Breaking news live updates: At least 127 dead after violence at football match in Indonesia, says police : At least 127 dead after violence at football match in Indonesia, reports AFP citing police - The Times of India

PoliceStay here for real-time updates on breaking news from India and across the world that you can't miss. At least 127 dead after violence at football match in Indonesia.
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India vs Australia Live Score, T20I 2022 Final: India face Australia in the series decider - The Times of India

4-5 games back home leading into the world cup. It's nice to play in india where the ball can travel. The wicket looks really nice and hopefully the top-order can get some runs.
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1 weeks ago

Pakistan vs England 3rd T20I Live Score - The Times of India : 1.6 : England : 18/0

Overs 2.1 score 18 - 1Mohammad Hasnain to Philip Salt, OUT! CAUGHT! Nearly a collision between two players but no harm is done.
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1 weeks ago

Markets live updates: Global market trends, macro data to guide domestic stocks this week - The Times of India

Billionaire's once-a-year speech to investors has evolved into an eagerly-awaited pronouncement on his $222 billion empire. This year, investors will be looking for insight around the company’s 5G rollout, how he plans to unlock the value of his telecom and retail units through separate listings.
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1 months ago

Coronavirus live updates: Moderna seeks US authorization of Omicron-targeting bivalent Covid booster vaccine - The Times of India

The active cases comprise 0.22 per cent of the total infections. The national Covid-19 recovery rate was recorded at 98.59 per cent.
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1 months ago

Independence Day live updates: India celebrates 76th Independence day - The Times of India

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asserted that free education and healthcare are not freebies. He said access to these services can make India rich and eliminate poverty in one generation. There has been political acrimony over the issue of freebies, with the BJP accusing Kejriwal of using it as a bait to trap people for power.
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1 months ago

How do people hide their money from their spouse

Financial infidelity is very common across the globe and it might be surprising but many couples hide their finances in different forms. They argue that it is about keeping a little bit of independence when the finances are merged in a marriage and it has nothing to do with trust or hurting the other. Divorce experts say that it can be a huge trigger for separation and on the other hand, relationship experts say people should never combine their finances.
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2 months ago

A man's vitamin D overdose lands him in hospital; here's how much vitamin D you really need

A man was taking a cocktail of vitamin supplements, including vitamin D at a quantity of 150,000 IU, which is 375 times the recommended amount. The National Institutes of Health, UK recommends taking no more than 15 mcg (microgram) per day in supplements. The case report, published in BMJ Case Reports, shared that even after the man discontinued the supplements, his symptoms persisted.
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2 months ago

If you can’t do these 7 things together, you are not made for each other

The word means that you both give no space for miscommunication, talk it all out so that misunderstandings stay at bay. If that is missing then this relationship is pointless. To listen to each other, be comfortable in talking about anything with each other is very important.
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