Inside Sydney’s biggest opening since the Opera House

A short walk from the Opera House, through the Royal Botanic Garden, is the glass façade of Sydney Modern. The new £200 million building is an addition to the Art Gallery of New South Wales that doubles its size. It champions works by indigenous artists, and backers include Cate Blanchett.
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16 hours ago

Shortage of hospital consultants as specialists shun new positions

Survey estimates 48 per cent of hospital consultants will retire in ten years. Survey of almost 400 physicians in Scotland found half the current consultant workforce is likely to retire in the next decade. Patients are waiting longer for consultations, investigations and procedures because ‘there are not enough staff to deliver the service’
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Where to buy property in Miami, Florida

The Art Basel circus arrives in Miami next week for its 20th anniversary. Back in 2002, Miami was a cultural backwater, better known for sun-seeking retirees than a thriving art scene. Today, Miami has resident companies for ballet, performing arts, opera and orchestra, as well as a multitude of art galleries.
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4 days ago

Meta told to show Instagram rap video that alarmed the Met Police

Meta has been told it was wrong to take down a drill music video at the behest of Scotland Yard. Met Police expressed concerns the clips could lead to ‘retaliatory violence’ from London gangs. But an independent panel set up by Meta, which owns Instagram and Facebook, has said removing the posts was a mistake.
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6 days ago

No two-tier NHS, ministers insist

Ministers prepared to discuss relaxing rules for discharging patients from hospitals. But they rejected suggestions about creating a 'two-tier' system with the wealthy paying for treatment. NHS Scotland’s chief executive gave the ‘green light’ by Caroline Lamb to discuss reform.
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1 weeks ago

Stagnating wages linked to rise in mental health problems

The Fraser of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde said the sluggish economic picture since 2010 had affected people’s health. The report Health Inequalities in Scotland, published today, explores trends since 1999 in factors that influence health. One finding was that 45 per cent of Scotland's wealth is held by 10 per cent.
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2 weeks ago

Nurses’ 17% claim ‘will fuel inflation and help no one’

The Royal College of Nursing has said nurses should be awarded an increase of 5% above inflation. Steve Barclay reiterated his description of the union’s demands as ‘neither reasonable nor affordable’ He said he had been ‘saddened’ that the RCN was set to strike at half of English NHS employers.
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2 weeks ago

The internet killed my favourite pastime

One of the few drawbacks of the internet is that it's killed off one of my favourite pastimes. These days, when I spot a likely-looking tourist wandering aimlessly around the Shard near our office, I make my approach, full of the joys of a middle-aged man about to dispense local know-how plus detailed transportation advice. But then I see my victim is glued to Google Maps and probably wearing headphones as well. I veer away in frustration.
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2 weeks ago

Cop27: Rich countries ‘must make climate change reparations right now’

Vanessa Nakate, 25, said a loss and damage fund agreed at Cop27 could not wait. She welcomed the adoption of ‘loss and damage’ as an issue by almost 200 countries. Nakate criticised Boris Johnson after he said UK could not afford reparations now.
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2 weeks ago

NHS strike: nurses on verge of leading one million-strong walkout over pay

The royal college of nursing is expected to announce within days that its members have voted overwhelmingly for strike action. Six other health unions have also announced ballots. More than a million staff potentially walking out, including porters, paramedics, physiotherapists and biomedical scientists.
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2 weeks ago

The biggest challenge for UK rocket launch? The inclement Cornish weather

The team has had to tether down their kit to protect it from winds stronger than they are used to at their usual base in the Californian desert. They have had to adapt their equipment to the cornish weather.
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2 weeks ago

Jonny Bairstow: England must counter the skill and swing of Arshdeep Singh, India’s new star

It was when we beat australia at Edgbaston in 2019 in the 50-over tournament. They are the matches you want to be a part of, and they are why you do all the hard work. For a game like this involving India, it should be absolutely buzzing.
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3 weeks ago

Chinese adopt Bollywood anthem Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja for Covid lockdown protests

The soundtrack to the 1982 Indian disco hit was a disco superhit called Jimmy Jimmy Aaja. The song charts the riches-to-rags story of millions enduring lockdowns without adequate food supplies.
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3 weeks ago

Emma Raducanu looking fit and strong, says Anne Keothavong

A wrist injury may have put paid to Emma Raducanu's hopes of competing for great Britain in next week's Billie Jean King Cup finals. The 2021 us open champion is “looking pretty fit and strong” before next season.
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3 weeks ago

Musée d’Orsay stops Just Stop Oil activist glueing herself to a Van Gogh

Security guards stopped a climate protester from glueing herself to a van Gogh painting. She was carrying glue to stick herself to the painting and throwing soup at a Gaugin. Accompanied by at least two people with video cameras, she had removed her sweater to reveal a “Just Stop Oil” T-shirt.
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4 weeks ago

Help the winter wildlife in your garden: my tips

There are an estimated 16 million gardens in the uk, covering about 1.8 million acres. Domestic outdoor spaces of all styles and sizes can contain a diverse and rich range of plants, providing interest across the seasons. Non-native plants that make up most of our gardens’ palettes have been found to be just as valuable as the native varieties.
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1 months ago

Controversy for Edward Hopper’s seldom seen cityscapes

The artist died in 1967 after leaving his estate to his widow. The exhibition has raised an awkward question about how the Reverend Arthayer Sanborn became the owner of this wondrous treasure trove of Hopper ephemera.
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1 months ago

Prince Philip’s secret letters to painter reveal love of modern art

A newly discovered cache of letters has shed light on the artistic views of the late Duke of Edinburgh. They show him as a champion of modern art and frustrated at stuffy tastes. The letters were kept by topolski, an expressionist artist and friend of Philip.
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1 months ago

Shetland islanders rely on IOUs as cut subsea cable hits card payments

The main town of shetland was plunged into a communications blackout. A fishing boat cut a subsea cable, plunging the island into an IOU. Some businesses were forced to trade in IOUs after the cable was damaged.
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1 months ago

Formula One planning to launch all-female racing series

The current plan is for a racing series of roughly 12-15 seats with a maximum age of 16. The series has struggled financially and had to cancel the final three races of its series this year.
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1 months ago