Four-year-old girl’s snowboarding, skiing skills have taken internet by storm

A four-year-old girl was captured on camera skiing and snowboarding through snow-clad hills in China's Zibo city. Clip shared by Now This News on Twitter shows the little girl skiing with ease. She has been trained by her father Zhang Hekai who is a former extreme roller-skating world champion. The clip has amassed more than 12,93,000 views on Twitter.
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4 hours ago

F1: Chinese Grand Prix canceled again over coronavirus pandemic

Formula One cancels Chinese Grand Prix in 2023 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is the fourth year in a row the race has been canceled because of the virus. F1 has not visited Shanghai circuit since 2019 as China pursues a strict policy of lockdowns and entry restrictions.
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5 hours ago

What is ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that’s taking the internet by storm

ChatGPT is a prototype dialogue-based AI chatbot capable of understanding natural language and responding in natural language. It has since taken the internet by storm, with people marvelling at how intelligent this AI-powered bot sounds. Some even called it a replacement for Google, since it’s capable of giving solutions to complex problems directly – almost like your own personal know-all teacher.
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5 hours ago

BCCI introduces ‘Impact Player’ rule for IPL 2023

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will introduce the 'Impact Player' regulation in the next edition of the Indian Premier League. Teams can replace one member of their playing XI during a match, if they think it will be useful. The use of the Impact Player is not mandatory and it is up to the teams whether they want to use one.
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6 hours ago

In the bleak world of ‘Qala’, sisterhood offers a glimmer of hope

The titular protagonist of Qala, writer-director Anvitaa Dutt’s sophomore film, is all these and more. Set in the 1930s-40s, Qala reflects the hustle and harassment that is part of the experience of women professionals as they strive for success.
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Fans divided over the timing of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s docuseries trailer release

The much-awaited first trailer of the Netflix docuseries drops on Thursday. The 1 minutes and 12 seconds long teaser features previously unseen footage from the couple’s younger days to later moments of joy and difficulties. The series, titled Harry & Meghan, explores the clandestine days of their early courtship and the challenges that led to them feeling forced to step back from their full-time roles.
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7 hours ago

Kareena Kapoor’s response as husband Saif Ali Khan asks her not to take more photos: ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’

Kareena Kapoor Khan posts pictures of husband Saif on her Instagram account. Actor Saif Ali Khan is not on social media. Kareena recently boarded a flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with Saif in tow. She also revealed that Saif refused to get clicked but she took his picture.
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8 hours ago

Musk’s company aims to soon test brain implant in people

Tech billionaire Elon Musk said his Neuralink company is seeking permission to test its brain implant in people soon. He said he thinks the company should be able to put the implant in a human brain as part of a clinical trial in about six months. The Neuralink device is about the size of a large coin and is designed to be implanted in the skull.
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8 hours ago

How to use same WhatsApp account on two Android phones

WhatsApp is adding support for tablets on for it’s existing ‘Linked Devices’ feature. The feature allows users to trick a second phone to appear as a tablet, and then allow WhatsApp to link this second tablet to the first phone, effectively allowing you to use the same account on both devices. To make this happen, we will refer to the primary phone as Phone A and the secondary phone called Phone B.
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9 hours ago

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission leaves distant retrograde orbit for return to Earth

Artemis 1 mission’s Orion spacecraft fired its main engine for about one minute and 45 seconds to depart a distant retrograde orbit of the Moon on December 2. The spacecraft will fly about 127 kilometres above the surface of the moon on Monday, December 5. Orion broke the record for the farthest distance from Earth travelled by a human-rated spacecraft when it went 258,655 miles away.
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10 hours ago

Scientists build ‘baby’ wormhole as sci-fi moves closer to fact

In science fiction, wormholes in the cosmos serve as portals through space and time for spacecraft to traverse unimaginable distances with ease. Researchers say they forged two simulated black holes in a quantum computer and transmitted a message between them through what amounted to a tunnel in space-time. But scientists are a long way from being able to send people or other living beings through such a portal.
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10 hours ago

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 trailer: Marvel closes out epic trilogy with humour, heart and heartbreak

Marvel has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. The film will conclude director James Gunn’s trilogy, which began nearly a decade ago in 2014. The trailer opens with Peter Quill acknowledging that a lot has passed since we last saw the gang. The emotional bedrock of this film appears to be the character of Rocket Raccoon.
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11 hours ago

Biden and Macron: A Bond Built on a Birthday Wish, Ice Cream and 30 Phone Calls

President Joe Biden hosted French President Emmanuel Macron for his first state visit as president. The friendly showing is going to test Biden's ability to keep a key ally at his side as he pushes for an enduring hard line against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders emerged from the Oval Office with an agreement to continue supporting Ukraine’s efforts to beat back Russian forces.
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Will Smith’s Emancipation scores mixed reviews so far, gets 59% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Emancipation is Will Smith's first film since his famous slap of Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars. The movie has scored a 59% positive rating on Rotton Tomatoes so far, with 14 out of 24 reviewers applauding the film. The King Richard star was banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years after the assault.
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12 hours ago

Vicky Kaushal says wife Katrina Kaif has ‘lot of knowledge about dancing in cinema’: ‘She gives me very specific, constructive feedback’

Vicky Kaushal is excited to show off his dancing skills in her upcoming film, Govinda Naam Mera. The actor is happy to take a dip in the mainstream masala with the new film. He says he was “hungry to dance a lot in a film, which I didn’t get an opportunity to do so far.
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While You Were Asleep: Muller hints at international retirement, Germany manager Flick calls for reboot, Enrique unhappy with Spain’s performance

Thomas Muller hints at international retirement after Germany crashed out of the World Cup. Thomas Muller: "If that was my last game for Germany, it has been a tremendous pleasure" Hansi Flick calls for a 'reboot' after Germany's World Cup exit. Spain boss Luis Enrique admits he would have had a 'heart attack' after Japan's shock win over Spain.
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12 hours ago

Controversy erupts over Japan’s second goal against Spain which knocked Germany out

Japan defeated Spain 1-2 in their final group game of the World Cup on Thursday. The goal was initially ruled out by the linesman but after a lengthy VAR check, the goal stood. A new aerial view has emerged that shows that the ball was indeed in play by just millimeters.
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Children aged 9-13 years spending over 3 hours a day on social media, Internet

Children aged 9-13 years are spending more than three hours a day on social media watching videos or playing games on the internet, according to 42 per cent of urban parents who took part in a survey in Maharashtra. The survey was conducted by Local Circles, a community social media platform which conducted various studies to gauge public opinion during the pandemic.
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15 hours ago

Scientists simulated wormhole using a supercomputer for the first time ever

The idea of wormholes was first theorised by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen back in 1935. A wormhole is a speculative structure in spacetime that looks like a tunnel with two ends and at separate points. Scientists were able to notice the travel of information (qbit) from one quantum system to another quantum system using quantum teleportation. The development will further help physicists to study space and science.
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‘Metro, this way’: Man becomes internet sensation for guiding fans to Metro station in Qatar for FIFA World Cup

Abubakar Abbas, dubbed ‘Metro Man’ by the fans, has become an internet sensation. He has been invited as a special guest to England versus USA match. The fans have loved his style of saying “metro, this way” and are gathered around him.
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