshape society. But he also stressed that the potentially nefarious use of the AI’s abilities scares him. He warned against using the system as a primary source of factual information.
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GPT-4 ‘devises its own escape’ as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns about AI threat

ChatGPT has been making waves across the world since its launch. Despite its bounties, artificial intelligence comes with a cost. The technology also has the potential to reshape society.
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ChatGPT: AI Will "Break Capitalism," Says CEO Sam Altman

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, claimed that his company will be a part of destroying capitalism. ChatGPT has emerged as one of the fastest-growing consumer applications globally.
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2 weeks ago

ChatGPT, Elon Musk-founded chatbot, crosses 1 million users week after launch

ChatGPT, the AI-fuelled chat-robot that became a viral sensation for its human-like responses to any question, has crossed a whopping 1 million subscribers just a week after its launch. CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman said that although the bot is now free for testing during the research period, it will be monetized in the future.
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3 months ago