Italian Space Agency releases LICIACube images of DART crash

The italian space agency has released images of the collision captured by its LICIACube a few minutes after the collision. Images will be crucial in helping scientists understand the structure and composition of Dimorphos. The aim of NASA’s mission is to test whether a “kinetic transfer” method of asteroid mitigation can be a viable strategy.
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14 hours ago

Samsung patents a new facial recognition system for smartphones with a new dual under-display camera setup- Technology News, Firstpost

The patent was made public last week and picked up by a Dutch publication. It describes how Samsung thought of putting multiple under-display cameras beneath the phone’s screen. The diagram showed two UDCs scanning the user’s face for authentication.
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2 days ago

UPI Lite enables low-value payments without pin or internet; know all about it- Technology News, Firstpost

UPI Lite is a feature developed by the NPCI to make small-value transactions easier by creating a local wallet on the user’s device. The feature will be soon available to other popular UPI platforms like PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm.
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5 days ago

Nvidia puts AI at center of latest GeForce graphics card upgrade

The new architecture underpins the company’s GeForce RTX 40 series of graphics cards. The chip will cost $1,599 and go on sale Oct. 12.
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1 weeks ago

Researchers are trying to teach a robot how to laugh to improve human-robot conversations

Researchers at the university of Kyoto are trying to teach a robot how to laugh. They developed an approach to building a “sense of humour” for the Japanese android Erica. Robots cannot detect laughter or even laugh at a joke.
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1 weeks ago

Russia may start targeting civilian satellites in space, because Starlink provided internet service in Ukraine- Technology News, Firstpost

Russian diplomat says civilian satellites may become a legitimate target for retaliation. He is the head of the Russian delegation to the United Nations office for disarmament affairs.
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1 weeks ago

Elon Musk enters in-flight wi-fi market with small satellites

SpaceX recently held a demo for the media aboard a jet operated by its first airline customer, regional carrier JSX. The short jaunt from burbank to San Jose marks the start of Elon Musk’s bid to seize in-flight business from satellite providers Intelsat.
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1 weeks ago

Realme launches the GT Neo 3T starting at Rs 29,999, check specifications and launch offers- Technology News, Firstpost

The GT Neo 3T is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. It comes with a 120Hz AMOLED display, eight 5G bands and a number of neat features.
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1 weeks ago

3 tricks to send WhatsApp messages to any unsaved contact- Technology News, Firstpost

In india, it continues to be the most widely used messaging service with more than 400 million users. The Meta-owned platform hasn’t yet added some features that users have been expecting. Sending WhatsApp messages to an unsaved phone number is officially impossible till date. There are some methods you can use to message someone whose name has not been saved on your contact list.
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1 weeks ago

IPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Display, Camera and other specifications compared

The year-old iPhone 13 is set to go on sale in a few days. Prices dropped to as low as Rs 49,990 inclusive of offers. The new iPhone 14 starts at Rs 79,900.
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1 weeks ago

Apple iPhone 14 series and eSIMs: How do they work and everything else answered

Apple has made a big change to the devices being sold in the US. These come without a physical SIM slot and a user will have to rely on an eSIM in order to access mobile networks. If you bought an unlocked iPhone 14 from the US, it will work fine in India.
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1 weeks ago

Hughes to provide high-throughput internet service through ISRO satellites

Hughes will provide the HTS broadband using the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO’s) GSAT-11 and GSAT-29 satellites. New service should be able to provide high-speed internet to remote locations and enable solutions like Wi-Fi hotspots for community internet access.
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1 weeks ago

IOS 16 tips, tricks to try: ‘Lockdown Mode’ for extra privacy to hang up a call using Siri

The latest version of iOS 16 is packed with many new features. Many of them also work on older versions of the iPhone. The feature is really useful if you use the iPhone’s hands-free mode a lot.
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1 weeks ago

Nothing Phone (1) crosses the 1 lakh sales mark in India, emerges as the best-selling phone in its category- Technology News, Firstpost

Nothing has accumulated strong sales figures in India. The new smartphone brand managed to sell over 1,00,000 units in just 20 sale days.
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2 weeks ago

Five iPhone 14 Pro features that were on Android first

The iphone 14 Pro is touted as the company’s most jam-packed iPhone in terms of features. From a redesigned notch area called ‘Dynamic Island’, always-on display to a new 48-megapixel wide-angle camera, the iPhone 14 Pro feels like a tour-de-force in the high-end smartphone market.
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2 weeks ago

Apple iOS 16 rolls out today: List of supported devices, features and what to expect

IOS 16: Supported devicesApple will launch iOS 16 to the following iPhone models. The latest version of iOS will come with a completely overhauled Lock Screen that will have various personalisation features.
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2 weeks ago

Motorola launches the Edge 30 Ultra with 200MP camera, 125W fast charging, check specs and price- Technology News, Firstpost

FP StaffMotorola launched the Edge 30 Ultra in a number of international markets. The device comes with a 6.67-inch full-HD+ pOLED curved display. It also has support for HDR10+ as well as the DCI-P3 colour gamut.
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2 weeks ago

Web-connected devices may have to meet new EU cybersecurity rules

New rules from the european commission are set to become public next week. Damages from software and hardware cybercrime amounted to roughly $6 trillion last year alone.
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2 weeks ago

Apple event: 3 things that left me impressed the most… no the 48MP camera is not one of them

Apple's first physical launch event in two years did not have a lot of surprises other than the fact that most of it was pre-recorded to be streamed across the world. There were four iPhone 14s, two of them with the Pro branding which now sport a newer processor along with better cameras, three Apple Watches, including the latest AirPods Pro. Despite a price that puts it on the same footing as the new iPhone 14, this will surely be a popular device.
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2 weeks ago

Explained: What is the EU's new proposal for rating smartphones on reparability and why it is a good thing- Technology News, Firstpost

FP ExplainersLegislators in the european Union are taking tech companies to task over greenwashing and how they contribute to e-waste. The EU is proposing to sign a proposal into law that would require smartphone brands to ensure that for each new device that they introduce to the market, they have to ensure at least 15 different parts are readily available to service centres.
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3 weeks ago