Businesses Brace for Currency Chaos in Asia - The New York Times

Tigun Wibisana and Sandra Kok own the siTigun cafe on Penang Island in malaysia. The couple are facing an excruciating decision that could make or break their business of 14 years.
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13 hours ago

Trevor Noah Announces He Will Leave ‘The Daily Show’ - The New York Times

The comedian took over the hosting reins of 'the Daily Show' after the departure of Jon Stewart seven years ago. "we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together," he said during a taping.
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4 days ago

What does Hurricane Ian mean for Florida’s wildlife? - The New York Times

Many species are suffering declines driven by habitat loss and other factors. Climate change is supercharging some hurricanes. One of Florida’s most beloved species can get trapped inland when floodwaters recede.
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5 days ago

The Week in Business: The Fed Hits the Brakes - The New York Times

Policymakers announced a rate increase of three-quarters of a percentage point. They also reminded americans that it would probably not be the last. Other central banks have been taking similar actions.
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1 weeks ago

On the Edge of Delhi, a Dynamic Cultural Scene Takes Shape - The New York Times

Delhi has doubled its number of high-net-worth individuals in five years. It has built a metro system rivaling New York City’s in size. The only culture in Delhi is agriculture.
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1 weeks ago

Federer’s Goodbye a Reminder of the Events and Shots That Make His Legacy - The New York Times

He is playing six inches behind the baseline against these guys who are absolutely crushing balls with these rackets and strings. He's picking up balls on the rise, virtually half-volleying them off the baseline. But he has not managed to make the leap to major champion.
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1 weeks ago

Shy Raccoons Are Better Learners Than Bold Ones, Study Finds - The New York Times

Researchers have taken to the streets of laramie, Wyo., to uncover the raccoons’ secrets. They adapt a cognitive test designed for captive animals so that it can be deployed in the wild.
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1 weeks ago

At the Laver Cup, Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray Make Team Europe Formidable - The New York Times

Roger Federer announced his retirement from professional tennis last week. He will say goodbye to his fans while competing alongside his greatest rivals. "this is a bittersweet decision because I will miss everything the tour has given me," he said on twitter.
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1 weeks ago

Bharti Kher’s Multi-Headed Goddess Statue Arrives at Central Park - The New York Times

Sculptor Kher was laid low by symptoms of long Covid, but managed an interview on site. The 53-year-old was born and raised in an Indian immigrant family. She has shown widely, represented in india and internationally.
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2 weeks ago

A News Anchor Had Stroke Symptoms on Air

Each year, more than 795,000 people in the united states have a stroke. It means someone experiences one about every 40 seconds and someone dies from one. At least 38 percent of younger people experience strokes.
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3 weeks ago

Court Rules for Germany in Nazi-Era Dispute Over the Guelph Treasure - The New York Times

The heirs said the relics were sold under duress and at a drastic discount in Nazi-era Frankfurt. A consortium of three firms owned by Jewish dealers bought the collection in the final days of the weimar Republic in 1929.
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1 months ago

Isabella Escribano Is the Teen Baller Behind the Brittney Griner Hoodies - The New York Times

Isabella Escribano, 14, is a popular girls’ basketball player with over 100,000 Instagram followers. She collaborated with Brittney Griner’s agent to create clothing for W.N.B.A. Streetwear brand Break The Curse. Griner was arrested in Russia in February after customs officials said they found hashish oil in her luggage.
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1 months ago

Inside the Adolescent Mental Health Crisis - The New York Times

In 2019, 13 percent of adolescents reported having a major depressive episode, a 60 percent increase from 2007. Suicide rates had been stable from 2000 to 2007 among this group, and suicide rates leaped nearly 60 percent by 2018. We explore why this mental health crisis has become so widespread, and why many people have been unprepared to handle it.
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1 months ago

The Book That Explains Our Cultural Stagnation - The New York Times

The risk aversion of cultural conglomerates can’t explain why there’s not more interesting indie stuff bubbling up. One of the year’s biggest hit singles is a Kate Bush song that came out in 1985.
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1 months ago

New Research Forecasts More Dire Sea Level Rise as Greenland’s Ice Melts - The New York Times

The melting of the greenland ice sheet could eventually raise sea levels by at least 10 inches. The study, published in Nature Climate Change, focuses on what researchers call “committed” sea-level rise. That approach differs from previous research, which has been based on computer modeling.
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1 months ago

An Orlando Museum’s Disputed Basquiats Are Gone

The board of directors is the only entity — not the chair of the board, but the entire board — that holds the corporate franchise. A subsequent meeting of the executive committee, called to discuss the subpoena, only heightened the frustrations some members felt.
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1 months ago

Fall Vaccination Campaign Will Bring New Shots, Worse Access - The New York Times

The fall vaccination campaign is expected to begin soon after Labor Day. Many americans have gone months since their last Covid vaccine or infection. The government has bought vaccines that were reformulated in response to the virus’s evolution.
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1 months ago

To Make Money in the Stock Market, Do Nothing - The New York Times

The 17.4 percent climb left stocks well below their peak. A bear market continues until the last peak of the previous bull market has been recaptured. The uncertainty in the stock market and, more important, in the greater economy has not ended.
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1 months ago

Jared Kushner’s Soulless Memoir and More: The Week in Narrated Articles - The New York Times

"Breaking History" is an earnest and soulless. He almost entirely ignores the chaos, the alienation of allies, the flirtations with dictators.
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1 months ago

Let’s Stop Paying for Wildlife Conservation Through Gun Sales - The New York Times

80% of the guns-and-ammo tax revenues sent to state fish and game agencies each year are earmarked for wildlife restoration. The focus should be on conserving all species and ecosystems. Some agencies are mandated to do so under their state laws.
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1 months ago