Smart Money: Here'S How To Achieve Financial Independence By The Age Of 40

If it’s a possibility then what are the sources of passive income that one can generate to achieve complete financial independence by the age of 40? the theme of today’s discussion on CNBC-TV18 special show, Smart Money, is financial independence.
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2 days ago

Money Money Money: Effective Personal Budgeting For Your Necessities & Aspirations

As India celebrates 75 years of independence, CNBC-TV18 is promoting the idea of financial independence through a variety of shows. Today, Money Money Money is talking about effective personal budgeting. Harish Rao, an investment coach at Simple Equation discusses this in an interview.
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1 months ago

Dolo 650 Maker Says Rs 1000 Crore 'Freebies' Are Total Expenditure Over Several Years

Micro Labs, which manufactures Dolo 650, said it has incurred a total expenditure of Rs 1,000 crore across divisions over several years. The data generated is over many years across their 14 divisions and 6,000 strong field force, it told CNBC-TV18 on Monday.
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1 months ago